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I have received two calls from this number today, Both times I missed the call, so I tried to return the call to find out who it was. I get an automated message that's says, "Thank you for calling! We are currently closed, please call us back during our normal business hours 9 am to 9 pm eastern. Take care!" There is no business name or anything to give way to whom they are or what they do. My phone is a Straight Talk phone, so it's prepaid so my number isn't listed for just anyone, and I am very choosy with who I give my number to, so I'd really like to know who they are and how they got my Cell phone number.
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This number calls about 6-10 a day, does not leave a voicemail, when you call back, a guy picks up the phone and when you ask who he is and why are they calling they just hang up. They have a voice mail that says "Thank you for calling Service Company", however, they don't say what the company is or what the "services" offered are. Very fishy - sounds like a scam to me. The number 310-929-1141 is from Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California.
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This person called pretending to be from Florida.
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It's a company conducting all types surveys days not selling anything (just eating up your precious cell phone minutes).
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Night Angel Strippers:

Customr called and ordered strippers for Ohio. Thank god they didnt travel far to the show.
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Its green tree financial, asked me to run a message to someone else in my neighborhood. WTF
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For over a month, 6 to 9 times each day, the phone number ID shows 678-518-2156. This is harashment
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molestos !

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little one:

calls four and five times a day. never says anything. annoying
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scooby doo:

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This is a scam. They claim to be calling to reduce your credit card interest. Clearly if your credit card company wants to reduce your credit, they will call you directly. As a former employee of the Attorney General for the State of Florida, and as a current officer, I urge you to avoid these scams.

These people have obtained your credit report and are attempting to gain further information to utilize your credit cards. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!!! PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY. If they contact you, notify your credit card companies and place a fraud alert on your credit profile immediately.
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Honda Carland calling because haven't had my car serviced there in a while.
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Received text message in 2 parts stating "Your Debit Card has been suspended! (all Langley FCU cards)" with instructions to reactivate at URL http://aiu.jhk32.com/wp-content/activate

I do not have an account with Langley FCU. This is obviously a SCAM!!!
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Recorded message offering insurance. Called twice within an hour on Saturday morning.
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Got a call from this number on 6/29/13 at 9:02 am stating they were collecting $20 for contributions for sheriff's something or other I said OK since I thought they were with Sheriff's Dept or Associationb and they are supposed to be mailing me an invoice for $20 for supposed contribution which I will now, of course, disregard. This is a sham and should be stopped.
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Scam. Calls and hangs up on voicemail. When you wait for someone to answer they answer with "promotions".
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It is a check cashing scam! There is no Linda Williams from Buckingham modeling.
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Called at 3.31 am on a saturday. Left no message.
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always calling, leaves no message
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Who's do it
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Man with a heavy Indian accent says he works for Microsoft windows and PC Trackers and that my computer is downloading viruses and that he wants to help. He wanted me to verify my windows ID, etc. I told him if he knew my computer was doing this he should have my information. He insisted I should follow his instructions and I told him I wasn't going to, I wasn't going to go to his website and I wasn't going to help him "fix" my computer. Eventually I pissed him off enough by wasting his time that he hung up on me.
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Too good to be true! They offerred to reduce your mortgage. Big catch, they wanted a HIGH FEE up front with no guarantee. I checked with Attorney General's Office. High number of complaints.
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scam ,,,they texted me outside of their business hours
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woman who called said she was an exchange student
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sold me a credit repair package for me and my wife. it took 3 months before we saw some good results. customer service is sucky though. thanks
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Called about car extended warranty
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Bulls City Financial chances down folks with health debt.
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Called asking for me. I didn't say it was me. I then asked who was calling and what they were calling for. She replied she was calling from "SRG" and that she was calling regarding some "paperwork". When I asked what this was regarding, she said she was just the "secretary" calling me for her manager and that she didn't know what the matter was concerning. When I said I would take a message, she simply said to have me call them back at their number. Sounded very suspicious. Possibly a phishing scheme.

I later called the number back. I got an automated voice telling me the call may be monitored and that I was being transferred. I then was transferred to a women who said she was simply the front desk operator. When I asked exactly what "SRG" was, she responded by saying "We are a client based organization" and refused to elaborate on that. I pushed further and asked for some examples of the types of services they rendered, which she refused to answer. She then asked for the phone number of the person that called me, which I gave her. She said that phone number didn't come up with anything. She then asked me for the phone number that the representative from SRG had called me at, which I refused to give her without knowing what kind of a company I was dealing with. We went back and forth a few times like this. Her position was that she was just the receptionist and would not elaborate on what her company was in the business of. At this point, we were at a stalemate and we both mutually ended the call.

Again, extremely suspicious when they can't even tell me what type of business their company is. Do no give them anything unless you know what you're dealing with.
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they keep ringing and hang up. ALOT of different numbers.
reporting them if they keep it after 30 days from yesterday. i signed up for the do not call list.
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Leaving flyers on doors. Watch out was on C.N.B.C. Fraud Do not return call contact local Police.Also do google search phone # Sham.
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She was collecting a past medical bill.
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It's a machine telling you that you owe money. If you call back and tell them you don't have an outstanding debt, you get a very rude argumentative person insisting you do. Since you have now returned the call and they know they have an active number, they have about 50 different numbers calling - all machines. I've reported them, I'm on the DNC list and they can still call and harass me. Totally disgusting.
Don't return the call!! They don't give a damn if they have the wrong person. They just get worse and no government agencies will stop them.
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I posted an item for sell on Craig's list. I received a text from that number offering to pay the full price for the item. He/she gave a story about being an oceanographer and was buying this item for their dad. He wanted my paypal email address. I did not send it.
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Wrong Number:

Debt collector call 6/28/13 to my cell. phone from "Miss McClendon" of "Select Research Group" saying they have "documentations" (sic.) with a "social" (security #) of the person they are trying to reach (not me).