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Call went to my answering machine. Caller said someone paid for a Medical Alert System. Press 1 to have the shipment sent or press 5 to reject the shipment. I did not respond.
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Just got a call on my cell phone from this number. Naturally, as it was ringing, I googled the number and found this site. I also recently got a credit card from BoA, but it would sure be nice if the folks at BoA realized that these random numbers put folks on alert (or should!), and they should probably communicate with customers in a different way...

Well, emails can be phishy too - I got one from "BoA" and it's scary how real it looked, logo and all! The thing that gave it away for me was the return email... it was gibberish... Email said I had tried to log in to the BoA site too many times with the wrong password, and it wanted to reset it for me... asking for my name as it appeared on my account, account number, debit card number with 3 digit 'code', address, etc. Wow, if someone fell for that, the phishers would have it all!

Anyways, I can't say for sure who this caller was since I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I've added this number as a contact so if they try again from this same number I'll have a heads up.
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Caller is a scammer; said she was calling from Publishers Clearing House. Caller verifies your name, then asks if you are a an American citizen by birth or naturalised. Only citizens by birth are eligible to win. I was told that I have won $2.5 million. This would be delivered to me in a $2 million cashier's check and $500,000 in cash! There is U.S. Customs fee and while they pay 90% of it, I would have to pay 10%, amounting to $3500 to get this prize. I asked where they were located and when she said, "Reno, Nevada" I was excited to tell her that no customs fees would apply inside U.S. borders. I amused myself wasting her time for another 15 minutes while we discussed various aspects of the prize, how I could authenticate her call (she said "just take my word for it"), etc. until she got tired, said she had to take another call, and hung up.
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Has called my cell phone a couple of times. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize. They didn't leave a message.
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car related recalls- was about a sunroof recall that i had started a claim on then never filed through. they just want to make sure it's going to get done.
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Receiving recorded calls from 702-534-6214 advising I have committed Fraud and papers will be served at my home or place of employment. I called the number and Mr. Monroe advised they do not send anything by mail. He stated they will e-mail copies of documents but only after satisfactory payment arrangements have been made.
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Dave P:

Patricia Ellis with "? Mote & Tate?" It was hard to understand the name of the company.
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Patricia Kleine:

Listed as a missed call on my phone log.
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they called employees at my company claiming to be an AMEX booking agent and asking to have the credit card confirmed. this is a scam, do not give your information to them.
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This is a real person person that called me name was Jennifer patch of Bakersfield
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Mystery # emailed to me...
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Looks like that is the number to an automotive/machine shop. They rebuild auto a/c compressors, metal castings, blah blah..
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Lisa Taylor:

There is no scam on this numebr, However, We have advertise on craigslist and our number was use in a scam. They steal you number and over market on it. Plus this numebr is our moble telephone line for connecting with future contestants. but their are a few pageant notice that we are on an international Level in promoting our pageant nationally, Jealiouly is one thing when your Pageant is growing across the USA and on a International Level where our Winner complete on a higher level of pageantry. The otehr state paegatn are just money maker and that it. they take your money every month and the contestants are brainwash as queens going NO-WHERE. WE ARE LICENCE MODELING INSTRUCTOR, JUGES AND PAGENT DIRECTOR, IN FACE I HAVE VERY WELL TRAIN STAFF AS ASSISTANCE PAGEANT DIRECTOR AND HAVE A LICENSE TO TEACH THIS COURSE, THE OTEHR PAGEANTS WHICH I'VE BEEN AROUND SINCE THE EARLY EIGHTY AND A FEW OF THESE PAEGANTS SEEM TO BE A SCAM.
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Sorry, don't call LAPD, call Stockton PD, CA
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I did it!! I found those pieces of s***!!
Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. 4210 Coronado Avenue. Stockton, CA 95204. (877) 626-4325.
Call Customer Relations
This is the company responsible for all those crank calls being made to everyone. They use many phone numbers to annoy or try to scam you. How can they use so many phone numbers? They use a phone number generator that all telecomunication companies have to telemarket and should not be used to terrorize you! They have immature children working for them. Everyone should call Pac-West and let them know what their emplyoees are doing, call the BBB and file a complaint against them, and the Los Angeles, CA police and report Pac-West Telecom. This has been going on for years, let's put a stop to it know. Hell call a lawyer,
this is not just a crime, this is homeland domestic terrorism! Make them pay for stealing a bit of
your sanity, inflicting mental anguish opun you and your loved ones!!! I'm going to get me a lawyer!
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This person called our home phone and left a voicemail message that was just a heavy sigh early on a Saturday morning - no background noise.
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George Webber:

