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Received a call at 3:30 am in the morning , missed calls later in the day $1,500 had been stollen from my bank account and all the transactions were from overseas, I don't understand how people could do that :(
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Keeps calling and not leaving a message.
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Marketing for development
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Unwanted call from "ID4U". I have received this call several times before but this is the first time I have reported it.
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hung up
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The company calling is ICF Macro which contracts with state and federal governments to conduct cell phone health surveys.

ICF Macro
126 College Street
Burlington, VT 05401 US
Phone: 1.802.863.9600
Fax: 1.802.863.8974
Email: info@icfi.com
Caller: ICF Macro
Call Type: Telemarketer
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Called twice today, I did not recognize the number so did not pick up. I have my answering machine turned off so they could not leave a message. No idea who this is.
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Called but we didn't pick up the phone. they seem like in good business because they have times to make robo calls. poor guys!
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Received 4 calls within 6 hours.
Called back and recording says " you have reached the doctors network"
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Recorded auto dial asking if they are talking to me or have info how to find me without identifying who they are or name of company. So I went online and was led to this site. I will add to my block # app so they can not call me back.
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It is the number of a very persistent mortgage company - Royal United Mortgage
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Natalia Poley:

If someone calls you from this number it is a scam. They are thieves. I have contacted the police in Anaheim CA.
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They always call twice within about 3 minutes. Never a message. I answered once, but no one was there.
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This number called my husband's job for me. I called back it is a collection agency used by U.S. Department of Education
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Patrick Magby:

Yes this number called me this morning threatening me im gonna report to law eenforcement.
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LTD Financial Services
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urgent, please call.Angie Yelder "Please call have information you may not be aware of"
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Mick Dressel:

This woman named Becky Chantler called me and said she was a mediator for a company called CRS. She said I opened a credit with Chase Bank in 2006 and I owe them 5000 dollars. I said this has to be a mistake because I never opened a credit card with Chase bank ever. She became a little hostile and starting saying they investigated this and they know it's me. She wanted to settle the debt for 2500 dollars. I asked her if she was crazy and this made her angry. She said she was going to bring me to court and report me to the IRS, garnish my wages, etc. I told her bring it on. This has to be a scam.
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Stacey Peyton:

This phone number belongs to Destination Debt Solutions. Apparently, they assist with payday loans, of which I have none...they were calling for someone else who had this number before me.
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Received 2 garbled voicemails from this phone number.
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Debt collector, trying to collect a bogus debt. Repeated calls on three of my family member phone numbers, leaving harassing messages that my kids, or anyone else who answers a phone can get. Appears to be from around Abrams St. in the Arlington, TX area. I am pursuing legal action.
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Random texts from this line. "Chn" "T" No response.
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Hey Guys,

This number belongs, at least in my case, to a representative at EverSmoke, an e-cigarette company. While they have called quite a bit, I have bought their product, so the caller is legitimate in my case. Hope this helps!
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Caller asked for my son. When told he wasn't in, a recording came on saying that this number could not receive calls at this time. When I called the number directly there was no ring or answer. This number called us 4 times in one morning.
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tired of it:

also had a call from this land line, but Patrick Stein said I had a claim and consider myself warned, his call back number 866-461-8539. what an idiot. I reported this to the attorney generals office and it is a scam.
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Another one of those that call and then don't say anything when you answer.
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The original message is in French. When you call them back at 866-844-9943
the greeting states to call 910-703-8783 to speak to an agent. I don't want to call it in case there are crazy long distance charges. That could be the scam. But the 866-844-9943 calls me every other day!
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Verizon Wireless with a bill reminder
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received a weird message only stated 6550 call in order to clear this up?
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f***ing idiots calling all times....
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Mrs Kelly:

Do not answer!! Loud deafening fax like ringing in your ear!
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As BJP said on 800notes:
This is a polical survey company.
you can call them and have your # put on the 'do not call list', answer the call and request same, or visit them at www. meyercall.com and go to 'contact us'. There you will be given an option to put your phone # on the 'do not call list'.

And, mntechgirl supplied the website where you can get on the Do Not Call list:
www.callmeyer.com/contact.htm - name of company is Meyer Teleservices

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As Paul1951 said on 800notes:
The caller is Meyers Associates a St Cloud, MN telemarketing firm. Usually the are fundraising for the Minnesota DFL [Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party]. If you call them back you can request to be removed from their call list(s)

Or, as Zeke said (same page):
This number has called several times, they claim to be from the DFL party and want me to donate by giving them a credit card number. Dont do it.
If you wish to donate to the DFL party, call them with the number. Dont give them your credit card number over the phone when you didnt in initiate the call.

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Verizon Wireless Help Desk
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As Helen said on 800notes:
Like previous messages here, I got this call to lower credit card rates, pressed "9" just to tell them remove my name, got hung up on, called the number back and the number belongs to Wyndham Exchange Rentals and they apologized, saying they have been getting lots of calls and are reporting the activity as their number is being used as scam and warned me NOT to give out any personal information, which of course I don't anyway. I, fortunately, have a phone that allows me to block numbers, and has paid off often. My caller I.D. tells me when these numbers come up as "blocked"