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John C:

got a call from this number saying they have a "claim" against me. I have no such claim.
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Aaron's in Vancouver, Washington
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Am receiving calls from this number. I wasn't home, they left no message. ??
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Natl capital alliance? Number registered to a James Payonk PC., 25 E Washington Blvd Chicago Il. They never leave any message or answer if I call back, so naturally I assume its a debt collector due to these practices: Atty listing for #, hard to find registered owner, no voicemail left when they call, afraid to answer call back, etc. Probably bought an expired junk debt I have no recollection of or credit card my ex wife ran up since I have never had a credit card and only pay cash, my credit history is clean and I have no debt...bottom feeders.
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I got a call from this number, and received a recorded message asking for me by my name or someone who could confirm an address.

I took it and got transferred to an "agent" who identified himself being an agent from "Evans & Associates", a company located in New York state ... weird being a 760 area code (California) phone number.

He just mentioned an old address of mine but when asked, he refused to discuss why was I being contacted about unless I confirmed my SSN ... I thought it was just my address they wanted, according to the recorded message.

Then, when I asked him from which company he was trying to contact me, he also refused to give me such information and kept insisting that I should confirm my social security number to discuss it.

When I told him that I had no idea who they were or why they were trying to contact me or even where they got my information, he mentioned if was from his "client". I told him that I had never contacted anyone from New York, he said that they had a wide clientele, not only from New York ... fair enough ... but at least tell me what the hell you want before you steal my identity.

At this point he said he'd have to terminate the call, and so I did.
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Erica and Michael:

These people called and couldn't tell me anything, not even what CDE GROUP (the name of the company) stands for. I asked the gentleman what his job title was, thinking maybe it would help me figure out anything about this call, but, he just kept apologizing stating that he couldn't tell me anything else... Anyone know what they might want??
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who is this
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Got calls from this number. I answered once but they hung up. No message left. This number keeps calling me a few times a day every day in the past few days.
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Koodo Mobile, is the caller for 1 866-995-6636
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Got calls several times from this number. I answered once and they hung up.
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Pioneer Credit Recovery
Student Loan Default
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This number has called my office twice in the past four days. No one speaks when I pick up. Who are you, there in Queens NY and why are you calling? SPEAK!
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Left no message.
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This caller called left a vm but nothing was said. No answer when I called back, no vm, call hung up on its own.
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asked if I knew a certain person an I said that was X son-n-law
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Called our office stating he is a Dr. returning our Dr.s call. I did a name search and he isnt listed in the entire state of Florida and my boss said he never called him. Assume it is a telemarketer, heard giggling and phones in the background.
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Recruiter looking for recruiters in several types of professions. Also 888 856 7579 shows on msg left on phone.
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Text reply to my CL add
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Today I got several prank calls from this number, 916-740-6207...
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Yep, same thing here and we get these types of calls quite often. This time someone calling herself Gwen Morrison called and left a message using my husband's name and saying that they are attempting to serve a court summons for attempt to defraud a financial institution. Then they give this number to call back "the attorney's office" who is handling the case - complete with "case number" (which isn't the right format to be a genuine court case in the area where I live.) To begin with, no one calls to verify your address in order to serve a legitimate legal summons. They HAVE that info if they are for real and they just show up at your residence or place of business. Secondly, what legitimate attorney's office has an 855 number? They have ACTUAL phone numbers that go to ACTUAL offices.

Just another collection agency attempt to make people think they are somehow affiliated with the courts when they really aren't.
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Claims he was from Mega Millions based in my home state - number was from Jamaica..

Obviously some sort of scam was hard to understand what he was saying but he kept asking for my home address and email address.
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This phone number was added to my yahoo email account & a @live.com email. The date it was added to my email, all amy old emails were lost and a mail saying I was trapped oversea and asking for money sent out to all all my contacts.
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Gary Rollins:

who is this
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4 calls & when I answer a long loud beeping sound
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kiana gonzalez:

This number keeps calling saying I won money and a car.
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no more:

calls and hangs up when answwering machine picked up. caller id said "Security". somehow I doubt that
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a person claiming to be Terry Hudson, involved in a South African business deal has used this number...it is a huge internet dating scam...he is not a real person
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daily call, nobody on the line when I answer. No voice mail when it is not answered. No fax handshake call either
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David Harvey:

Call came in at 428am CST. When I answered no one was there, no one said anything.
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I've received 4 calls from this number in the last two days. It's in Florida; I live in Indiana. I don't answer out of area numbers I don't recognize and they haven't left any messages.
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Keep calling, playing some song from the 70's. When I call the # back it rings once and goes dead.
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Me too. Trying to set up paypal transaction to buy a car I am trying to sell.
Paypal to buy my car....you have got to be kidding me! Show me cash or go away!
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They said they were calling from Microsoft, about an unresolved error message. They have called at least two times about the same thing over the last few days.