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spam text marketing
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Calls from Culver Capital. Claimed to know owners who had never heard of the company and asked to leave message. Said they had a proposal to e-mail. Gave email address of owner, combo of first initial and last name. Caller repeated it back and then asked for owner's names.

Called later today and wanted to know some more information about our company. There was a noise in the office and when I asked the caller to repeat himself, he huffed and started repeating everything incredibly slowly so I hung up.

Sure it's some come-on sales pitch thing from someone who knows nothing about the company. We'll be labeling this as a do not answer.
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Called repeatedly without leaving messages.
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Scam telemarketer stating her benefits have been cut and she is trying to raise money for her and her baby? wtf?
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Who is this?
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amber b:

This is CNAC. JD Byriders financing company
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contacted the federal registry and they said the calls were from State Farm Ins at the office of Alan Chan, in San Francisco. They also called me from a FAX line 415-775-5052 never left any messages.
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Have received several "fax" calls at 4 a.m. Have researched and found out that they are "phishing" for numbers to sell to other scammers. They call you at outrageous hours so you will respond. Then they know it is a live number and they sell it to other scammers. WHAT TO DO? Some phone companies have a "No Soliciations" or "Call Blocking" option. Call your company have the number blocked. Because Netprowa has about 25 different numbers that they use, (each with many hundreds of complaints registered) I have blocked the entire area code of 720. I do not know anyone in the area code of Brighton Colorado.
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This is a debt collector. This call me recorded for the purpose of trying to collect a debt through USA Discounters if you recently purchased or previously purchased items from them. This is a bill collector in hopes of collecting money or filing a legal claim against you. Either it will come up unavailable or a 3 digit # will appear and that is there direct ext #. Don't pick up unless your ready to settle the debt. Because 1 they will harass you, #2 they will find out your information. Its called skip tracing. And they will begin legal proceeding. If they can't find you how can they sue you....
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They were looking for a neighbor who had moved away years ago. Sounds like a debt collector. Called and said my name and said they were trying to get in touch with "Jane Doe" who lived across from me.

I told them I have no idea who that is.
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Says its no longer in service when I call it but It is calling me?
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Would like to get rid of these guys.
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J L:

Bottom Feeder harassing group called convergentusa.com and Convergent Outsourcing Inc. who hangs up immediately anytime I corner them on their useless calls and give them a Cease and Desist command on my personal home phone number. Fed UP with them.
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J L:

Bottom Feeder harassing group called convergentusa.com and Convergent Outsourcing Inc. who hangs up immediately anytime I corner them on their useless calls and give them a Cease and Desist command on my personal home phone number. Fed UP with them.
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I, too, have started receiving calls from this number. When I answer there is nothing, and when I call them back, there is nothing.
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816-666-7575 was bought by AVID Communications in KC in 2012 but was given to their client Bandwidth.com. I filed a BBB complaint against AVID and filed a 'Potential AUP Violations' with Bandwidth.com. You can do that at http://bandwidth.com/resources/legal/policy_violations.html. The more people who file, the more likely action will be taken.
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This is a call from Degree Match.. Some sort of education telemarketing.
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Recovery Solution claimed that I had a bill with Verizon that was turn to them . when I called Verizon to let them know I never had account with the customer service told me to be aware of scam because the account number was not under my name. Mrs Turner and Magaratte persisted that I made a payment right away I did do it and Verizon transfer me with telephone fraud department to make a complaint.This people are pure fraud.
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Number called me and left a message three days in a row. In the message a woman says her name is Nicole and tells me to call back
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Sunrise Collection Services - Debt Collector
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Lavonda G.:

Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio called me concerning a JP Morgan Chase checking account. The woman I spoke with was suprisingly pleasant. I thought it was another bottomfeeder bill colllector but she sent me a legit letter and everything. Not worried or scared anymore even though she called my mother.
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I got calls from this number few times asking for my son's wife. I got tried of them calling for her. I told them to stop calling my home phone and the manager called back and said i was harassing them. He said he will have me arrested.
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I received 3 calls from this number on various days. I ignored the first call. I picked up the second and third call and both were automatic hang ups.
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Hackers from India trying to get you to give out sensitive information about your computer to get access to it.

They have called a few times and the last guy was awfully rude and cussed at me when I told him I knew what he was trying to do.

But of course, prestigious banks and computer companies, please keep hiring people in India for your customers service purposes since they are muh cheaper than people in America... Train them on how to get access to computer systems and then they will know how to hack you back. Brilliant plan!
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Called 5/29/13 @ 10:10am, let answering machine pick up no message left, I never p/u on unknown calls..They are just a pain, and a waste of time...
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Nationwide debt collections....morons wont correct their mistake
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Amazon sold a silcone pad for my face cpap machine and now I get robo calls from this number constantly. I tried to call this number and you cannot get to a live person.
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This number has called me many times a day and will not stop. It makes me feel unsafe at sometimes, because they are calling me when I'm still sleeping in the morning.
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Freddy Denturre:

Recorded message from HRRG Collectors, stating it was a collection call.
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Don M:

Said her name was Patricia Ellis from TRC
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Called and hung-up
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Spanish automated robot call to my cell number. Called twice.
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This number called me today on my cell. Apparently they think I speak spanish (perhaps the person who had this number before me (I just got this number with new service from Straight Talk) was hispanic... Well I answered it. A woman speaking spanish spouted off a long list of words then paused, i then said "um you have the wrong number" and she paused and then said in English "oh I'm looking for (and said some name I couldn't make out in spanish)" I didn't know who she asked for (I know it wasn't me since I haven't given this number to anybody but a few family members and friends) so I said "you have the wrong number" and she I think said "im sorry" and hung up on me. This is not the first spanish-only call I've received on this new number of mine. The last two were from another number. The first of those I answered and it was an automated spanish recording which then put me in a queue I think to speak to someone. The second time that number called I ignored it since I was in a doctors appointment at that time. That number was 319-242-7360.
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This caller has called 5 times. I dont answer because I dont know the number. Only one voice mail but you cant understand what is being said. the calls are back to back and they dont seem to be stopping.