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Caller called twice and then hung up.
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Private Investigation Firm:

This (302)683-1030 Number Called me on 7/19/2013 around 10:00 am. I'm sure that they were not aware that i work for a Licensed Private Investigation Firm. Knowing about fraudulent cases i was at alert the very minute i answered the call. Red Flags started popping up everywhere when the so called "John Carter" could not make up his mind when i started asking questions. When i first received this call "John Carter" stated that i had won a prize for $250,000 from the "American Game and Board" but he needed me to verify my information such as my address, phone, full name, email, etc. He did not even know what my last name was! I told him that i did not feel comfortable giving him my information, then he starting stating that he was with the FBI. I wondered why someone from the FBI would be calling to give me money. He stated that this was because there were others that knew about this "prize" and they were calling the "American Game & Board" and telling them that they were me. I could hardly understand the mans accent and it was super noisy in the background. I told him that i wanted to speak with a supervisor. I then spoke with a female with the name of "Samantha Price". She was "supposed" to be a supervisor. I then started to ask her questions about this so called prize and when i would ask for her information like an email address or what information she had on me she would not tell me. She would pause up kinda like she put the phone on mute and then come back and say "i think i lost you for a moment" I would ask her the same question again and she would do the same thing. She avoided all of my questions and interrupted me constantly. i asked for badge numbers and they gave me 4 digit numbers instantly like they had it all planned out. Samantha Price's badge number was supposed to be 5228 and John Carters was supposed to be 6480. They questioned me a lot. "John Carter" heard me speak to someone in the background and asked me who i was talking to? I told him i was speaking with someone in my office. He then proceeded to ask me who i was speaking with and what office i worked at. I did not tell him these things. These people are fraudulent and they are trying to steal peoples identity. I personally called the Wilmington Delaware FBI to ask them if these agents were real. They told me no, not to give any information what so ever to these people. They do not
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Called my cell and work. A man with an extremely think Indian accent with poor English skills told me his name was Robert Smith (seems legit) and he is from Connie & Lins Legal Associates and that I need to call him back because of a "legal emergency"..... I don't plan on calling back.
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telemarketer scammers who sell your name to offshore companies and then they ABUSE YOU. BEWARE
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

Call and do not leave a message, Return call, Mailbox Full. CONSIDER A SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

Another call from ROBO CALLER from Florida. Did not leave a message. CID: 727-239-4821, Clearwater, FL. Consider a SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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No voice response when I answered the call. No voicemail message was left.
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I get these calls all the time, saying that I requested to end my policy with there online phonebook company, and that I need to pay the remaining balance. Why don't they catch these thieves!
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His name is mr mike brown or mr richard fox he try to collect money from me cash usa.net., later said from cash advance by email he send some info . Email is bbclegaldepartment@gmail.com
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Lady called and asked me my name because she missed a call from me. Ive never called this number. She wouldnt give me the company name and said she couldnt remove my number from her list without my name. Told her i would block her from my end. Thank you.
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Called twice, when I call back, it sounds like a fax machine or dial up internet, no voicemail whatsoever.
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Network Solutions
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Got 3 calls now..... Message stated if I did not call back by Monday police would come to my work or home and arrest me. Man did not speak very good English what so ever. I did call back and they said I had a law suit against me. WHAT?? What a load of BS. These people need to get a life/job. STOP scamming people D-Bags!!!!!
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This number has called my business phone at last oc**t 27 times since this morning at 9am. Annoying calls and seems to be part of a trunk line or party line.
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some women said she was from "senior health care/supplies" and said my first and last name. i told her she had the wrong number at first then she said well you're so and so with arthritis right? and I said no...hoping some old lady didnt steal my identity to buy her medicine 0.o
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It only states that it's from Anderson SC. They never leave a message and if you call back it goes directly to a voicemail box, telling me "your call is very important to us please leave a message".
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Collection agency calling on behalf of Riverpark Hospital (TN) to collect on a bill from 1-1/2 years ago. They are in violation of the cease and desist order. I contested the bill on the basis of poor service, incorrect diagnosis and further injury. Insurance paid on the bill.
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EM Cotton:

