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This number belongs to a scam artist. He called me today. He had a heavy Indian or Pakistani accent. He claimed his name was Jordan and that he works for Microsoft at a Windows Service Center. He told me that my computer had been hacked and that he would help me download software to fix it. Obviously, I refused to visit any website he suggested. He wanted my credit card information, too. This is a scam! They want you to download a virus so that they can access your personal info. They want to steal your money and identity. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!!
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Computer voice asked for my son - said it was really important, if I was him, continue listening, if not, hangup.

I hung-up. Seems like a debt collector type tactic.
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I just got a call from this number. I have family in that area so I waited for a voicemail. Didn't receive a VM so I looked it up. Looks like you guys figured it out already...
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They called my cell phone. No response when answering. I called back and an automated computer synthesized voice tried to get me to enter my phone number so that they would remove my number due to FCC regulations. Unfortunately for them, I think it is actually against FCC regulations to telemarket cell phones at all, so I think this is a scam to get your number on more lists.
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robo-call; when I call back they do not identify them self; asked to be removed and they called again; I have never done business with them. They called me on my cell phone
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I have been getting calls from this number multiple times a week. Today, I decided to waste some of my minutes to ask them to stop calling me, and there was no response. No answering machine, it just rang infinitely. These people are incessant and annoying. I will update when I get into contact with them.
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From San Francisco. Know not a soul there. Junk call, more than likely. No message left and no caller ID.
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They call and just hang up...i didn't answer it because if I don't know the number i NEVER ANSWER...
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Said they were AARP conducting poll on social security
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They called twice and left no message, so I called back. They seemed startled when I asked who was calling me and said it was American Income Life Insurance and asked me if I was looking for an "Entry Level Management" position and offered my an interview right away. Scam.
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It is Smart Energy Advocates a lead generating company. It is a company with no scruples. They are even on Linkedin lying to get companies to pay them. This is all info on Andrew Gold doing all this Here is Andrew Gold's address (from California Secretary of State):
Entity Number: 201308410076
Date Filed: 02/26/2013
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 20405 VIA SONADOR
Entity City, State, Zip: YORBA LINDA CA 92886

20405 Via Sonador, Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Home phone number: 714-463-4781
Personal number 714-253-4653

Who lives here:
Andrew Gold
Evelyn Gold

Evelyn L Gold
Yorba Linda, CA
Get the full report on
Evelyn L Gold

Lived at
1 in Yorba Linda, CA
1 in Tarzana, CA

Evelyn L Gold
Evelyn Silver Gold

Related to
Andrew Gold

Additional information for purpose of ID only
(not included in the report)
Worked at

Bedrooms:4 beds
Bathrooms:3 baths
Single Family:3,099 sq ft
Lot:Contact for details
Year Built:1989
Last Sold:Feb 2007 for $950,000

Property Taxes for 20405 Via Sonador
Year Value Land Improvements Total Tax
2012 Assessed $285,195 + $284,536 = $569,731

Caller: Andrew Gold/Smart Energy Advocates LLC
Call Type: Telemarketer
Reply !
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George Burns:

robot call from an "Academic Advising" no message left
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MEDICAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT- I have no idea what he wanted. I said I don't understand who you are and he kept saying Medical services department. OF WHAT?
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Jody CaPlace:

Do Not answer!
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So far, they have called twice within 30 minutes and did not leave a message. Other sites say spam. Unknown company.
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John of Lower Merion:

Caller ID: "Bala Cynwyd PA" (they also use 215 257-7095)

This one's slick, I actually thought there was a live person on the line. I could hear him flipping the pages of paper he was reading and I was all set to "play" with the caller when I realized that it was a recording. Following is the text of the "conversation"...

"Hi, uh, this is John from the shipping department of Emergency Medical Alert, I was calling to uh schedule a delivery of your medical alert system, it's uh the "fallen, and I can't get up" type of system you've seen on TV. Looks like the system's been uh recommended by thousands of hospitals and medical professionals, uh, let's see, says here that the system's already been paid for. Looks like you're getting the system because uh either yourself, a friend, a family member or maybe even someone you know has experienced a fall in the past so uh again it's already been paid for so there's no cost to your whatsoever. Also says here that the shipping has already been paid for so to uh schedule the delivery of your Emergency Medical Alert System press 1 uh again to uh have your system shipped out to you press 1 now...press 5 to decline the shipment of your system....(me) Hello?"

