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Alliance unlawfull collection tactics
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They call my cell all the time. I ignore because I don't know anyone in Riverside California.
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Tuscaloosa Business:

Sleazy telemarketer in Florida left a message about wanting to set up appointment. Foolishly called back thinking it could be legit and the rep launched into an ad sales pitch. There is a reason this local business ignores out-of-area-code calls.
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Don't answer. Po po
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

Called and left no message. ROBO CALLER SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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Telemarketer. Harrassment.
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Billing Solutions Inc. / Global Web / ASYSGLOBAL - This number was listed on a fraudulent electronic check that was for $29.95.
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Listed as a Comcast local office number on Yelp, unsure of accuracy of listing
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I contacted Creighton about an online program. This number is a follow up call to my inquiry.
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Awake Patriot:

SCAMMERS from texas asking for money for the same terrorists who kill hundreds of Americans each year: PIGS. These are SCUM working for jewSCUM running a "non profit" [i.e they never pay taxes and keep all the stolen money from suckers who "donate"] SCAM. Support PIGS and filthy jews???? - they MUST be crazy.
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Chandra Sekhar:

I have received a call from the above number I lifted and say hello but no response some noise heared for 3 seconds then call was disconnected
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I got a call from this number in the middle of the night (around 4 AM Indian Standard time). When I picked no one responded for 10-15 seconds, after which I hung up.

Please let me know who is this? An agency or a person (m/f) - Looks like an Airtel number
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bruce r harrington:

did who called me number phone is 508-598-3720 that my thought help from td bank for discussing of group and question to me about one hours ago then them say is enough said goodbye after hang up ,i not understand means call is different time and late by day after called me if them is force or scam also they tried helped for pay me about $100 .00 for discuss
should you checks up if them in interest of name who call or phone ,this them called my phone number is 508-283-1949 ,we is safe no bother for pain me on phone .
please make sure you send me when i got it from let know .
thanks ,bruce
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male caller said he had a cheque in my name on his desk. he was just waiting for me to pay the insurance cost. I told him this was a scam and hung up.
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Same s***, different day. Same old credit card scammers using a new number du jour. They keep rotating the numbers through so it is a different one each time. I have a one finger salute for them!!
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Frickin' indians called me. The account is registered with XO communications,
there investigation unit contact info: 855-395-3075, investigations@xo.com.
Let's keep 'em busy!
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Dave Orland Park, IL:

Another call from ROBO CALLER from Florida. Did not leave a message. CID: 727-239-4821, Clearwater, FL. Consider a SCAMMER / FRAUDSTER
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This is a telemarketer who calls cell phones and says they got your number from a website that you signed up to get information on an academic degree.
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Ruby Slaughter:

Almost daily I receive at least one call from this number, even though I'm on both the State and National DNC lists. Usually, no one responds if I answer, and I let the answering machine pick it up 99% of the time. I reported this number numerous times, to no avail, including earlier this week. Today after the 2nd call occured, I answered, and a man asked for Trisha (no one here by that name). I advised him of that information and told him to stop calling this number immediately, that it had been reported. He was very arrogant and stated "you don't know who I'm calling for, and my company has never called you before." That is absurd, not to mention it's annoying and violates the DNC rules. I am willing to testify in court of this information, if necessary.
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Call 2 to 3 times daily. Never leave a message.
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Marie S:

Phone rang twice left no message
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telling me they were taking me to court and were coming by my work but didnt identify themselves or what the debt was
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Calls, leaves no message on voice-mail. Called the number back. Said what sounded like Candid or Candy Capital Group. (the Capital Group is what I definitely heard. Woman after stating that someone keeps calling my me from this number, she said my first name (with no reply from me) then said she has important information for (only mentioning my first name) & if I was her. I replied no & hung up. Looked more on line to see if I could find out who this ?? Capital Group is & finding nothing. Call is coming from St. Louis MO. I do not know anyone from that state at all.
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I have had 10+ calls from a dating coach named "Amanda". I asked several times to be removed from her list but that does not seem to deter her.
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They've called us a few times but we answer - they hang up. I dialed the number back and one of the options is to have your number removed. I used that option and hopefully they won't call again.
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it was a real estate telemarketer. I told him after a couple times I wasn't interested no service is Amy Lee hung up with that evening thank you are goodbye. wonderful way to do business.
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Person did not respond.
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Keep receiving calls from this number saying I owe payments for online loans and if I don't pay I'm going to jail/court. It's BS because their so called attorney office don't exist and I've never applied for anything online because of all them hungry frauds that are waiting to pounce on their next victim!! SMH!
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Got a email from a person answering my Craigslist ad where I am selling a laptop. They told me to text this number. No reply. I think they are just a Craigslist scammer.
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Male caller called from Home Center. Wouldn't stop talking. When I told him I was on the do not call list and asked to be removed he used extreme profanity - called the the "c" word... I hung up and he kept calling back day and night.

I tried to call back and get someone on the phone but the number isn't in service. The actual number is registered to a P Cogan. If it's not P Cogan making the call, perhaps he or she can make a complaint.

Do these losers actually think if you let them talk they're going to sell you something? You'd have to be a bigger moron than they are... not likely!
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I wish there were a button on my phone to block this caller. I have no idea who it is but they keep calling and I don't answer.
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The calls are becoming more frequent and more annoying. I do not know who it is and I want the calls to stop.
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Said he was steve from ARCO
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I remember these damn greedy ugly b*****ds hired me and cousin they asked us to do illegal things. I know theyre names aren't William BAXTER mike Allen mike brown mike adams steve rivers or Doug bishop. the big nasty budda looking one his name mike arnold and the other ugly with the messed up teeth and bad breath is mike Dirksen. they said they would pay extra bonus if we could scam as many business as we can that use latex and powder free gloves so we got them what they asked and we weren't payed. they made us read a script they put together and told us when we call the company's we are never to talk to managers or anyone in purchasing they told us to trick them and lie to. they told us up say we were sending candy with free box of gloves don't eat the candy or chocolates they keep the candy and chocolates in their office where rats have gotten into the candy and eat droppings and rat piss all over the candy and chocolate. mike arnold made us swear we wouldn't tell anyone about their scam or they would look for us and hurt us including our kids. they never payed us our money they lyed to us kicked us out and called us a bunch of n****r gorillas and hood rats. I hope they get put out of business because they need to be. mike Arnold told us they been scamming people for more than 10 years shut the mutha f****rs down