Is calling once a day, different times of day. Does not leave message. I am on the do not call list. A few days ago I got a call from a phone number 323-962-8600 and it was a collection agency on behalf of Riverpark Hospital. They are in violation of cease and desist order. I don't know whether these two numbers are affiliated with eachother or not.
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Called asking for my wife, trying to see extended warranty. When I told the bastard that it was an illegal call, he said no its not and hung up on me.
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Kijiji Scam buyer who states he is at sea and wants my peronal information
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Someone called me from this number claiming to be a debt collector. Tehy went by the name PNC Capitol Group but the name is not listed on google or any other search site. I called the number back any they hung up on me.
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Computer reseller who keeps calling 2 times a day. They never leave messages. They are very persistant. Very annoying.
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L Johnson:

This number has called me almost every day for weeks without leaving a message. Called it and found that it was for Beyond Medical USA - AM-MED DIABETIC SUPPLIES.

They have a menu when you call and I opted to speak to customer service. I explained to them that I had been receiving many calls from this number. Asked if I was on a calling list and if I could be removed. Was given much attitude by phone operator asking me if I had diabetes - I do not and told them this. They took my name, looked me up and then said they would transfer me to the department that had been calling me. When the next rep picked up I explained the same thing and said I had been transferred because this was apparently the department calling me. Rep got very irritated and told me "well you aren't on a calling list. goodbye" and hung up on me. Had to call back in, dial customer service, sit on hold, get another rep. Explain again. Was apologized to and then this rep stated that they had marked me as a number not to call.
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Philipino accent, looking for my son. Creepy, would not tell me who he was
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This number called me at 11:35 pm on 7-18-2013 caller ID said it was a wireless caller 347-930-7031 i don't know anyone with this number did not answer hit the mute button. At 11:35 pm i was a sleep and very unhappy they woke me up.
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Got a call from this number and what sounded like an Indian lady asked to speak to a Mr. XYZ (similar to my surname). When I asked what it was in connection with, they put down. When I call back it constantly says that the number does not exist.
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Greg gave a call to my
Boyfriend saying his getting a summons if he doesn't pay him a 1,000 dollars today or his going to get a judgment. Which the debt has been 12years old and isn't on his credit report and has been passed the statue of limitations.so be careful don't believe this number . Scammers!!!also says call this number 866-593-4632
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This phone number is shown at the end of a youtube video by Rhett and Link. It's supposed to be the phone number of an attractive waitress. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ov1DDjHt8c&list=TLVlKH1eoi5T4
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Same thing... he says I owe him money. Says his name is Steven. Very rude.
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I got a call today while I was at work and this man, who does not speak English that good at all, told me that I needed to contact my attorney. They said that they were going to send the police to pick me up if I didn't pay them. I told them that I never applied for anything or received any money, but they still continued with the threats.
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Tired of SCAMERS:

I received a message from an Elaine stating she was trying to locate (insert name) regarding a court summons and to please call 214-731-4092. I obviously did not call back as this just sounded crazy and came to the internet and did a Google search and found this strand. I am going to block every # they call from as I have unlimited call blocking on my phone. I don't owe anyone any money and this has got to be a SCAM.

Caller: JNR Processing

Call Type: Debt Collector
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Banquet Hall:

They are now using a different name Teresa Barry. Faxed a letter to my banquet hall. Party for "MUM" pick up by carrier, 250 ceasar salads with chicken. Want total charge and only respond via email or text.
Teresa party planner
TERESAFAMILY@AOL.com Wanted me to run the credit card and add an additional tip for my "troubles". I actually had a long texting conversation with this number before I realized it was a scam. "She" said she had just recovered from lung cancer and could not have phone call interaction. BEWARE. The credit card number works but they will then have access to your information after the first transaction.
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They want to shut off your dealer line. Just stay in a contract to avoid.
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I have received several calls from this number telling me I have won 2 million dollars and a new car. I actually have to hang up on the man as he will argue I have won when I tell him I do not enter sweepstakes or gamble. He is very persistent and insists I won, he wants nothing from me.. Today I got a call and the same man wanted to know if I got my delivery. Again I had to hang up on him.