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Just some f***ing spam so they can send bullsh*t ads to your phone via text message.

I HATE these a**holes calling all the time.
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I keep getting phone calls from this person and I am on the do not call list!!!!
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some young girl says aaron owes her money and she is going to issue a warrent for his arrest and he owes no one money , and knows no one in maysville
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Keeps calling but does not leave a vm
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pos mps:

im sure this is jennifer summers number
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Dont Worry:

This number belongs to a man that identifies himself as "Mark Davis". He is from an unknown collection agency. He is a nasty human being. He contacted us regarding a medical bill that had already been taken care of by our insurance company. The medical facility that was trying to receive payment from us hired him, even after they were in continuous contact with our insurance company attempting to get payment from them. Needless to say they did not move fast enough for the medical facility. The "Mark Davis" character came to our house, called out neighbors and blew up our phones.....and did the latter two after our insurance company had already paid and the medical facility sent him two emails saying it had been paid.
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Wal greens carbondale
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Mark Hefley:

A "John Stevens" identifying himself as a rep from Dish Network offering reduced "senior package" for satellite service. I called Dish Network customer service and they verified that it is a bogus package.
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michelle d:

Ive asked them to put me on the no call list then they call me again bout 40 mins later i was nice n told the lady that i just called n lady said ok ur on the list for no calls...meanwile the lady who just calld me interupted me n keep tryin to sell me somthing.i politely interrupted bck n explained again she said sorry n ill put u on the list... So then hour later 2 missed calls again from that company i called bck lil aggitated told lady the scenario n she apologized said ill put u on the no call list thn bout 40 mins later another call n just now another one i awnserd this one pissed as can b lady just talked over me tryin to sell an alarm system i flipped i said listen give it a try u people calldme 10 times tofay i asked repedidtly to take me off ur list n instead u bs me n keep bothern me so here i dare u to call again ill press charges
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Haratand threatening my unborn child life
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A man called and said he wanted to arrange delivery of my medic alert system. I don't have one or want one. This is clearly some type of scam preying on the elderly.
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Caller identified himself as being from the United States Women's Health Department. He kept trying to get me to say the word YES, which is an automatic red flag. He said I was due a cash settlement for my injuries from using oral contraceptives and proceeded to ask for personal data. THIS IS SCAM-- do not give them any personal information!! Do not use the word "YES" while speaking to them
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Very bad English(Indian). Telling me they are tied in with Microsoft and something is wrong with my computer. Offer to fix it. Scam for sure. tried to call back the number in ID, but number is invalid. Assuming its an ID spoof of some kind.
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very annoying, calls at all hours of the day and when you return the call its a recording that hangs up on you.
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This number called my cousin in Iowa asking about information on me. This number also called my girlfriend's best friend asking about her. They call themselves VIP Business Services. They are telling lies and seems like a scam. I never put my cousin down for any reference nor would I ever give his number without asking which they said I did. They seem like they are phishing. They were asking if I am fit for mentoring underprivileged children. I have called back and left many messages without a return call. I believe it is time for the authorities to get involved.
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this person asked for my daughter.He was trying to locate her .
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Luis Alaniz:

When I answer the phone nobody talks back and then they hang up. This happens at least once a day.
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Ernest B:

Person keeps calling me from this number. I have no idea who it is and when I answer there is no one there.
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This is a debt collector - Integrity Solutions. I don't know how many numbers they have that they can use. I KNEW I should not have called them back!
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Called first and asked for Dianna. Told them they had the wrong number. They called back about 45 minutes later and asked for Pablo Gallegos. Sorry wrong number again! WTH?
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C Claud:

Today at around 1:20 PM EST a man named Walter claimed that I won money, but I did not enter ANY contests. I told him to give me his contact info to give to my lawyer; he said they already had a lawyer. Obviously a scammer, and an idiot.
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Call lasted 16 seconds. I answered the phone and said hello a few times. They hung up without saying anything.
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received first call on Thursday, July 11 and another call on Saturday, July 13 with no message. I do not know anyone at this number and am on the Do Not Call list.
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Call came up on phone as from Jamaica. Said I won Publishers Clearing House. I laughed. He said "Why is that funny?" and hung up. SCAM!!!
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Just comes up as "Winner." I never answer these calls - maybe they can finally figure it out if NO ONE will answer their calls that it is useless, so.... NEVER ANSWER AN UNKNOWN NUMBER LIKE THIS. All they really want is to know that your number is as a viable working number so they can sell it to other scumbags to bug you. By answering your phone you just confirmed that it is a working number and it gets put onto a list and circulated. You can also use your phone provider to "block" these calls - usually a free service.
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South University - a for profit online college.
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I received a call from 603-366-2616, claiming that I won 4 air tickets. Apparently, this area of New Hampshire generates many of these calls from Various numbers claiming to be from "Fair Point Communications". I believe this is a scam.
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received call from a John Ward , stated he had a file on me that he had to process, if I call this number and settle, he will not have to serve me at work. Said we missed sumons date of late last month, message left at home. We didn't get. won't tell me what summons for, or details. would not give his number citing safty reasons.
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rec this call 6 times today, called stated from microsoft then told me he want to f**k me and family. where is this number coming freom and what can be done
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do anyone where this number belong to?
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Chuck from New Day Mortgage (my mortgage provider) calling to, yet again offer me a mortgage rate reduction.
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They are ringing from 24/7 Insurance. They will tell you they are not ringing to do a sales pitch or sell you anything but offering a free quote..... which IS SELLING.
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they keep on calling using diferrent names i have no clue and no depts
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This was from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. They have been calling almost 2 to 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks. They were not leaving a message. Finally, they did... I called back; and all i heard was a message how to be taken off their calling list.