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hang up calls
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Sherry with Alpha Recovery. Calling to collect an old credit card bill. She left a voicemail. I just blocked them using AT&T smart limits.
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Got call from above number twice stating I had won a cruise trip for two in the med
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no message left, called number back to get a auto voice saying "please hold" after a couple seconds call hung up on me.
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We did not pick up, and no message was left.
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I have this one contacting me now. They never want to give you their phone number for some reason. To scare them away ask for their phone number. Now to try and get around me asking for the phone number they ask me for mine first and they ask me to text them. I always respond I don't do business with anyone who doesn't give me his phone number. PayPal is great! They have info on both parties. You can check online if the funds are ACTUALLY are there. You can call and find out if the funds are there. You can send an email to the other person asking for their money. You don't have to and should not give out your email address or username or password. Your credit info. is protected. You don't have to have confrontations. Ironically, real buyers don't include their name in the email to conceal their true ID. Fake people put a person's name in so you actually think they are real.
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been getting this call almost everyday for two weeks. Sometimes it's twice a day. They never leave a message. I consider this harassment. I'm about ready to pick up the phone and blast their ears off with an airhorn.
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Craigslist posting scam--Sends text and downloads a trojan horse into phone/computer.
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Calls from this number come every day four to five times a day .
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called me many times and it's from Az.
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this number calls me every day four to five times a day when I checked the call it came back as : Penn Credit Corp.
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this number calls 7 days a week, calls come in at 8:30 am and don't stop till 10 PM, they call four to six times a day and they called today 4/14/2013 at 5:03 PM, they also call from about 20 other numbers even one that comes up as Private name Private number .
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Trying to scam people using classifiedads.com listings. Received a text message (very generic) wanting more info. Avoid any inquiries from this number.
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your google verification code is xxxxxx
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sua ca phe:

ai rứa?
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called; did not leave message; cannot be called back
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some ahole called & didn't leave message
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This number is a scammer responding to legitimate ads placed on Craigslist. Wont give a name or location. Wants you to set up a pay pal account.
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From a Google search for Apex Merchant, this is the best I can come up with. Their main number is: 214-440-0200. I called them and you get all kinds of departments except customer service. I tried the "operator" and all I got was voice mail... so I hung up. I opted to talk with sales, and the lady said she would take my number off the list to not call. Well, guess what? Still calling, and still not leaving a message. Apparently they are just a business "hunting" for suckers to give them their credit card numbers etc... If you get a call, call the number above and complain and demand them to remove your number. If enough people keep calling, and taking up their time they might get the hint. Call ever time they call... keep a record and read it back to them every time you asked to have your number removed, and let them know that you are on the DO NOT CALL list, and are reporting it every time they call. Maybe sooner or later they will get the hint.


APEX Merchant Group
6652 Pinecrest Dr. Suite #400
Plano, TX 75024
Local: (214) 440-0200
Toll Free: (888) 330-APEX (2739)

APEX Merchant Group is the foremost expert in the Electronic Processing Industry.
We offer outstanding high quality solutions to all of your payment processing needs; including: credit card, debit card, EBT card processing, electronic check conversion, check guarantee, gift and loyalty cards and e-commerce solutions.
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These jerk keep calling me even though I have requested they take me off their list.

I have no clue how or why they got my information, but they are persistant.

All foreign callers as I can tell from the voices.

They say they are from Empower Vactions or Destinations... Something like that.

What a pain!
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Andrew Morris:

Unable to ring back, they did not wait long before hanging up.
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Telemarketer for Royal Ace Casino
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ITT Tech:

They're calling to see if you're interested in their school.
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Got several calls from them for a few days but they didn't leave a message. I called them back and wanted to know why they were calling me. The guy on the phone says, "Give me your Social Security Number so I can see why we are calling." I said, "NO...I will NOT give you my SSN....I do NOT know you. You can look me up by my phone number." He said that their system could only search by SSN. Told him sorry about this luck then and to quit calling. BEWARE. This may be a way to get your identity. I see they are listed as an A+ company on the BBB, but they are NOT affliated or a member of the BBB.
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where this No. 7838417936
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Caller ID LDTS. A CELLPHONE. Approximate address 1854 NW 15th Street, Miami FL
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800-207-8767 is the Debt Collection Department of Sovereign Bank based at 450 Penn Street, Reading, PA 19602 - in a Call Room.

If the debtor has registered a Home phone, an Office number, and/or a Cell phone they will call, even if you are not yet 30 days past due. They use an automated dialing sytem that displays 800-207-8767 on your caller ID, but NOT Soverign Bank. If you answer the automted call it will identify itself as coming from Sovereign Bank and state your name. They will next prompt your response to a debt collection person, if you are the person they are trying to call. If you do not answer the automated call, as I did not, then their dialing machine will keep calling back, as many as 8 times in a day. I do not answer any calls from 800 numbers or from Out of Area, So it was only later after being harrassed by their repeated dialing that I found out it was Sovereign Bank trying to collect $58 that was not yet 30 days past due. They even tried to collect an Annual renewal fee of $25 that was on a statement they had not yet mailed (deceptive) I went to my local Sovereign Bank, paid account in full, Since there was a small amount still due (less than $40)(The $25 renewals fee and some interest) I called the 800 number and asked them for the remaining balance. They told me they could mail a statement that would arrive within 2 weeks that would reflect the remaining amount due -or- for $25 they could FAX it to me. I declined their generous offer and will now close the account at the local branch. This said I did draft and mail letter of complaint to:

• Federal Trade Commission
• Office of the Attorney General – Boston
• Office of the Attorney General – Southern Region - New Bedford
• Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations – Boston
• Division of Banks
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L Carter:

Family and friends received calls from this number saying I owed for a bad check written in Sept. 2008. Requested they send me written information regarding the bad check I was accused of writing, was told we can't send you that information. Was then told if I don't resolve this matter they would turn this matter over for criminal legal action to be taken against me, and a warrant would be issued for my arrest. I asked would you tell me the name of your company? She hung up on me. When she could not send me any written documentation regarding this matter I became suspicious this was a scam. And I told her if this was from 4 plus years ago if I had written a bad check, it would have gone into check system and I would not have been able to open the 3 accounts I've opened within the past 4 years. I believe this to be a scam to collect money. The person calling from this phone number gave the name of Vanessa Long.
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The Man:

Lives in Nevada Texas , has a daughter I'n Lagos Nigeria.
Dare Jane George
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he said his name was james roberts. he also said we won 500,00. and a new car. now he will not stop calling us. i tracked his number to jamaca and im also trying to contackt the American Embassy in jamaca to have some justice done. someone needs to stop him!!!
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Barbazon looking to sign my teen daughter up for modeling.
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Keeps calling, lets calls go to voicemail then hangs up without leaving a message.
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It is Sky Link Receiveables. Collection agency.
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This person is a scammer, they send you counterfeit checks and screw you out of money.
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The person called me saying that I had won the Publisher's Clearing House grand prize and wanted to verify my address so the camera crew could come to my house and bring me the check. When I asked him to tell me the name of the person who had won, he just kept saying "you did" and would not give me a name, but kept demanding my address so "they could deliver the prize".
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Job scam.