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telemarketer selling advertising
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I got this call at 9:23am. Their debt collectors names P.A.S Patient Account Services. They are a health debt collectors.
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Not Answering:

Received a call from this number on Tuesday 5/7/2013 at 10:00AM.
I do not answer calls I do not recognize especially when they spoof their ID.
Caller did not leave a message
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Calling everyday trying to buy my car with fake cheque, beware!!!
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A guy keeps calling me with an india accent telling me my computer is being hacked..4th time I have gotten this call
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S. Keeenan:

Received a call from this number and a number very similar to it several days ago. "IN SR INS SERV" appeared on caller ID. Was not home and they did not leave a message. I am on State and Federal Do Not Call Lists.
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This person has been callingy husband for the same reason... threatening for an order of arrest for an engliah program bla bla bla....hes asking my husband for 200 dollars in order to get rid of a demand, but of course is some type of scam cuz hes asling to pay this 200 dollars with a prepaid card -__-
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They called me at 3:40am....uh...there needs to be a way to access my number on their list and remove it myself!! I'm not even sure who they are or what they do!!
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This is UC Riverside calling to raise funds for the University. Most likely someone in your family is a UC Riverside alumni or is affiliated with the school.
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I have also been called by this number, but I never answered the call. I did a number check over the internet and came across several responses to this number and similar numbers to 855 - 560 - 14xx.

I contacted RBC directly and this is the information given to me by an RBC manager:

1. This is not one of their numbers. RBC numbers are posted on their website.

2. They do use automated messaging and the automated message will leave a message on your voice mail.

3. RBC uses 1 - 800 - xxx - xxxx numbers not 1 - 855 - xxx - xxxx

They also provided the following information:

Your reporting of these fraudulent calls are important, and we would kindly ask that you contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) to report these calls by one of the following methods:

· phone at:

- 1-888-495-8501 (Toll Free)
- 1-705-495-8501 (Overseas and Local)

· fax at 1-888-654-9426 (Toll Free)
· mail at Box 686, North Bay, Ontario, P1B 8J8
· email at info@antifraudcentre.ca.

After reading several blogs on various websites, the suspicious numbers use variations of:

855 - 560 - 14xx

Be vigalent and never give personal information out to anyone. If you are not sure, then contact your bank through a known number and check.to see if the number is legitimate. If you talk to a live person on the other end then try to get as much information as possible such as full name (get them to spell it out), a return contact number, employee number, where they are calling from (city, province/state, country, street address, email information, etc.) Tell them you will call back, then check with your bank. If information does not match up, contact the authorities.

SCAM's come in all types, check out what happened with yahoo when the email system got hacked.
I have pursued this further.

I contacted Telus, my service provider. They said there is nothing they can do to prevent incoming calls.

The only way to charge the "Fraudster" is if the "SCAMMER" lives in Canada. Most often the calls are generated from overseas and there is no way to charge and prosecute.

Telus suggested searching "Phonebusters RCMP" on google which brings you to the government website as posted in my previous message. I have already sent a message to this department.

After reading posts on this and other forums, the SCAM is to badger people into paying a "False Debt". Some people have paid this "False Debt"
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Just received a call from a “Tony” stating that he was a Processor with the St. Louis County Courts and that I was scheduled to be served tomorrow and my signature was needed on some legal documents. I was told to make sure that I had my driver’s license available for identification. I was told to call 716-299-0139 if I wanted to stop further action with this. Yea, well I just called the St. Louis County Courts and there is NOTHING on me!!!! Nice try!!!!!! Been through this way too many times!!!
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Christopher Byrd:

I'm on a Canadian national do not call list. I do not answer when this number calls. I do not wish to be called by this number.
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Seemed like a form of ad spam, wanting the receiver to use the link to some website - didn't do that, of course.

Text arrived after midnight, so most annoying.
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they are calling threatening to arrest me.
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anyone receive this call? they have been calling several times a day for a week and won't leave a voice message.
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kaiser appt center
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Machine calls asking for someone I don't know. A debt collector that keeps using different phone numbers to call.
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Gaius Gracchus:

spam phone calls
illegal marketing, basically.
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Stop calling Already called Millcreek Police Dept. to report. Thank=you
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No Voicemail, Malicious
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gat a call for a unknown numbewr they said for me to get in contact with this phone number888 257 4429 said it was reagent for me to call them back regrading some delivery of papers i called the number just a recording noone ever came to answer i think this is a scam to get your personal information becareful
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When I call this number back it is busy. Likely not a business. a scam or Telemarketer
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Called offering a job but wouldn't give any further information.
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When I call this number back it is busy. Likely not a business. Probably a scam or Telemarketer.
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Do not trust the person you speak to at this phone number and do not believe anything he says. It's a man that uses online dating websites to meet women and tries to scam them out of money. He's using the name Alex Benjamin and states that he lives in Los Angeles but has to go to Malaysia for business. He actually lives in Malaysia and has this Los Angeles-based phone number forwarded to him phone in Malaysia. Do not allow yourself to be scammed. And report all online scams to website: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx This website is for the Internet Crime Complaint Center which is partnership with the FBI
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Called at 1:13 PM PDT on 6 April 2013, “this call is for (my wife’s name) or an authorized representative.” The message asks the recipient to confirm his or her identity.
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i think this is unemployment but i am not sure anyone else get this call and also on unemployment i call the number back and it says its not in service wich means the call u froim there directory computer system and u cant call back
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bill collector trying to get me for $58. that i dont have any paperwork on
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Some recording that talks about some way to make money or pyramid scheme. Long and boring recording. Whoever this number belongs to is not following the national Do Not Call list that I am currently registered with =(
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The called claim he’s from Google, they try verily your business and phone number so they can sales your info to telemarketers. DON’T answer
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Asset Recovery Solutions, do not answer if you owe money!
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ophelia peepee:

another telemarketing a$$wipe...Google/Bing webpage placement...asked them if they knew my colleague...Heywood Jhablowmee...
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did not answer.
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Joe Mama:

Male caller asked for manager, offered "mandatory" workplace posters at outrageous prices. Typical workplace poster scam. Told him where to get off.
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said they werer with Northwest Builders
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they have beening calling all day every day.