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Corredtion: The NEVER leave a message on the machine.
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Get a call every day from this number. I never ans. They they leave a message on the machine. Sounds like a good relationship to me. I will never leave a number on DNC list. Bokus. I think those who get some sort of high from just dialing numbers, or letting their computers do it, has access to this DNC deal, and they just like to get "higher". Besides, the govt. could care less. All they want on their data base is a "vote", and they get appear to be stealing more than phone numbers from us. How are we going to get help from the ones who are doing it in the first place?? "What up America".
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This number keeps calling my office and hanging up after the receptionist answers. This has been happening multiple times a day for a couple of weeks.
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no message was left
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Angry Grandson:

My grandmother is on both the Federal & State DNC list. This caller claimed to be calling TO SET UP A TIME TO DELIVER your new home alert system. He identified the company as the "I Have Fallen & Can't Get Up" people. I told him in no uncertain terms I was not interested & asked him not to call again. Yet, he called back again 20 minutes later. This time I even more clearly & emphatically informed him never to call again. They then proceeded to call back another two times the very next day. Each time they were clearly told never to call back.

This a lot worse than annoying; it is a terrible scam targeted at the elderly. I just happened to be there each time he called because my grandmother just got our of the hospital. I could be wrong, but I feel the multiple calls may have been because the caller realized he was not speaking to the elderly person he was supposed to be targeting.

If these con artists had spoken with my grandmother who is 86 & can barely hear on the phone, who knows what info he could have gotten out of her. I am especially upset by the opening line being WE ARE CALLING TO SET UP THE DELIVERY OF YOUR NEW ALERT SYSTEM. I find it highly possible she could have very easily assumed one of her other children or grandchildren had set this up for her. That would have lowered her guard (which his already reduced from hearing loss) & easily confused her into giving out address & social security numbers, or even worse her credit card.

This company blatantly ignores all the regulations put in place to protect consumers from telemarketers. The company's profits seem to be coming from exploiting the confusion of the elderly. They should not only be stopped but ordered to pay back all the money they obtained through fraud of the elderly. It was just blind luck I was able to protect my grandmother from their deplorable telemarketing tactics, not all senior citizens will be so lucky.
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Caller asked me if my vehicle that was posted on Craigslist was still for sale. I ask her when the last time was that she looked for the listing (cause I sold it about 3 weeks ago and immediately removed the ad). Needless to say, I blasted her so much that she gave up and hung up :)
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Hello Sir, this is your telephone company ok? We need to talk with you ok?

Who is this? Your telephone company ok?

Not sure what phone company this was, they never id'd what company it was but was trying to get information about me and wanted credit card numbers, addresses and names.

Total scam BeWare!
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Called my phone and girlfriend's phone but left no messages. When I called back, the call hung up on me.
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Looking for someone I had never heard of, implied person at our number owed and we should pay, have blocked number
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Message said it is from Walgreen Corporate office worker comp division.. message with heavy accent, not sure if legit.. so I call the actual Walgreen corporate office and asked, they said not familiar with that number and told to ignore.
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Alex R.:

I wanted to believe the debt didnt belong to me but i checked my own credit report and followed every listing with them on the phone of every account i paid off,pending, and neglect to pay which was why i had a civil lawsuit against me.this phone number belong to some legal department that helped me settle this case out of court. i recently finished making payments and recieved my 0 balance letter. also i checked my credit report and the neglected account was payed in full. i guess i should just pay my damn bills on time so i wont have to deal with this sh*t but times get rough..im just glad im done with it and can finally move on.
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Called saying I was a person of interest and wanted me to send money to clear up some type of debt. I reported this to the attorney generals office
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Craigslist PayPal SCAM!!! Area code is Tampa, Florida and he's texting me in Oklahoma!!
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Called me I answered and they hung up. Caller ID said "onetouch direct"
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This one keeps on calling 3-4 times a day. No voicemail no text.
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Caller identified the company as Rent Automated Collections
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Text me about my car on craigslist, wanted it for his dad and that he worked in another country. Asked for my paypal account,, I looked up his # and saw this page. So my husband started sending texts back just to see how far he would go with it, Just kept trying to get us to make a paypal account, even texted detail instructions on how to set one up. Total Scammer!
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They are actually giving out jobs for age 14-21 with no work permit needed.
Its very legitimate , and worth your time.
You doint even need a ride they give you transportation and best of all you can make anywhere from 100-250 a week
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Caller said they were from publishers clearing house and his name was alex! Wanted to tell me I was a semi finalist for a contest I never entered and that i also won a diamond watch plus 4 publications of magazines in which i would have to pay 3.49 per week for 60 months. When i said i wouldnt give my credit card number they got mad and started pressuring even harder!
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Do know who this is
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Asking you to take a survey
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This is a scam. A guy posing as a process server calling from a restricted number will ask you to call Attorney Christopher Hoxxxx. He is supposedly a process server. He will then say settle it or else.
USB mediations answers. They will try to be evasive when asked for a physical address for a DV letter. They sent me one but it was computer generated very poor.
supposedly they are at
2809 Wherle dr Suite #3
Williamsville, NY 14221
That has not been proven. They vacated their old address in Clarence NY.
Beware don't give them anything!! Scam!!
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called my employer
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Skyler Reeves:

They called the home phone twice and didn't call back. I didn't know the number so I didn't answer.
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Called my business line but left no message
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This number has called me several times, each time telling me they were with someone new. The last time they called they were with "Delaware division of Public Health". But it is a Chicago number that is always busy when you try to call it back. This number is also tied into 888-772-4269. That was the call back number that was left on my voice mail (first and only time a voice mail was left.)

I would put both numbers on the block list. :-)
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This number is linked to a group that calls people claiming to be from different survey companies wanted to ask you personal questions. Even if you answer they still call. I have also found that this number is linked to: 312-529-9717 as well.
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I'm pretty sure it is Anderson Windows and Doors..
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It's a telemarketing company. I get a call from them every couple months because I made he mistake of going to a single show at the Kitchener symphony. Now I'm on their list forever...

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Debt Collector. Stellar Recovery Incorporated. They did leave a message that it is a debt recovery. Not sure what debt.
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It's a boiler room. I wish we had an honest government to go after this person.
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These people are calling friends n family. I'm sick of it.
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My cell number is on all Do Not Call lists and "don't call me for marketing purposes" with Verizon. After several days of getting calls from this number during lunch and dinner hours (I didn't answer since it was an unknown number), I finally called THEM. It's Verizon, trying to sell more products and services. In other words, a Marketing call.
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Received a call saying it was from Mail Office.
Searching I found that it wasn't a Mail Office.
It look like a suspiscious call.
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a computer said thanks and hung up