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Don't leave a message
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Called today saying something about a survey they were trying to get info to steal personal info anyone get a call from this number do not give any info just hang up.
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Bama Mom:

This number called my elderly parents and demanded her car insurance info and her mileage from her car so that she could renew her membership to a "auto insurance" type for her auto problems. Like motor problems and so on. My 70 year old mother explained she had never had nor wants this service. the woman said she had and needed to renew it now by paying $100.00 today verses $300-$400 sometime later. I even tried to get a company name from her and more info and she got even more rude. Finally I hung up on her. My parents are elderly and their health does not need people harassing them til they get upset like that woman was doing. I hope someone puts this to an end. It is not right.
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This number is from a company called Open Business Directory. They are a scam outfit pretending to be an affiliate of Yellow Pages and the agency goes so far as to pirate their logo in an effort to get small business owners to pay a fee, typically over $1,000, for online advertising. The solicitations typically come via fax and mention nothing about charging a fee for service. The fax simply requests an update of the business contact information. BEWARE. Check the BBB for more information related to the reputation of this company.
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wanted me to gp to a job interview. they wanted me to pay for that service. its scam!
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I don't know the number
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Mr. James called my home the other day looking for someone I have never heard of (I'll call him John Doe) but was extremely persistent that I must know who this person is so I offered to take his name and number. He said that he was calling from Ruben and Rosenthal.

Mr. James called my home again today and when I said that I have no idea how to get hold of John Doe he said "Well then I guess this is going to become your problem now" HAAAAAA! Are you FN kidding me? This guys is off his rocker and I let him know that in so many words then ended the call with a polite 'screw you'.

I don't know what kind of scam this might be, but it reminds me of the scam that the FBI put a bulletin out on a few years ago where you get threatening calls from this finance company from whom you supposedly borrowed money. They threaten to call your work, your family, the police and to tell your friends and family that you are a deadbeat who does not pay their bills.

My daughter fell victim to that scam about 6-8 months ago when she filled out an application for a loan online. She NEVER got the loan, or any sort of approval or even a confirmation that it was being processed yet they had all her personal information that this company required her to supply on the internet application.

I just GOOGLED Ruben and Rosenthal and indeed it is a scam.

Be careful, do not fall for this crap and do not let yourself become a victim of these scammers who will use threats to try and get you to pay them money.
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They call a couple times a week and never leave a message. No idea.
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Is a private Dating Service Company. They look for a match for you, interview you, take video, arrange dates.
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Danny Davey:

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Its from the CED Group (not sure if the first 3 letters are correct). Sounds like a debt collector when i called the number.
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Keep getting texts to "Call me at this number". Have texted back to remove me from calling list.
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This is a message call center that is calling through a third party caller from Bank of America. We have been getting these calls and have told them several times to take number off their list. Now that I talked to Bank of America, hopefully it has been taken off. The lady that answered the phone was not aware of this until she spoke to her supervisor. I guess they sell people's phone numbers to these third party companies. If you never had an account with them, maybe your number was put on a friend or relative's account. Good luck with your calls. I did let the lady know that I will notify the police if anymore calls were made here. The phone number I called for bank of America was 800-423-1000.
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Who's number is this.
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he is speaking in english .. he dont know enlish $malayalam
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This person called me accusing me of being some kind of home wrecker, telling me I was pregnant by some dude. They did not leave a name or tell me who the dude was, but they continued to call me and harass me all day.
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pete mith:

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Mildred Sorenson:

I work at a call center. This guy called twice and wanted me to describe product while it sounded like he was getting head or a hand job.
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Been getting calls in sets of 3 from this number for close to a year--maybe more. They'll stop for a while, then start again. All I get is a FAX tone, hence the calls coming in sets of 3, each a few minutes apart. If you call the number back, you get someone's voicemail box. Repeated pleas to stop calling my number have clearly gone unheeded.
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who is this?
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Rang once. When I called back, recorded voice said "You have reached the mailbox of one zero zero seven. The inbox is full and you can not leave a message at this time. Goodbye." Then it hung up.
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Scam - trying to gather information, but not selling anything
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Did not say anything when I answered. I called back, message said transferring call, music played then it disconnected like someone answered and hung up.
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left no message
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Just received a call from this number. Did not answer. I don't answer long distance calls. I only have people from two long distance area codes that ever call me, so I know most of these are scams.
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No one there when I answered.
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I didn't answer. Left a VM that said it was about a medical emergency system for seniors and "don't be a helpless victim lying on the ground". Gave options 1 for more info or 5 to be removed. I won't call back. The VM did not give any info about the name of the company or the name of this emergency system. It's a scam.
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I've received several calls from this number. When I answer, I get a recording that says "please continue to hold". I'm not going to hold long enough to find out. I have better things to do.
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Leslie Davis:

My caller ID said KINGSTON 876 854 3848. He said kingston New York??? And he asked me how far am i from Culver city, I have my recorder ready to record conversation because he has called my house 6 times today already! Aint nobody got time for that! I will try my best to record everytime he calls, also gonna call AT&T to see what my options are to take legal action for harassment! Also try to call the number it'salways busy!!????

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Lesley dAVIS:

He said he would like to see my vagina!! Enough said i could tell it is a voice recorder to make his voice saound different, BIG TIME SCAM!!!!! NOT PROFFESIONAL!!
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i created a textfree account because i dont like giving out my real number...and yesterday that number called...today he called again...then i asked who is this? but he/she didnt reply to me....then my accident i was trying to copy the number and called their facetime..but i ended the same second...they called back but i didnt answer.... so now i went on google to search the number and see who it is...i couldnt find much..and thought sharing this would help me find out...of you know anything about this number please tell mee....
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left no message.
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When I pick-up, I get dead air.
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This is a marketing group, don't know what they are selling, and really don't care. However, if you call them back, the have a live preson answer and they are nice, ask and they will remove you from there list.
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Called my cell number out of the blue, T-Mobiles Name ID caller ID did not pull up a number, so assume it was a faked google voice type number.
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I have constantly been getting calls from this phone number. Sometimes they call three times in each day. I am so sick of this number showing up on my phone.