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I have received a phone call from this number for days now. this number is also on craiglist.com as a modeling business number. DONT APPLY. they will send u 3-4 money grams in the mail of the amount of $938.00. they will ask you to deposit it into your account and withdrawal $500.00 for you. by the time you deposit it, you wont be able to take out the $500.00. it will then close your account because the check is a fraud. help me stop this and put an end to this. i have tried calling the number back and all i get is voicemail. but he do say his name is Mr.James. ??
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L Schaffer:

Numerous calls from this phone #. No messages left. Hang up
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kids wish program.....very pushy...not sure if its real or not...they called and the young man hung up on me....and so I called them back...P
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Received a phone call from a man with a strong Middle Eastern accent
saying her was from my medical office, and he wanted to send to me a
new card-he did know my name and address. I screamed expletives at
him, and hung up the phone...before I hung up the phone I did hear him
reply back with an expletive, so I knew it was a scam. BEWARE
especially Senior Citizens, this man was very demanding until he was
called out.
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Random "hi" txt wanted me to replay, never did.
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Search the number and you find a land line in Chapel Hill NC
Call the number back and you get the Republican Natl party!
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??? who is this? is it a virus?
just random symbols....
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Call wanting me to join the RNC
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they rang my house for 1hr 7min straight waitng for the voicemal to pick up-hang up- then all right back. They threatened to come to my house and my father's house and wait for my sister to show up...she lives in Missouri haven't spoken to her in years. I only know where she lives because of facebook. my wife was home alone when that threat was made so she freaked out because the caller id showed the call was coming from the same area code and she called the police to file a report. anyone know what legal action can be taken or what the company's name is with the phone # 866-461-8539? the one calling my house and my father's house is david jones...called me and my wife names. When I told him the Melissa he is looking for doesn't even know where I live or the phone # he just called to reach me..he said "ok Thomas put the man of the house on"...I said "what?" he said "you know the man of the house your wife." and then proceeded to call me Ma'am the rest of the conversation....anyone help ?
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Received a letter from a "debt" collector. I really feel this is a scam.....I've never received any other bills for this amount...ever! No hospital name or date of service was given....Can we say SCAM??!!!!!
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Caller trying to sell "FDA" approved drugs. Just a way to separate you from your money. Sounded Pakistani or Indian, so probably offshore.
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acosa tratando de vender propaganda
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john doe:

don't know what this is, they say they are looking for contractors/handiman in my area and to press 1.
call back yields no help, there is no extention, the original message asks me to ask for Lori but no person to talk to.. only "please wait for the next available agent... agent for what.. what a ridiculous world. next our Government will be wasting our money or taking us down the path to socialism one day.
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They called, left an empty message. I called the number back to find out who they were, got a machine, hung up. About twenty minutes later, I got a call back from someone with a heavy Indian accent, who initially refused to identify his company for "privacy reasons." He asked me for personal info, I told him I didn't feel comfortable giving out info without knowing who I was speaking with. Eventually he admitted the name of the company was "Allied Interstate." Some Googling reveals this company was fined $1.75 million by the FTC in 2010 for illegal debt collection practices. The man said he had no record of his company contacting me. I do not owe any debts besides student debt, which is being paid on time. If you get a call from this number, don't give them any personal info, no matter what they say.
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Received this phone call. Was told by some woman that she was sending a new medicare card to my home. When I asked "what is this about" she hung up.
I am not sure what it was really about. However it could not have been good.
She did not speak very clearly. Sounded foreign.yzqxew
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John Smith:

Got a call from a guy with a very thick India/Pakistani accent saying that The US government had selected me to receive a grant of $9200. I had to call a number (202) 470-0532 immediately and give them a super secret code number to receive my money.

I think they are trying to identify people who are gullible for future scamming. This is obviously nothing that the government is doing... he gave me no reason for the grant and emphasized that I had to call right away.

I never answer calls from unidentified numbers but I just decided to do this one. What a waste.

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They keep calling my phone says Cleaning Services (seems like a scam to me). They keep calling my phone.

Report them to the do not call list: https://www.donotcall.gov/ (you must register your number with them before filing a complaint)

These people need to stop! I never gave them my number and I am on the do not call list already.
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Raising money for Abilene amvets
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These collection agency people have started calling my number 2 days in a row now. An automated voice asks for someone who does not live here. They say if I'm not that person to hang up and not listen to their message.

How do I make them stop calling me?
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John O:

m and associates
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starts with "Do you have a moment?"
I did not reply. He hung up.
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This is a tow truck driver who annoys you when your filing bankruptcy
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This caller is Big Mountain Drugs (Pet Pharmacy)issuing courtesy reminders for refills. I order my dog's florinef there.
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craigslist scammer. he comes out with the typical...i will buy unseen.....sending his shipper...

don't fall for this guy. come on Federal Bureau of Investigation...get this guy...he has been doing this for a while......is the Federal Bureau of investigation worthless? This guy would be an easy catch for scamming people....
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Diversified Consultants INC is a telecom collection service, pay your cell phone bill.
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This number belongs to Diversified Consultants INC, cell phone collections, dont give them any info about yourself
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Prize sweepstakes entry
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telling me that my account has been suspended and gives a web address to
respond to. shiftlands.com'activate-online to unblock it.

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