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online dating scam, a woman will im you asking you to text her at this number, i dont know how that can hurt, but i declined to do it because the number is in wyoming not local.
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Also got a call from this number. They are claiming to be calling from A-Z Couriers. The company called GEM is sending me a parcel weighing 2.5kg, i dont even know this company.
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very strange he keeps calling and leaving text messages he wants to offer me money or put me in his will if I will do something crazy with somebody under age he is sick watch out for this one
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Called me said i should watch my self. Spoke in spanish and knew my name?
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They called me by my name and told me i should drown in a pool or get stabbed in the throat
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Calls really late at night- doesn't leave message
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I have been researching who is calling 866-503-8805 and finally called about my account. They are calling from the HI Value division of CITI to help resolve any issues with credit card accounts. They were able to verify real time charges on my card. It is not a scam as someone else said for whatever reason. I was able to get my account issue fixed with fraud and charges removed from my bill. Seems to be in US. If you still don't want to return the call, just call the number on the back of your CITI card.. got to the same place.
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[}UsDirectExpress]] Call 248.971.0913
A new twist.....I didnt call!!!!
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Got a text from 302396@vtext.com it said
[Sooper C.U.] Call 248.971.0913
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ACS collections for student loans. Always someone foreign who can barely speak english.
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Got a text from 302396@vtext.com it said
[Sooper C.U.] Call 248.971.0913
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Just got a text from 3032369@vtext.com saying:

(Sooper C.U.) Call 248.971.0913
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Company name is NOW Executive Marketing. I paid $7K for executive marketing services and did not receive the services I paid for. Jackie Grant is a scam. Do not do business with this women or Mike Robbins.
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I've received 7 calls in 3 days and I am fed up. There is always a beep when I answer, and then they disconnect.
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Weird. This place called me. I didn't answer it. Caller ID says R2J2 Company, which I googled and it is an "intelligence consulting firm" in Florida that's run by "retired military", suggesting they have something to do with the military intelligence field. However, here was the voicemail they left me:

"Hi this message is to warn time share owners of scam artist claiming to have buyers or renters for the properties. If you paid any of these fraudulent companies. And think you deserve your money back. Please call 8777022732. Again that's 8777022732. Thank you. Bye"

When I googled the phone number they left it was a California company called Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises.

No idea why either company would cold call me as I have no relation to either industry and I do not own a time share.
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This number asked for my credit card number and had no one to talk to, or company name with it.
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doctor reminder
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Calls my business cell phone almost daily. I have reuqested several times to have my number removed. As I health care provider it is very disruptive to receive these types of calls while attending to a client's care. Perhaps the "guru" who set up this seemingly irreversible system up will someday become a constant victim this annoyance.
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Rec'd call from this #. Didn't answer as I didn't recognize the # and there was no name on Caller ID. When my answering machine clicked on the line was Immediately put on hold. A recording said, "Please continue to hold" and there was background music. I quickly clicked the phone on and then off to disconnect the call. I looked up the 855 area code and found it charges the person who is Called not the caller. Glad I disconnected the call!!
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Calls from this number, then no one answers, then they hang up. Caller ID says service department.
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woodland hills:

Did not pick up, I could see it must be telemarketing. Engine was the display callers ID, more of those pesky google paid listings.
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calls from similar but different #s everyday so its hard to block all i nvr answer but its very annoying
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Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc.
26 Mississippi St, Ste 200
Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: (800) 459-2417
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Called and said I had been nominated as a COSTA MESA man of the year and wanted me to donate to Muscular Dystrophy Association. Pure telemarketing call.
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Verizon Wireless
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called me for a job opening at catipillar for data entry and wanted my personal info for a back ground check for when i go to my enterview .
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Ron Sharpe:

I answered with "hello" the person at the other end said "bonjour" I repeated "hello" to indicate I prefer to speak English. The caller again responded with "bonjour" to which I asked "who is calling?" and they hung up.
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Selling Yelp! marketing services
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Tina Cooper:

They called me at work. Not on my cell phone. Left a message for me to call back and I will not till I know more information.
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definite debt collector
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the caller is OCEANIA CRUISES - you must have gone to their website and filled out a request info
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The Sacramento Bee hired Tele Reach to do both sales and collections. This company is NOT calling from CA, but from Oil City, PA . They are using a caller ID spoofer which allows them to have the 805 area code show up on the receiver's caller ID box. This is an obvious attempt at deceiving one into believing that the call is originating from CA and not PA. Maria Ravera is the VP for circulation and she's the one that signed off on hiring this company. Call her to complain about the harassment . She can be reached at 916-321-1615.
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So I Received A call from This Number, The Guy Said NoT To Worry, He Was Not Trying To
Collect Anything, And Simply CAlling To Thank MeFor My Business, And For Having Great Credit With Them. Then He Said He Noticed My Magazines Have Not Been Getting Mailed To Me Like They Should Be And He Wanted TO Make Sure They Had The Right address. I Thought ItWas A ScaM, So I Played Along To See Where It Would Go. Sure Enough, I EndedUp Being Transferred TO A Supervisor Who WouldTake My Debit Card Number so I Would Pay ForSomething I Did Not Order. I Said I Didn'tHave My Card , He Said I Can Give You A Discount, I Said It Doesn'tHelp If I Don'tHave My Card Number, Then He Said No Problem, Where DoYou Bank I Lied AndTold Him Wells Fargo And He Asked For My Account Number. When I Said I dont Know, He Became Frustrated . I Asked If There Was A Number Where I Could Call Back And He Said He'll Just Have A Rep Call Me. Asked For A Good Time To Call Back And I Lied Again, Giving A Time When I Would Be At Work. Was This A Debt Collector Trying To Get My Informaton? Or A Scam? Before Getting Off The Phone, I AskeD Ehat The Name Of The BusineSs Was. He Hesitantly Said "N.a.n.c" I Looked Up The Number With The Bbb And Nothing Came Up. I Called Back The Number On My Caller Id, And It Only Says "All Circuits Are Busy, Please Try Again. Any Ideas?
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Someone calling stating that I had nearly $2200 in a debt with a "GE backed" revolving credit. Would not send me any verification of debt, got very rude and pushy and would only give me info if I gave them my bank account info to set up direct payments...yeaah right. how do I know it isn't a scam...which I think it was...
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Same here!
Posted a Mark Williams rear end on RJ and had previously posted a HD Motorcylce.... "I'm satisfied with the condition...." is the response I received via text.
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I think its a debt collector I'm about 80% sure