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Another one of those that call and then don't say anything when you answer.
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The original message is in French. When you call them back at 866-844-9943
the greeting states to call 910-703-8783 to speak to an agent. I don't want to call it in case there are crazy long distance charges. That could be the scam. But the 866-844-9943 calls me every other day!
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Verizon Wireless with a bill reminder
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received a weird message only stated 6550 call in order to clear this up?
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f***ing idiots calling all times....
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Mrs Kelly:

Do not answer!! Loud deafening fax like ringing in your ear!
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As BJP said on 800notes:
This is a polical survey company.
you can call them and have your # put on the 'do not call list', answer the call and request same, or visit them at www. meyercall.com and go to 'contact us'. There you will be given an option to put your phone # on the 'do not call list'.

And, mntechgirl supplied the website where you can get on the Do Not Call list:
www.callmeyer.com/contact.htm - name of company is Meyer Teleservices

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As Paul1951 said on 800notes:
The caller is Meyers Associates a St Cloud, MN telemarketing firm. Usually the are fundraising for the Minnesota DFL [Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party]. If you call them back you can request to be removed from their call list(s)

Or, as Zeke said (same page):
This number has called several times, they claim to be from the DFL party and want me to donate by giving them a credit card number. Dont do it.
If you wish to donate to the DFL party, call them with the number. Dont give them your credit card number over the phone when you didnt in initiate the call.

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Verizon Wireless Help Desk
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As Helen said on 800notes:
Like previous messages here, I got this call to lower credit card rates, pressed "9" just to tell them remove my name, got hung up on, called the number back and the number belongs to Wyndham Exchange Rentals and they apologized, saying they have been getting lots of calls and are reporting the activity as their number is being used as scam and warned me NOT to give out any personal information, which of course I don't anyway. I, fortunately, have a phone that allows me to block numbers, and has paid off often. My caller I.D. tells me when these numbers come up as "blocked"

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I answered, no one said any thing on the other end, but I thought I could here noises like papers being moved. I gave up and hung up. I don't know anyone in Texas and live several states away.
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Wendy Metz:

Call kept coming up on my cell phone but no message was left. I called the number back and it is a recording from the vacation cernter at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando
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Tallahassee community college student affairs automated messaging service
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called me at 4:43am, rang 5 times, then they hung up
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Keep getting calls from this number. Hangs up after second ring. Do not leave voice mail. Call back goes directly to a voice mail. I suspect that is Scammers . Suggest you block this caller.
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Me dijo: Soy el Coyote, ya trajimos a su gente a Houston.
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Craigslist scammer trying to get my paypal info.
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IRS scum
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This number has been calling many times a day. No one on the line and they won't leave a message. Called it back and it just says "please wait for next available representative". Plays music for a few minute and hangs up. Very annoying.
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Calls constantly and no one is there. You cannot get a human on the phone. How do you get rid of them?
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This is definitely Cox Cable. It's legit. I called Cox on their main number and they verified that they had called with an automated system. It's a reminder for an overdue account. (Not "Debt Collector" or "Telemarketer" but legitimate company robocall.)
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Lori Bagnell:

The number 002 is calling me, it is a man with heavy Indian accent saying he is with Microsoft and I have some virus' he can fix. I have told him I am not at a computer to look at it. I am Leary to say I'm not interested because not long ago I received a call from a caman islands and he said I had recently requested college info but I had not and told him I was not interested and he told me to go f--- myself. I could not believe what I was hearing. I truly thought at first he just didn't realize what he was saying but he did, he was mad. I was very confused. People are crazy!
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Man with extremely heavy Indian accent sounded urgent. Yelled that my computer running Windows 7 had been hacked. I told him I didn't have a computer that used Windows 7. He then asked what kind of operating system my computer used. I knew this was a total scam, and I told him I only used an iPad. He hung up immediately. Don't give any personal information to these people. Microsoft NEVER calls anyone at home, never, ever!! They are hackers trying to get your personal Online information. Hang up on them.
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***This company is called iPacesetters*** they try to conceal this information when you ask what company they are calling from... probably to avoid getting in trouble for BLATANTLY IGNORING do not call requests.

This is a call center calling on behalf of “Human Resource Executive Magazine.” They have repeatedly called me (about 15 times a day) even though I have been requesting for months to be taken off their call list. Many of the callers I have spoken to are rude and disconnect when I ask them about the purpose of their phone call. Often times they call with a huge list of names and will not listen when I tell them I will not confirm any contact information nor connect their call.

However, today when I asked to speak with a manager, I was actually transferred to one - I guess if you sound angry enough and you ask the right questions in advance (I started out getting the caller's first and last name.. ) you might get lucky and get through to someone who will listen to your complaint.

After I threw a short fit, the manager apologized and I have since stopped receiving phone calls. However, it is completely unacceptable I had to resort to these measures!

Here are their websites: PLEASE VOICE YOUR COMPLAINTS!

iPacesetters - http://www.ipacesetters.com/
***Listed on their website for Do Not Call Requests: Cheif Compliance Officer - Mick Bennett. (p) 608-329-7480 ext. 532. mbennett@ipacesetters.com***

Human Resource Executive Magazine - http://www.hreonline.com/HRE/
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Collrction Agency
International Credit Experts
Somebody wants their money !
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Slim of Lombard:

May 14, 2013
This is the most recent of the MANY different strange numbers I've gotten a call from in the past few days. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. Prolly one of those pesty telemarketers. I'll have to renew my number on the Do-Not-Call List.
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This is Midway Nissan calling
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Scam - "Second notice the warranty on my vehicle is about to expire..."
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Had a missed call from this number. I called it back and a voice recording asked if I wanted to make thousands of dollars, and "this is like no offer you've ever heard before."
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This number is comimg from a website promotion company saying that they will increase your web ranking. But if you ask them some questions you will find that they are only a fraud. Stay away from them
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conservative party 2013
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No caller at first. After about 10 seconds a female voice with a hispanic accent said Goodbye and hung up. She might have been a recording. The number was probably spoofed, i.e. not the callers real number.

I've been getting a bunch of calls related to home improvement lately and this may be connected to them.
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A man named Matthew Rogers stating he was from my mortgage lender HFC called me and demanded funds to help make my mortgage payment to avoid foreclosure. The funds were to be paid by moneypack ( A loadable debit card).
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She wanted to speak to owner. Person offering Merchant Credit card Processing