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I have blocked them with my phone's block function. 704-754-5440; Salisbury, NC How do we end this madness!
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Purchased and attempts to collect debts from other companies like National Auto Finance / Nuvell / GMAC.
Located in Phoenix, AZ, using local area codes (Is that legal?) to appear local. I live in Louisiana and an area code from my state appeared on my caller ID, thinking it was a nearby company I answered.

Despite being debt collectors the parties I spoke to were courteous.

Their original Arizona number is 877-968-2735
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ken f:

I get a call from this number daily it seems....no answer on other end. Might ring 3 times on my end and terminates. strange.6-8-13.
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some one keeps calling me asking to pay last four months of my mortgage; this is an scam I have no mortgage
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Phone has been calling once or twice a week at 7 and now on a sat ar 1030. No voice mail.
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Toll Free Caller
Called June 5, 2013 at 7:26 p.m. and again on June 7, 2013 6:34 p.m.
Each time hung up on my answering machine
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I've been getting calls from 202-011-3341. I finally answered it
last evening, and again this morning. It was two different men, both
with heavy accents - India maybe??

They said they were with Windows Global and they were alerted that a
hacker was trying to get into my computer and they both began to tell
me how they were going to help me...I hung up on them.
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Nationwide Credit Corporation
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Identified himself as David from Microsoft. Told him I don't own a computer - he hung up. Very strong accent, sounded like a call centre....
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I also got a call regarding some money
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Investigating this number , male calls offer a loan requests you go to Walmart and purchase Green Dot card for $300 as GOOD FAITH MONEY and to call him with the code on the green dot cards. After he gets the money he will put the $ loan in to your account. When you dont get the money and call back the male says there was a problem and that you have to pay more money for....... ITS A SCAM DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO THESE PEOPLE. they said they were from Greenville Delaware but are really from india. the company they say they are from is WWW.AEROADVANCE.COM this is a real company that has nothing to do with this scam other then the callers are using there company info.. AGAIN SCAM SCAM SCAM dont deal with caller
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K. Forbes:

These people are terrible they try to bully you into paying debts that do not belong to you . then I was verbally abused, threatend and told that my mother should've aborted me. This was after they called my job, I have filed complaints with the FTC, Atty General and my local police department, Prior to ending the call he also told me he knew everything about me and he was going to get me
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Tara Frazier:

I have had some call me from the us federal grant dep stating they got federal money for me for grant money thatI don't need to pay back. I know that this is nothing but a scam.
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soon as I answer the call hang's up
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Another telemarketer trying to sell home security. I got my home security from Colt and Ruger.

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Another really stupid Craigslist scammer. This one is really an idiot.. its been an entertaining hour messing with them. I encourage anyone who has unlimited text to waste these idiot's time! Please! Lol
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PLS stop calling me.
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Troy Lee:

Says I won 3.2 million dollars and a Mercedez but want me to pay 499.00. Scam
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Troy Lee:

Says I won 3.2 million dollars and a Mercedez but want 499.00. Scam.
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Telemarketer that keeps calling. Have tried to stop calls, but not successful.
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Display says Poughkeepsie NY. No one says anything when I answer, but keeps carrying on a conversation with someone else...heard one person say "I don't want to be here tomorrow"...strange!
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Calls but never leaves a message
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John of Lower Merion:

I answered the call but nobody there so I dialed them back (using an anonymous Google Voice phone number) to discover they're soliciting donations for the PA Fraternal Order of Police to help families of police officers.

Inquired as to what per cent of my donation goes to help and he answered "am required to inform you that no less than 10% goes to the charity..." when I said that's not very much he thanked me, said "perhaps next time, thank you, good bye."

He was polite and well rehearsed but what a scam, collecting for a charity but only giving 10% of the donations to the charity.
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Selling vacation packages from "contest entries" from county fairs, street fairs etc. Once you are on their list they refuse to honor do not call requests and keep calling every few weeks.
Report them to Federal Trade Commission and your local District Attorney Consumer Fraud unit.
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411 telemarketing BS
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Mr. Stop Calling Me:

This number constantly calls. I finally answered to see who was there. They say you have been approved for a US grant, but must give them $ 3.40 on that particular call in order to have access to the website which will allow you to do your "verification" information to receive your money! The first website he insisted was USFinanialResources.Gov is not working. I tried this with him on the phone and then he said it is under construction. Then he gave me grants.gov which is up and running. Either way, you are only allowed to have this grant / money if you gave him your credit card info for the $ 3.40 on that call..! After prying a little more out of him to waste his time, the "verification" part consists of you entering all your tax information, refunds, monthly income and expenses, copies of your bills to prove your address, etc.....If you say, forget it, they asked if you would talk to their supervisor which he then tries to convince you $ 3.40 so you can have your monies! Just an FYI.
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tracy hillips:

caller keeps calling and hanging up
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i answered and it was "Erik from the Home Security Group.... blah blah blah"
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This number has called me every day this week and not left a message. When I tried to call it back, it wasn't a legitimate number and I got nowhere.
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She just called here and when I told her she needs to call corporate office she hang up on me, called her back and asked her why she is hanging up on me when SHE is the one who wants business...she said I hanged up on her and then she hung up on me again....
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It's the Army, more specifically AMEDD
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Harried Homeowner:

They're a mortgage refinancing scammer called "Home Defenders." Report them to the FCC at http://www.fcc.gov/complaints.
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Resort telemarketer claiming that someone listed me as a possible referral. Was very polite when I told them to put me on the DNC list. Now let
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Called a few times within the last two days. Doesn't leave a message, drops the call/hangs up as soon as I answer.
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They were just calling to let me know that my delivery was going to be canceled due to a closed restaurant. How nice!
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Frequently calls when I'm not here and never leaves a message.