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marshale Brown:

I will appreciate, too put me on do not call list.
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Asking for money for law enforcement people.
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calls all day everyday
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this number calls me ten times a day from 10:00 a.m til 8:00 p.m
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Six calls in two days! No message. No search information. I do not answer calls with unfamiliar numbers.
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they have called from more then one number like 813-594-9413 813-532-8098 one of them told me i won a hundered dollers in food card reward and i told them no thank you and hung up and they called right back . Now i get a call once aday or more i wish the F.B.I would get them
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Ray Wells:

I have not been personally defrauded, but would like to report attempts:

Twice in the past two weeks (despite my being on the Federal Do Not Call list), I have received a phone call from a "John Williams" from the "Computer Support Help Desk" supposedly calling about my computer.

He did not ask for any person by name, and (as it happens) I do not personally have a computer. The first time he called, I told him this, so I could not get his number for it to be investigated. Today, I simply told him I couldn't talk right now and asked for his number to call him back at, and he gave me the 760-392-3952 number I listed above.

The only reason I can imagine someone making unsolicited calls claiming to be from a computer support help desk would be to engage in phishing or identity theft.
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antoinette webb:

Caller called, and called me by my name. An when I asked who they were he said he wascalling about my medical. Then I asked, what medical. Then he said, yea, yea and hung up.
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National Veterans Association. Obnoxious with the phone calls but very worthy organization.
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Didn't pick up. The caller iD was "Toll free call." Called May 21st at 10:xx am and May 24 at 8:xx pm. Neither time was a message left.
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this is a bad person with a throw away phone harassing women late at night
by text mostly. he is a coward in el cajon, ca and frequents the blarney stone
pub on 2nd ave. he just got out of jail after 2 years and has learned nothing.
he went to jail for beating up his girlfriend in her sleep. put her in the hospital.
he puts ads on craigs list and other places. total creep. he beat down his mom
as well. kalen boynton. irish. drunk. angry. sociopath. if you get a call from him
please please report here. thank you. the police have done nothing even though
they have the number and we have shown them the texts. and he is under
restraining order as well. the el cajon police are the worst in the biz, as is san diego
as they do nothing about this stuff
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Received this message from the number:

"Please update your eSecuritel account info to avoid coverage interruption. Call eSecuritel at 855-309-8345 for assistance. To opt out reply STOP"

I called them back and it was a machine that requested I input my phone number and billing zip code. After putting in some bogus info, I got to talk to a real person and they seemed confused as to why I was calling them. Not sure what the motive of the texter is here.
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Lady who calls is very rude and threatens with immigration. Says she is a lawyer. Speaks very quickly. Claims she is from an American company but refuses to give the name of the company and claims not to speak English. She gives no information regarding any of her claims. She said her name was Elizabeth Rodriguez but hesitates and mummbles.
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Bankers Insurance, scam job offer.
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This isn't a prank caller, just one sick guy. The name "Tracey Mansfield" comes on the caller ID, Incredibly offensive comments -Sounds like a predator.
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Idont know who this is
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Got this call on 05-22-13. Caller ID: York New. I did NOT answer the phone. These nutwipes call about every day, using different numbers. The other day one called (again, I did NOT answer) and the Caller ID: 000-000-0000. I mean, seriously. Why do I feel that if the world were nuked, these idjits would still be calling/scamming?
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Calls and hangs up
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I receive at least 3 calls a day from this number. They never leave a message. All my caller ID says is Oakland, CA. There is never anyone on the line when I do answer. How can I get them to stop?
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Called twice in 20 minutes. Call rejected. They do not leave message. Saw on another site that this is an offshore company scamming for personal information.
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Tom Sellers:

This number is a guy on Craigslist selling computer equipment etc. I bought a desktop DVR from him and it worked great and he also helped me install some cameras.
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I looked up the number 330-597-5009 shown on my caller ID and they answered "Windstream Nuvox Communications"....I asked what kind of company they are and why they repeatedly call my home.(I called from a friend's cell phone.) They said they want my home phone number which I would not give them because that is like giving permission to call me. They only said they are "all things Law"......If they have legitimate business why do they hang up when my answer machine kicks on? Why not leave me a number, a contact person and a reason for me to call them back" instead of hanging up everytime. I don'tknow who they are, I don't owe any outstanding debts; I checked my bank and credit card accounts and everything is paid up. I have A-1 credit rating. I am a senior citizen and want these leaches to leave me alone altogether OR tell me what they want so I can decide how best to take care of the problem. As it is, I don't know who or why they are calling and continue to call in spite of my DNC status. HELP!
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I got a weird call with only the last two digits of the number being different. It came in from a blocked number. She left a voicemail saying something like, "I'm Arlene from The Bridal Registry calling about your Bridal Package and a Trip you've been selected to win. She also says she has my gifts and she can only hold them for a limited time so call her back at 631-683-5131 as soon as I get this message." The only thing I can think of is that the jerks at David's Bridal where I bought my dress must have sold my information to these scammers. What a pity, after they got $600 out of me!
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Joseph paladino:

This Person keep Call me about Education and wants money, I am registered for do not call list, I keep getting calls from them. Joseph
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Just me:

Finally answered call from this number. They said they are Loan Mediators and I owe a debt to MyCash Now from a loan in 2010. Problem is, I never took a loan from them. They have the name of my bank, my DL # , all my info. Said the money was deposited into my account and my bank had verified it. I asked the date it was supposedly deposited, then called my bank and told them what was going on. They also said no deposit for that amount from MyCashNow. Big scam.
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Jeff Englert:

Claims to be Machol & Johannes, LLC.
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it was supposedly from the San Diego County Sheriffs department
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James Moore called supposedly looking for a relative of my husband claiming to be needing to get documents to him where he lives in another state. He called my home number and cell phone number both of which are unpublished.
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We get this phone call at least 12 times a day I asked who or what co. it was and I did not want to recieve any more calls I had to override the man and get loud then he said have a nice day g'by never did say he would get our number off...
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it is the convergys sick line
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Calls at least 4 times a day with an automated message for someone I do not know. Called the number hoping to speak with someone to have my number removed, but there is not an option to speak with a human. Guess I will have to report it to my States Atty. General
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Nobody is speaking
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I keep receiving phone calls from this number calling me about some sort of job or education thing and I want them to stop. Their constant calls are very bothersome and I do not know how to stop them.
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Vision Financial number just shows up as land-line.
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Tired of being interrupted by B2:

This B2B telemarketer's business model is to call small business owners in the middle of the morning (peak business hours) and interrupt them with offers for financial services they have no need for. See below.

CULVER BUSINESS FINANCE: "As Business Finance Specialist, Justin's primarily responsibilities include equipment acquisitions, fleet financing programs, and IT acquisitions with a specialty in debt financing options to facilitate client working capital needs. Mr. Lu brings to Culver a diverse industry background. His prior experience in the pharmaceutical space has made him intimately familiar within the biomedical arena; particularly manufacturing equipment and material/inventory acquisition. Having also had the opportunity to work within the startup phases, he understands the equity needs to facilitate operations during the R&D and production/growth phases.