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This number called me and said that they were from UPS and that I had to sign for a package and wanted to know when I would be home. When I told them that I thought that it was a scam the mad asked me if I had a boyfriend and said that he wanted to F*** him. I hung up on him. He called me back 2 more times and I did not answer but then they started call my husband on his cell. Our numbers are only 1 digit off but I though it was strange that they started calling him too. As of now they have called 6 times yesterday and none today. (876-392-8985 From Kingston Jamaica. The first call was a blocked number.)
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Claims to be a prize hotline. They say that I entered a drawing, I have not entered any drawings....
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I reived a call from 213-291-0287 and when I called back I spoke with a male who said their system is down and he cannot help right now, he said call back in 30-min. I asked him what's the name of the company and he said "Source Receivable Payment Center" I told the male I want the name of the company I dont want to know what you do and he kept insisting I call back in 30-min. I then asked to speak with his supervisor and he said no there is not one available and I kept insisting he give me the name of the company and he kept saying call back in 30-min he said something in another language and hung up. I have been trying to call them back and all I get is a recording saying " a representative will be right with you" and no comes on....Does anyone out there know if this is a LIGIT company????
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It's a Travel Agency. They were calling me about my vegas vacation. They're not a scam.
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Regan Ledbetter:

They called me while I was in the niddle of my class and IDK how they even got my number.... ugh how do they do this stuff?
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Just got the same thing for an item I posted on craigslist. They wanted to include moving fees for the item that I would pay to the "movers"

They said the items were going to Melissa Kuhlman of Michigan and this is an upstate NY number.
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Contacted me about Craigslist item I posted for sale. Requested I only text Harry back at this number. I can smell the scam.
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Sales call from Herbal Group. Supposedly a natural supplement. Lots of complaints about unapproved charges and getting scammed.
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Anony Mouse:

Corporate Tax Network
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People trying to sell different meds.
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It is a gambling website called bovada
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About once a week get a call, when you speaks it tries to send a fax
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They claim they are a law firm representing American Cash. They said I owed $5,000 and I was going to be arrested f I did not pay. SCAM ARTISTS!! I called the number back and asked to speak with a supervisor and of course I was already speaking to the manager. I called and harassed them for a change and for some reason I was getting sent to voicemail. SCAM ALERT!! BEWARE!!
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Caller hung up before I could answer.
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I have a computer shop and I am getting a lot of people calling me about this. It's a company saying they are informing you of a computer issue. They ask for a payment to fix the issue. I have had one customer after I told her to call her bank to call me back in tears over what she was told. They are using a Google, Yahoo, At&t like home page to make my customers feel they can trust them. Another thing, most of the customers calling me are elderly customers leading me to think they are getting infected with something from a site the elderly have is common.
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It's Directv calling to ask why you cancelled service
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Someone form phone number 803-956-9324 keeps calling me continuously. At least 6X after I politely asked them to stop and told them I was not interested in what they were proposing.

Something needs to be done with these people, telemarketers are a nuisance and these are unwanted phone calls.
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it keeps calling been calling for a couple of days but they never leave a message so i dont know who they are or what they want. When i answered there was no response.
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Vanessa Chen:

This stupid lady won't stop calling me she doesn't even leave a message and doesn't give me the company name where she's calling from...
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Calls everyday, sometimes more than once. Very annoying robot marketer.
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And why did you send a message to my child?
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Who is this?
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This person or company is calling few times but never leave message ,is not real is scamer
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Lynn Stickel:

this individual called me at 2:01AM this morning and then hung up and then i couldn't get back to sleep....
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Called me on a debt that happen 6 years ago. Saying they are filing with the D.A. in a different state to prosecute for check fraud. After tormenting the family with fear to find out it's the wrong person they are looking for. Unreal! They wanted me to pay anyways.
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Gary Feldman, Esq:

Law Offices of Gary Feldman Gary M. Feldman, Esq

Gary M Feldman, Esq
Attorney at Law



We promise to call and call and call and call….even if you no longer owe, even when we have the wrong number, heck even if it’s illegal, WE WILL CALL!!!!!!

1819 J.F.K Blvd
Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Email me, I Can Help You! E-Mail: GaryFeldman@Lawyer4PA.com
Caller: Law Office of Gary Feldman
Call Type: Debt Collector
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call back from Advice Nurse at Palo Alto Medical Foundation (Doctor's Office)
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Message from 877-556-4388 EXT 7089 -Monica at Gary Feldman's (sp?) supposed Law office (1 of many parties) calling to collect a debt from a ex-in-law we have not heard from in over 10 years.

Can someone advise what to do? We have messages on the machine a few times a week looking for a woman. I am lost all patience with these slimy people calling our house and leaving annoying messages.
If I knew where she was I would hand deliver her anywhere in the world at this point.

I am pretty sure this is round 2 with Lawyer Gary and crew.

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Jodi Temple:

This guy is a Drywall/taper call for a free quote,Our business depends on you!
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this is optimum , for what i have NO idea
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Joe Blow:

Apple Instant Payment Inc. RBC Financial, Sweepstake / Lottery Scam Windsor, Ontario Canada

Scammer! They actualy sent a fake check for the $3,500. My Dad had his bank verify it was a bad check. My elderly father also call this scammer and spoke to him. The scammer said he would be in town soon and deliver the $45K in person. He has been calling my elderly father daily and threatening him and asking for money.

The scammers phone # is a prepaid cell # from Fido. I decided to Spam his # cell phone. LOL.

Every cell # has an email address. In this case the email is 6478312030@fido.ca - I signed him up to hundreds of spam sites so he will be bombarded with text messages and real phone calls from business selling things. Feel free to spam him :)

Details below from the leter sent to my elderly father:

Claim Number: HV-386891-AX

Award Claim Notification

Final Notice

We are please to advice you that you are a winner in second category of Sweepstakes and Lottery Draw held on April 03, 2013.

You are intitled to the sum of US $45,000.00 payable to you by CERTIFIED CHEQUE. Consequently, enclosed is a checque for US $3,500.00 deducted from your winnings.

You are therefore advised to contact your claims agent FRANK RUSSEL: 1-647-831-2030Please do not act on this notice until you speak to your claims agent.
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cathy d:

I called it back and just got a couple stupid little noises like someone playing
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George Mead:

Received text message from 785-338-8622 regarding a "Google verification code XXXXXXX" (actual numbers deleted by posting person).
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I received an unusual debit on my checking account. It was done from my debit card and listed the phone #877-273-3049. I called the number and the machine said it was WordPress and to press the # for the information I needed...which was for me "billing". They sent me to an automated deal or e-mail us. I have e-mailed them asking them to refund the $18 I was charged since I do not have an account with them. I do know a friend at one time did attempt to set up an account with WordPress and failed, so I am assuming she did not clear up what she had tried to do. I hope to hear from them with a correction.
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keeps calling me ...want it to stop. Last time I was in South Dakota my dad was flying B-52's out of Ellsworth.
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M.R.S....a debt collector.