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Glass Capitol debt collectors they also use 407-378-2070. I would assume they use ext 2069 thru 2082 and maybe more...
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Kiel Basaman:

Fight back at these scum sucking low life telemarketing scammers. Have a little fun and Call them back and harass their sales people - keep them on the line to use up their time from selling unscroupulously. Every minute you are harassing them, they are not selling - it's so much fun to turn it around! Or create a fake name and address to request information from them.
Sign them up for junk mail from other bottom dwelling telemarketers:
Steve Roberts or Kim Roberts, or Tim D,
7 Hall Hill Rd
Somersville, CT 06072


14 in the Center
Somers, CT 06071

sign them up for junk e-mail from other scum sucking telemarketers:

If they close down one number, call another:
(860) 265-7488
(800) 784-0801

Send crap to their fax machine to goble up their electricity, ink, and paper.Fax 866-817-7688

Gobble up their time any way you can and have fun doing it.
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Got a text at 3:00 in the morning saying: Dexter here's that casuals website I told u I got loads of play on, CasualsConnect.com - Easier than POF, you'll do well on it. Still need a ride later bro?
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Scammer calls to see if our business takes credit cards. I tell them that is non of his business. He tries to tell me that we are overdue on our credit card fees. LOL, our business does not take credit card orders. 100% SCAMMER
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No message. Called back and it went to a generic sales department voice mail box.
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citizens property ins. tried to sell flood ins
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The number comes up as being a local Outback Restaurant, where one can get a giftcard. It is not...
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woman left a voicemail asking me to call this number with no identification of who she is or what company and caller ID said blocked call - has to be some kind of scam
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Joe Atlanta:

A recorded message telling me that I qualify for an unsecured Mastercard/Visa for my business. Hung up before the recording finished.
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Its a collection agency!
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I received a text from this number interested in buying an item I have on craigslist. I replied, and heard nothing for hours. Then I get a text EARLY in the morning thanking me for the swift response and wanting to know the lowest price, and the nature of their job won't allow them to travel because they are very busy. said they would pay by pay pal and they have a private....then nothing else. Just felt strange to me. Glad i checked online. Do these people have nothing else to do?
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Strange text from 347-224-2031 acts like they know you. Trying to make you go to dateonlinelink.com to look at his pictures.

Does this really work for these idiots?
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They call trying to sell me Charter TV service. I have Charter Internet, but cancelled TV and have been getting numerous calls despite telling them to remove my name more than once. They are rude beyond persistence. Now, if they don't hang up when I sharply ask who is calling, I now blow a loud whistle n their ear.
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someone using a magic jack.
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telemarketer selling security systems for home.
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These annoying pests have been calling my home twice a day, every day, for weeks. I do not know anyone in New York so do not answer and they never leave a message on Voicemail. I assume it is a telemarketing center and suspect it may be Verizon trying to get me to come back to them which I cancelled about a year ago. Not sure though, just a guess. I'm on the do not call register but does not seem to be doing any good as I get calls all the time from people pulling some kind of scam or selling something.
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Called on my cell. I did not answer, no voicemail left. I have never received a call from this number before.
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This guy calls every day and I can't understand what he's saying. All he says is something about house, I don't know.
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Don't Be Scammed:

Foreign Towel Head Scammers trying to get SSN, Banking, & Credit Card Info saying they represented Paypal. But when I called Paypal they confirmed the phone call wasn't from Paypal and they didn't know how the Towel Head Scammers got my name & phone #!
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Indiana Phone:


They just keep calling.
It usually stops after reporting to the Do Not Call Registry.


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No One spoke... when I called back, it said it was out of service.
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This is NOT USAA or an affiliate. My wife called after a message was left. No one was trying to contact her. The second call, two hours later, my wife returned. She was connected to a guy that gave his speech. My wife said he was not USAA. He said he was an affiliate. She said he was lying and she will call the state attorney general if they contacted us again. He put us on the do not call list.
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Caller is from Green Tree Mortgage collections
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Harry Powderly:

I received a call from this number and was told that my computer was running slow and they could fix it. How can someone who is not on my computer tell that it is running slow ( and it's not ) I believe this is a scam.
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C B:

Cash Call Mortgage calling about refinancing a home mortgage.
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Got a call from this number several times. Answered the first time but no response on the other end. Let it go to voice mail after that and no message left...just 2 seconds of static.
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Insurance Quote, but wouldn't give quote unless I was buying THAT day.
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Mr. Blow:

Debt Collection Agency
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This caller left a voice mail message that was cut short for unknown reasons. It started out with a sales type message so I assume it is a telemarketer.
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spam call to sell stocks
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Sits on phone silent & hangs
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This has to be a payday loan company but they had someone to call me looking for someone, and was making me think someone had died. My nerves were so bad. They were looking for a family member. I think it is very cruel to call someones job with this mess. Especailly someone that has children. I wouldn't pay you a dime if I were them after this stunt.
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Michael Nickless:

Just had a run in with this number and was told they had legal documents to appear in court. And I have nothing to do with the law at this time that I'm awear of. And tole them to send the to me or delivered to me. They replied really and I told them again that they had to be delivered to me. I feel that this is a scam of some kind or a way to get access to my phone line. Please all be awear of this.
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It was a missed call. Everytime I call it back it starts to ring then it hangs up.
Thats whaat happened everytime I called. About 4
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Thomas Becker:

I got a call today, 06/18/2013, from a man in New Jersey stating that he had an "opportunity" for me with a company called "Tyco". Yes, this is a real company (they used to make toys in the 1960s and 70s). It was for a File Clerk position.

When I asked him about his company's physical street address and in which city he was calling from, he became quite flustered, repeating a 'pat' answer about how his "managers and supervisors require the emails to only have my name and company name, Collabera, in the footer of the emails. If you want the address of my company you can go to our website..." and I cut him off.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, always a company WILL have not only the person's title at the company, and the street address as well as the city, state, and zip code. That was the red flag for me and I thanked him and hung up.