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Deb Fo:

Some Indian guy called and said I was approved for a loan with Payday America. I said I never applied for a loan. He said I was picked randomly and that the loan was approved. I said No Thanks and hung up. I called back to find out if the number was legit and the same Indian person answered. I hung up on him. He immediately called me back and again asked for me and said I was approved for a loan. I told him I never applied for a loan and if he doesnt stop calling me I will report him and hung up.
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Call from a clinic at UPMC. This is the number that shows up anytime someone is calling from a hospital, clinic or doctor's office within the UPMC health system.
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I keep getting automated calls stating this is a call for my name, please press one. Then it hangs up. This happens about twice a day for two week now
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A Guy Called he had the right truck number and trailer #. He said we owed him for service on the trailer. He also knew what kind of Check to ask for. We did not give him a check but still kinda crazy how much info he had on us.
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Puppy scam.
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*Update* Thomas Elliott called my terminally ill mother to let her know that I am being Federally Prosecuted and that I needed to call. So I called and was told the company is "Jacobs & Greendberg" who usually deals with foreclosures. I was handed off to Mr Sullivan who stated that I could either pay them or face federal charges of passing a bad check (which is against the law in my state). I asked 3 times for a verification of debt and was refused and accused of using "stall tactics." I was told I could either pay them now or pay them 6 times what I originally owed. When I stated, "So you are rufusing to provide me with a Verification of Debt?" I was told they would be issuing another process server to come out and "good luck." and they terminated the call.
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469-554-8872 They are scammers sent text trying to get money, told us they wanted to hire our company but was hearing impaired and wanted us to pay a carrier - Big scam.
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Got another call from Thomas Elliott today from a private number. He stated that he is a "State Process Server" but did not say what State he works out of. He stated again that he would be coming out to my home or work to serve me with a Court Summons and left the phone number 888-252-4804 again. I still have not gotten a Verification of Debt. I did file a 2nd complaint with the Fair Trade Commission.
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Calback reveals "Thank you for calling the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society."
These (and others) are responsible for the draining of my cordless phone batteries as well as unwanted interruptions.

Here's their address if you want to let them know how you feel about this invasive pestering::
Lisa Stockmon
Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society National Office
1311 Mamaroneck Avenue,
Suite 310
White Plains, NY 10605
Phone: (914) 949-5213
Fax: (914) 949-6691
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This was a town hall with Senator Elizabeth Warren for www.fixthesenate.org
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They stolen my credit card. An use it
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Ally Financial Collections.
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This number just tried the same thing with me! They asked the same questions as posted above. They got really angry (typing in all caps) when I told them I would not be selling my ring to them because I knew they were a scammer. I did get a name and address they wanted the ring shipped to: Jayman Perez 2827 N. 51st Ave. #1025. Phx, Az,

Notice they did not even include a zip code. When they got mad their English also got a lot worse, which made me believe that English is not their first language. I warned them that if they did not stop harassing me I would contact the police. I then blocked their number thanks to Verizon's free service.

Sometimes it makes me feel like trying to sell things online isn't worth it.
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Dan M:

I did answer because it was a local call. they wanted to speak to my wife. Why? To thank her. For what? Something she participated in recently. Wife didn't know anything about it. this caller practiced vage and wanted to get past me to her. most likely selling something.
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A foreign scammer who sends tests to ads on Craigslist and bulletin boards. Wants to know the "last best price" and the "present condition of the item" and uses other broken English and poor grammar so that you know they are not American. Also says they will handle the shipping, or their agent in the US will handle the shipping. So, ya know it's just another fake cashier's check scammer hoping to find a gullible person to steal from.
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A foreign scammer who sends tests to ads on Craigslist and bulletin boards. Wants to know the "last best price" and the "present condition of the item" and uses other broken English and poor grammar so that you know they are not American. Also says they will handle the shipping, or their agent in the US will handle the shipping. So, ya know it's just another fake cashier's check scammer hoping to find a gullible person to steal from.
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Kyle Lyons:

Nobody responded when call was answered.
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I just called the number, and their announcement identified them as Easter Seals calling to thank us for our donation. They gave a number to talk with a live person at Easter Seals (the number went by too fast to copy it.) They give the option to remove our number from their system, which I did, and it said it would be processed within 2 days. They've been calling every day, less than 24 hours between calls. We never answer these calls, but I just checked my caller id, and below are the times of the phone calls. Interesting, they took the 4th of July off! 7/7 2:01 pm 7/6 5:09 pm 7/5 10:33 am 7/3 2:37 pm 7/2 1:38 pm 7/1 9:50 am 6/30 1:43 pm
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It has started appearing on my AT&T phone whenever I get VOICEMAIL. Do NOT call the number. Hit IGNORE to go back to your regular screen, then access voicemail by dialing "1" and holding it down. It's annoying but you can live with it. It only means you have voicemail waiting.
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caller left no message on my voice mail
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sue michaels:

She's super cool - that's all I know
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I received the same msg about some jewelry. Thank you for the info!!
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I just got a call from this number. The caller said he was calling from the United States Grants Department. I told him there was no such thing, and that my number is on the do not call list and he needed to take my phone number off his list and never call me again. He insisted that he was calling from a legitimate branch of the federal government and started into his spiel about that I had qualified for money. I again told him there is no such agency and he needed to take my phone number off his call list. He started talking loudly over me to continue with his spiel and to insist that he is calling from the United States Federal Government Grants Department. I hung up at this point and blocked the number through my phone provider.

I've never had a solicitor/scam that was so insistent on sticking with their spiel even after I tell them that my number is on the do not call list. Usually this will end the call.

I was shocked when he continued despite the fact that I made it clear that I knew he was not calling from a legitimate company/branch of government and that this call constituted a scam. Makes me think that these scammers are really bold and will go to greater lengths to scam people than many other scammers/solicitors will. Be smart and beware--don't be a sucker!!!
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Horrible pushy fellow saying he knows me. Poor English skills using an old telemarketing tool script from the 80's, I politely said not interested and he called back6 times to argue with me and call my staff names. Don't see how that put any money in his pocket,just a sad joke boiler room.
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I have started a website about this scam. Check it out at scamfrom727-202-1062.weebly.com
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they call and hang up when you call back they breath into the phone and don't say anything.
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I received a call from 202-558-4604 & a man identified himself as being from the US Justic dept. He told me to call 917-934-3331 to claim $2.5 million prize.I called the number & realized it was a scam and never gave the man at 917-934-3331 time to tell me how much money I had to give him in order to claim my prize money.The man from 202-558-4604 even gave me a claim number.Saturday A.M. my wife called both numbers pretending to have wrong numbers. Both numbers were answered by men with heavy accents. Summary 2 men using 2 phone numbers, 1 claiming to be from dept of justice to make the scam appear legitimate.
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American Kidney Fund
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Scam. Representing a company "National ..." offering to sell your RV.
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Left no message. Called back special promotions.
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Greg B:

ADT alarm company calling to give me a free alarm, and sell me monthly monitoring.
I told him that using a fake number on a call display is a federal offense in Canada. He said no it wasn't.
I said that calling someone on the Do Not Call list is also an offense. (I *am* on the DNCL)
He said ADT had the CRTC take me off the DNCL so they could make the call, then they would put me back on it later. I asked who else had the authority to do that. He said no one. ADT was the only company allowed to make the CRTC change the DNCL.
Eventually, I agreed to take the "free" alarm system and installation and would pay nothing and he hung up on me.