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Sprint customer satisfaction survey.
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I keep receiving calls from this number. A "Mrs. Morgan" left 3 messages saying there were fraud allegations connected to my social security number and she was giving me a chance to state my side of the story. I have no idea what this is regarding and the name she left the message for is a last name I haven't used for 12 years since I changed my name after my divorce.
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my experience with this # was through text message. The person calls its self brianna.The person sent a check to me in amount of $1356.00 for a $400.00 item they wanted me to get it cashed and send $856.00 to a shipper who was going to pick the item up on her way through the state.scam!scam!scam!!!
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The caller said she was from the US Government Grant Office. She said that I was eligible for a grant. She said they would send me a check for $9000, but first I had to send $200 to them for taxes via Western Union. I called Better Business Bureau and they informed me that it is a scam.
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An indian woman calls from this number, and then quickly patches you through to a debt collector.
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Lady said they were Industrial Repair Service. Legit?
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They are a fake ass debt collection agency trying to collect old debtlying and saying they are a law firm. They are not they are rude and will hang up on u when u ask for a fax number or physical address to send them a cease and decist. After calling 13 times I asked for a manager or fac they gave me 888-657-1886 to their home office and 866-594-1271 as a fax.
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One of those bots with dental insurance offers. Don't know if it's legit, but it's certainly unwanted!!
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Google Place Specialist...it is extremely important that we speak to the business owner. Telemarketers calling from "Google Places". I asked the name of the phone number they were calling from and they stated it was 877-909-7668, which coincides with this web site: http://mycybercenter.com/solutions/local-search-profiles/ I asked them to take me off their call list and they told me there was nothing I could do about it since they were calling my place of business.
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This number has called me three times now within an hour. The first time I answered I hung up on it as the person or computer speaking was hard to hear and understand. he second time they called me right back after I hung up on them, asked me why I hung up and I told them to never call me again and to remove my number from the listing. I then blocked the number from my phone so it goes straight to voice mail. They are claiming I have won some huge million dollar lottery. They want me to call them back if I am interested in claiming my prize. Please do not fall for this if you get a call from this number. It is based out of Jamacia.
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That number is also calling me constantly. I'm from Alicante, Spain. Any idea who that could be?
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Some type of financial company
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Low Class Scum calling from Bordentown area. Apparently calls random numbers and pretends you are his long lost friend. He needs to get a life.
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Guy calls wanting to talk about evolution for my business tell him not interested and we don't take solicitations, gets aggressive with me Saying do I not want to hear what he has to say I say no and thank him and say good bye he keeps getting aggressive I hang up, he proceeds to call back 3 times asking and telling me about his program
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They never leave messages and call several times a day at all times of the day. I finally called them and told them to take our number off their list. They are:


They collect debts and were looking for my husband's ex-wife (they've been divorced almost 30 years!! How can they find us and not her?).
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Nomvuzo Stuurman:

I got a call from this nr at 10.30 on the 24/06/2013. I'd like to know who was trying to call. To reply please call me on 0727440994. Thank You!
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These are scammers! We have never bought from them before! They are trying to say that we bought stuff from them 2 years ago and never paid. They refuse to send an invoice. Stay away!!!
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ed carpenter:

called back said it was a debt collection
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Selling herbal supplements. Have repeatedly told them not to call only to be hung up on then receive more calls.

Reported to the FCC multiple times.
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Unknown, but they leave a message in Spanish.
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this is an generic pill store in LA, their website is http://www.ustabs.net
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Responded to my post on Craigslist. I did not contact him back, because the email looked a lot like scam already, but googled the number he gave me, and found this. No doubt a scam. Dallas, TX.
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Left a voicemail message saying they were Verizon and I had a status change to my account. I called Verizon who advised me I had no changes to my account, and he received a call last night as well. They said its a new scam going around
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Zoren Aldrin Ang:

Can you please tell me which country is this? and who is this person
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hi i got call from this no 406-728-5830 what is this when i pic tha call no any reply from that no whats a prob?
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I called the number back and it asked for a pin, I entered random numbers and presses # put through to operator, asked why they call at stupid hours, she was very rude until I used an air horn down the phone, I bet her ears are still ringing....
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scammer and a stupid one too
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The only thing generated from this phone number is scams. THey use a variety of different names to make you believe they want to buy your artwork. They send you a lofty check and ask you to "send the remainder" via moneygram to a person out of state (in my case it was Zion, Illinois). who will dispatch someone to come and package your artwork because "Mr.Ms.Jones, the ficticious person behind all this.....is moving to France and needs your help with shipping."
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Rose Marie:

I have no idea who or why I was called.
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Person named or claiming to be named James. Also leaving flyers on my door that say Urgent! Please call. States that if I don't call by 4pm they will follow up with the courts to get permission to post something to my door.
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This is Credit Acceptance. They are calling about a past due account on an auto loan.
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He said he wants to buy my laptop from craigslist and would send me a check. I got the txt on 6-23-2013 at 10:03 am EST.
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Mike R.:

Started calling Sunday morning 06-23-2013 at 4:19 a.m. PDT. They continued to call seventeen times in a row before giving up. Each time loudly hanging up on the answering machine.
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nothing reply
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Voice message was "This is for the owner of A2J Group. My name is Kelly Ellis. I'm contacting you about the Wilmington Country Club. Please call me back about this matter." Called the number after business hours and got voicemail but for someone else's name. Thought it was a little odd I wasn't able to leave a message for the person who called me. Don't. Know if this is legit or not. My Google searches haven't turned up a company name so maybe not.