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Keeps calling me everyday (Bronx NY)
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I was contacted by a Jessica from this number claiming she is with USA Payday Loans and offering me an installment loan of anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 and I asked her if there are any "up-front" fees. And asked for what loan of what size I was interested in? when I told her a $10,000 loan, she said there is a security deposit of $175 and the monthly installment would be $320, starting on July 30th. She will be sending the loan documents via email next Thursday when Iwill have the money, and I will just see whether I would go for it or not. I think it it is a scam.
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these people are in phoenix az and they call alot sometimes 3x a day. It says readers digest I think people on other forums said they dont answer and leave a message also and it needs to stop. I hope somebody looks into this and makes this stop. You call back and nothing wasting your long distance mintues
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Pacific Financial and Mortgage Advisors.... telemarketing about their services including reverse mortgages, mortgage loans, refinancing etc.
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No answer, just hung up.
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My boyfriend got a call from this number and they wanted to make him pay over $7,000.00 for a loan that he was supposed to have received from National Loans, they threatened him by saying he was going to go to jail, and they were going to take him to court and he better have a lawyer. He never received a loan from such a place and he if would've, he would have paid it.
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Angry San Diegan:

Oh my god... these freaks are out of control!!! I thought it was bad when they called me 4-5x yesterday w/o leaving a single voicemail... until today when they began calling me EVERY TWO HOURS SINCE 8AM... AND STILL NO VOICEMAIL!!!! What kind of PSYCHOS do they have working for University of Phoenix, that seem to think this is acceptable human behavior????
I know longer have ANY interest in ANY of their Programs- despite these appearing quite useful to my career. But NO.... JUST LEAVE ME THE EFF ALONE!!!!!!!!!
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This phone number: (866) 698-4853 belongs to IAA, Inc. (Insurance Auto Auctions). They will buy your car, whether or not it is running, then will auction it off. If, for some reason, there are issues with the title on your car, they will hunt down the solution to the problem so that the car will be able to be sold. I sold my car to them in April, and received a check upon their picking up my car. They are not a member of Better Business Bureau, but BBB does have them listed without any report.
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Jay Bird:

This was rather amusing...It's a Friday & I'm at the movie with my son & girl. I get at text invitiation to their uncle's party, told me to bring beer so there could be more gave me the address in Orange County. I responded asking who this was since I don't really know people from OC. Then they told me their Street Minker "a tagger name & crew". I thanked them for the invite & hoped they had a fun safe time...Hahaha they told me they had the wrong Jay Bird that it was meant for another. 8*D
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Really Annoying Phone Calls:

I have had calls from this company for the past 2-3 weeks. Sometimes they call up to three times per day.

They say they are from various Christian, pro-life, etc. organizations.

I am a Christian, pro-life person, but I don't give to anyone over the phone.

Sometimes the number is blocked, sometimes not; but they all act like they know me by calling me by my first and/or last name AND they say they are "professional fund raisers." Also, they don't hang up right away -- they stay on the line -- I've checked each time. To get them to hang up, press 1 number and it makes such a loud sound they eventually hang up/

More than annoying.

I've asked them to quit calling.

This should be criminal.

I am on the no-call list.
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Said they were from AARP and conducting a survey...they asked for an email address and when I refused, she hung up. SCAM
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why this person is calling me?m9ce7x
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No Given:

NO CPN Later determined to be Dynia Associates LLC

Agent called and refused to give the proper extension or web site identifying information.
Only the Calling party Number was shown and the number shown was not the callback number given verbally by the agent.
Calling Party Name was not shown.
Agent was basically an unhelpful and uncourteous bitch with an attitude that would quickly escalate any call she was a part of into an adversarial nature. She talked over me when I tried to ask her a question. Agent name is Sherron Reese. Upon callback the business name was Dynia & Associates, LLC. During the call Sherron (Dynia) purposefully misidentified her extension number when asked for contact information. A call back to Dynia was required to verify the correct information. I suspect this organization is a debt collector placing illegal calls to any party their poor investigatory team my dig up as a possible contact for debtor. Add them to your block / screening list. Numbers to add are 312-470-6653 and 773-427-1900
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I have been getting calls from this number once or twice a day for the past month. I finally called back and it is a place that is trying to get you to buy an extended warranty on your vehicle.
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Called my job twice within minutes of each other. Always calling here, won't give me any information. The company is allied collections. Illegal to harass at workplace, formal complaint being made!
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l fotheringham:

Asked if I was alone
is Andy dead (my husbands name)
Do I want to marry again.
I asked if this was a sick joke & the reply was yes it is sick.

The caller had a foreign accent
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This is a debt collector by the name of CCS
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Said I won $2600 toward a trip for 4 to Cancun México
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got past week few phone call saying i had bad check out with fraud and finger prints that i would go to jail for 90 days if i dont pay by 3pm 571 dollars and 5000 bond with no bonds person help and also called my husband phone and at my brother job
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Saying i won a rebate card but when you press 1 to claim it you get transferred to some guy you can't hardly understand asking you for a whole bunch of information.
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David M:

Tells me they are going to take me to court over a bad check. Haven't used checks in years. I'm a professional engineer and I do know how to balance a ledger sheet. I don't understand why our very well paid goverment cannot clamp down on these idiots and put them behind bars where they belong.
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Called and said my sons name and that they were investigators and if I didn't get back to them today I was going to jail!!
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Some Guy:

This is a FOR PROFIT telemarketing firm claiming to call on behalf of:

Monroe County Volunteer Firemen's Association, Inc
1190 Scottsville Road
Room 203
Rochester, New York 14624


Most of the time there is no one on the other end when their auto-dialer calls, and I am working to find out the contact information for their paid fundraiser so that their principals can be contacted directly and this tele-harassment is put to an end.
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some guy call and said it was IQ International.
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This guy claimed to be a Publisher's Clearing house rep calling to tell me I won 880,00.00 but had to go to a local CVS or Walmart and buy some 250.00 ticket to be given to their driver when he delivered my prize money to my home! Told him Publisher's Clearing House does not require a purchase in order to be a winner. He tried calling again but I declined the call. The number is from Jamaica
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cold call telemarketer trying to set you up with an appointment for lower rates on your health insurance. They did ask a rather strange question after asking my name, for "security purposes" what is your favorite sport or hobby...appears to be harmless but still a telemarketer at my office.
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James fields:

I do know who this is
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Wack Job Lady:

This lady called me and she wanted help. She left her email basketball405@yahoo.com. I could not found.
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Craig Dunain:

Vodafone Repair Centre
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This phone number is GM Financial. They are a ruthless debt collector. They call a dozen times a day but this is the first time I've seen the Arlington, TX number. They typically call from a blocked number in hopes that you'll answer or they call from an Ontario, Canada number.
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Scammmer. Give them $500 they give you millions. The gentleman keeps
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This is a collection agency called: DIVERSIFIED CONSULTANTS. They are a TELCOM collection agency. So, they specialize in collections on landline, cell phone, cable, satellits, DSL debts, etc. You can call them back directly at: 417-622-0015. They can look people up by FIRST and LAST name. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER or any other info.
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Asking for donations for the Pasco County Sheriffs office. I don't even live in Pasco County, FL nor do I have a 727 area code for my phone. I always get a rude one, They don't let you get a word in while they're going on & on about the money you're about to give them. I've said 'No thanks' a million times & to take my number off their list. They always call back, never ending!
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This is a collection agency