Thanks to Google Voice ( www.google.com/voice ) you can hear our conversation on my Spam Calls web page:


Signup for your own free Google Voice account at www.google.com/voice and avoid telephone call spam
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who is this at the number
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This is National Credit Adjustors, although the woman who answered the phone said there are several companies under this phone number. They call asking for someone else and have been told they have the wrong number. They will not stop calling.
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john doe:

this number is ACME bail bonds
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said "sorry I dialed the wrong number"
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Man says that a medical alert system is ready to ship to me and is free, including shipping. Sounds like he is live, but probably it's a very good recording. "Press 1 to accept this free shipment. Press 5 to decline it." This call occurs about once a week. This time I pressed "5" instead of hanging up. I am 94 and already have a LifeLine alert system! (The Caller ID number is different each time.)
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Comes up as a Wilmington number ,howeverr reverse lookup says owner is from Quincy,Ma. I tried calling back but no answer, three times!
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Keeps calling and when I answer, the phone hangs up.
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Mr. L.:

This is a Suddenlink Cable site that calls people to make offers on special pricing for package deals with the company.
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It's Ocwen (mortgage servicing company) trying to sell home warranty products.
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I also just received text messages from this number while trying to sell my car.
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Some Musical Instrument place... They left a pre-recorded message saying I've returned a musical instrument, but I have an account balance... Hilarious considering I haven't played an instrument in almost 20 years, I live almost 1200 miles away (TX), and I've never visited Florida.
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Hands That Listen:

Please stop calling this business line. There is an option to leave a message, if you chose not to do so again, you will be blocked, permanently. This is a BUSINESS phone number.
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A computer voice stated my name and said that it had a private message for me. And that if it wasn't me listening, I should hang up and not listen to the private message. It repeated that a couple of times. I hanged up and did not finish listening. They did not identify themselves.
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Someone calling me again and again from this number 120-485-0650
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I called the number back after hours, at the end of recorded message thy identified themselves as Freedom Mortgage Company. Just what I want, another scamming mortgage company! Lol!
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These scam people uses cheap/free VOIP based phones like Magic Jack(hard to trace) and other call manipulation method to change/display incoming caller ID. I got such call from someone with this number and recognized Indian trying to speak American English because I am from India. So, to get on his nerve, I used bad words to tick him off and he started in Indian language that I also know/speak. Bottom line, do not pick up such calls or ignore. He was talking about same garbage about I am under investigation,owe money, bla,bla,bla...They somehow able to manipulate callerid header to display incoming call from whatever makes you convince to pickup up call to initiate conversation. These people have time and are trained, employed in those countries to make calls to collect money or your information like SS# to they pass to some other entity to exploit and than your life gets measurable..

Other numbers they use is 5595543771, 5126294037. Because they know how to change callerid info while calling you so they can display 911 and your own number/name or whatever. Congress needs to pass laws to somehow track such callers and put them in prison if located in USA or somehow allow to block such phone numbers permanently entering USA calling system.
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I got a call from this number on 10/06/2013 & 11/06/2013, who stated himself as representative of CIBIL and named himself as ANIL. He called in regard of one of my friend's credit card due with ICICI bank and stated that ICICI bank has filed with his organization to investigate my friend and me. He took my details from a job portal and threatened me that I need to face dire consequences from his organization like FIR, blacklisting my name in Job market with MNC's etc. I absolutely don't understand if some one has used my mail id and defaulted, how can i be liable and how can they threaten me like that. So beware of this number friends. they are taking our details from the job sites, banks and threatening us.
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Who is calling me from this #....
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Carl B:

Saying there lawyers trying to collect on a payday for 5487.87. Which I do have a loan. These people are calling from 305-455-9468. They are saying the will have me arrested, I found out from the FTC . This company is not real. The called me about 15 times.