Woman (Farrah) called from an Acura Service company asking for me & Steve regarding our form 2012 mbx. Left this callback # 7742901663. Don't know Steve. I live alone. Don't know what that form is either.
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I received this text telling me my account was hacked. Anyone else receive this?
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He is def a weirdo. Continued to harass me even though I told him that I would contact the police!!
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Got the call from them earlier today. Didn't know the area code but I always answer the phone when I can. Knew it was a scam instantly, decided I would press one and humor the guy on the other end. Moment the Tanner guy was done speaking I said "How the **** did you get this number. I don't even own a credit card. Kindly remove my number from whatever list you have and get a job you actually enjoy." Oh I hope that guy is freaked out for days.
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Karen Hilsabeck:

I was told they were calling from Donor Newtork of AZ, I work there temporarily several years ago, so I thought it was legitimate. I asked are you calling from Donor Network of AZ, and they said no, from some other group but Donor Newtork was letting them use their phones. They said they are trying to reverse something to have to do with Predisent Obama. I had been sleeping and was a little confused but pledged $50.00 to the group and I gave my American Express number and expirtation date. I decided to call the number back and it goes back to a dial tone. I looked up Donor Network of AZ and this is not a valid number for them. I checked my AMEX card and there has been no charges made to it as of yet. I then looked up this phone number on the internet and found this information. I now feel I have been dupped.
Karen H.
I feel I should have known better than to give out my credit number to someone I do not know. They did know my address also..... If I had not been half asleep I would have hung up on them.
I did receive the following email not too long afterward. I don't know if it is related to the call or not, but thought I would send it along...
From the Desk of:
Mat Staver


There is a political game of chess taking place on Capitol Hill. Thomas E. Perez is Barack Obama’s radical socialist pawn and nominee to become Secretary of Labor – and Liberty Counsel Action is one of the key players pushing for checkmate to deny his confirmation.

Extreme pressure from grassroots citizens (like us!) has once again caused a delay in the Perez confirmation vote in a Senate committee. On Thursday, the Perez vote was once again postponed. The Democrat majority in the Senate and its committees are doubtless concerned that they can’t ram this extremely radical nominee through the process!

We must not allow Perez to be promoted to a crucial Cabinet post! This is by all accounts Barack Obama’s most outrageous nomination to date and it must be derailed. Please read my urgent message below – Mat.


A procedural tactic was employed on Thursday by those opposing Thomas Perez’s nomination to once again delay the vote by the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. Grassroots pressure is making this confirmation much more difficult than liberal progressives in the Obama administration imagined.

There’s good reason the President’s candidate is drawing fire: Thomas Perez has been ca
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Je reconnais cette boite vocale. C est la boite vocale de telus mobilite. You might want to report them to telus and the police too. "vous avez bien rejoins le bureau de marc turcotte" Bureau, my azz! Bureau where capital fraud occurs he means!
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Keeps callg 4-5 times a day.
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Carl Pettey:

Many calles, today one voice mail and could only hear deep beathing. Called the number many times but it will not connect.
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Yep, the voicemail says Marc Turcotte. The lady who works with says her name is Genevieve Thibault. They want you to call them back to give them confidential information stating that the RAMQ or other insurance company owes you money.
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like you're getting my name:

called from number known to be Time Warner Cable, prerecorded message left regarding debt collection. Whoever it is is using number spoofing. Fail.
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whose number is this
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whose number is this
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The call came in May 9, 2013 @ 9:11 pm
left no message
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Tried to get me also had the right truck & trailer but the driver said no service call was made for him. They did send an invoice bur when I told him the driver did not verify any serve being done they hung up on me.
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calls and doesn't leave message-obvious robo caller spam/scammer
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Its a marketing research company that wont stop calling me.
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same here they keep calling i believe its telemarketers for online education or something, ive had 5 different numbers in a row call me aboit the same thing i think this is a scam
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Ralph Burger:

Prank call plays on you phone there from Austin, Tx please find these jokers.