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debt scammers will never answer phone
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Scammer sending text saying "Your G-mail has been compromised . Reply to this message with to take a call to reactivate your account"
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Fake credit collection company.........The first number came across as one from my home town/state, which made me answer it since I live across the nation now. She then told me she needed to serve me something and wanted my address and then to call a 888-324-0314 they are fradulant......
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its a collector,a cheap one,,but a collector,,i answered the phone and said,BLOW ME,the man studdard,,and said what,I SAID BLOW ME,THEY GOT QUIET.never give them your name,,just always say BLOW ME,THEY HATE THIS.so hang up,,,they will stop calling
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I got a phone call a few minutes ago (June 11, 2013 at 12:27 pm). The Caller ID said "Transcom Enhanc" with phone number 801-532-2038. I answered. The guy on the phone asked me if my name is [he gave my real first name]. The guy has an accent, though not a strong one, and his English is very good. I can't tell what accent. My guess is Indian or Pakistani, but I could be wrong. He said his name is Jerome Smith. I had him repeat it, although I'm not absolutely positive of the first name. He told me he was working on behalf of Microsoft and that he knew I use Windows 7 and wanted me to open my computer right then so he could get access to it and turn back on crucial Microsoft software that was currently turned off that protected my computer. He said it would take 2 minutes. I told him that I had good repair programs that could do that, and that I would run them and call him back at that number if I found any problems after running those programs. Then I said goodbye and hung up.
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This number keeps calling my cell phone. I have not answered and they do not leave a voicemail, except for once, which was just muffled, background noise.
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I live in Calgary and have received this call 3 times. A long pause after I pick it up. Heavy
breathing, and then they hang up! Weird.
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When I called the number back they answered with "Houston Astros"
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I started receiving calls from this number only days after getting my new cell phone. The caller does not leave voice mails, and when I tried calling back, I got a pre-recorded message stating that their voice mailbox "does not accept messages." The third time they called (on the same day!), I told the caller that I was on the federal Do Not Call list and that I would file a complaint if they called me again. The caller immediately hung up and I have had no calls from them since.
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Not Today:

America's Recovery Solutions--DEBT COLLECTORS.
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Tess Daut:

Claims to be Paula Diaz with the last four numbers of my SS#. Help?
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"Nick" says my application for a loan is complete. I just need to call back for more details. I do not have an application anywhere. I believe this is a scam or phishing scheme to try to get personal/financial information. After three calls on three sucessive days, I blocked them. Wish me luck.
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Rejected the call three times straight. Repeat calls were immediately followed by the rejection key.
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Ron Esposito:

I called back this number the first time I asked who they were they hung up on me,the second time I called back a woman answered got really smart assed with me when I asked what they did so I hung up on "THE BITCH"!
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Jose Montijo:

Is good idea recive more information, for example,full addres,or company name.
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These people claim to be ADS legal service, I know they are not they are scammers from Craigslist. Do NOT do anything these guys say
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I just hear a voicemail that says, "We will transfer you to our 24 our security department" but that is it. I still haven't figured it out 100% but I figure if it is truly important, they would leave an intelligent message that described the problem.
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This is a scam. This person is running several scams from debt collecting to fixing computer problems. Don't let them on your computer and don't give them any financial information or personal information. If they get access to your computer they will disable the computer OS and then tell you so and ask for a high cost to install their product and fix the problem.
They will gladly give you a name, a legit company (that they are not with) and badge number to gain your confidence. The company names exist and other info might exist but has nothing to do with who they are.
You can believe if they get any financial information they will rob you blind. Unfortunately the older people who will be taken do not have internet access and will find out the hard way. Those elderly people will probably be your grandmother or grandfather that is on a limited income and cannot afford this.

Idea: Support a group of experts to go after these thieves. This would have to be a community supported effort but would eliminate this type of predator. If nothing is done then it will just get worse. Be assured your phone call (scam) will arrive shortly and hopefully you have enough knowledge to prevent from losing money to these people...
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Caller is GC Services-A collection agency.
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its platt college.
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Receiving several calls per day from this number and it is starting to tick me off.
And sometime I hope this caller stop calling.
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Lower your VA Loan Interest rate
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This number keeps calling me on my cell phone. They never leave a message. When I do answer, I am greeted with nothing but silence-- no one answers me. I have no idea who this is.
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Called at 7PM....left no voice mail.
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Insight Global
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meritline - you may have placed an order online
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Multiple, unsolicited phone calls a day from this anti-immigration political organization - left no message, no caller ID.
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calls my mom threaten with immigration its a guy saying he is a lawyer and shes owes money for products about creams
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Received a call leaving a message saying my Payday America loan was approved. I've never applied for a Payday America loan and when I called back I asked why they were calling me. I talked to an Indian guy named "Ray" who informed me that I had been randomly selected by his company. When he started asking me for personally identifying information, I asked where he was - he said he would have to put me on hold while he transferred me to his supervisor. His version of "hold" was to hang up.
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This company is Williamson and Brown. Here recently I contacted this company with a a legal request of documentation:
1. $amount of debt,
2. name of the current creditor (which may differ from the original creditor who might have sold your debt),
3. a statement that that debt will be assumed to be valid unless you dispute in writing within 30 days,
4. a statement that that if you do dispute in writing within 30 days, the collector must mail you written verification of the debt,
5. a statement that if you ask the collector in writing within 30 days, the collector must send you the name and address of the original creditor if it's different from the current creditor.

This company failed to supply the information, not only once but 7 times. In the mean time I had spoken with a different young lady who advised me that I should call the credit card company. Upon doing so I learned that they had no idea who I was. When I called the company back they stated she should have never told me to do that etc... They seemed annoyed that she had done this. What I have learned is that this is a debt collection company and whether or not the debt is legal or not they seem to be making false claims. I contacted Equifax so told me that they have nothing of the sort reported against me. I have since then reported this company to them and the threats they have made against me legally.

I advise you to check out:
Has the statute of limitations for your state http://www.fair-debt-collection.com/SOL-by-State.html expired on your debt? If expired, don't pay.
Collectors generally have to be licensed by your state to practise (collect debt) in your state and you can find out by calling your state Attorney Generals Office. Ask if a license is required and does this collector have one. If not licensed, don't pay and file a complaint with your state AG.
Read useful debt-collection FAQs from the FTC here http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre18.shtm
The debt collection process explained in plain English http://www.consumeraffairs.com/debt/fdcpa.html
Be aware that scammers are using bought/hacked/phished loan application data to extort payments for fictitious debts from victims and victims' families and friends.
The FBI warns about payday loan extortion scams here http://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/paydayloanscam_120710
The FBI warns again http://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releas ... nt-payday-loans
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Mark Turner:

Mark Turner
Anaheim, California
Carolwood Pacific Historical Society docent and rail fan at Disneyland.
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This number is from an Auto Glass Company telemarketer.
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I receive several calls each day from thins number and get hangups. When I call back I get some classical music and eventually a disconnecting "click". Does anyone know who it is that's harassing me?
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WHO is this
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Sales call, but they did not say anything.