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Has called a couple of times with different names...
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John of Lower Merion:

Robo call from (616) 613-2226 Caller ID Zeeland, MI

This call is similar and nearly identical wording as other recent calls pushing emergency medical alert systems for seniors...even the Caller ID, Zeeland MI, is the same as other recent calls from similar numbers. The spammer obviously has a block of consecutive phone numbers, all in the (616) 613-222x range...

<me>"Hello?" <they> "Every year it is estimated that over 30% of the senior populationa accidentally falls. Many of these falls are serious and require medical attention. Now a new program designed to keep seniors safe and more protected is available for a short time. Don't become a helpless victim lying on the floor without options. You may qualify to receive a free medical emergency alert system. To find out if this program is available in your area press 1 now. Press 5 to be removed but to feel more protected 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, press 1 now."

Thanks to Google Voice ( www.google.com/voice ) you can hear our conversation on my Spam Calls web page:


Signup for your own free Google Voice account at www.google.com/voice and avoid telephone call spam
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Virginia Mason Health Clinic in Federal Way, Wa
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This guy is a SCAM artist. He is not a police officer, as they do not collect debts in private civil matters....). He is just some idiot trying to scare you out of your money, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION OR MONEY! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! This "officer" said I owed a loan with company that I had already paid in full some time ago. Told them to speak with my lawyer and to send the documentation about this "lawsuit" for this "debt", then he started yelling and wanting to speak to my manager (because somehow my manager is going to make me pay you. Right.). Threatened to get me fired - actually came right out and said that he's threatening me. Reported his sorry ass to the Attorney Generals in WA, IL and FTC. Don't be afraid of these mofos.
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Say I been approved for 10000 dollars
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Audition Alert: New Comedy starring Owen Wilson-Jennifer Aniston Casting NOW-many roles! CALL 702-331-8551 ASAP Pays upto $800/day-reply stop to op out
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They called my cell phone. I excepted the call but did not say anything. After a few seconds a man said he had the results of my survey. (I never do surveys - ever.) I hung up without saying anything.

This has to be a scam. Don't give this person any info.
Either don't answer the call, or hang up without talking to them.
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Female voice, asked to confirm my last name. When I asked who was calling she hanged.

I am in Do not call list. unwanted call, no identification, no purpose of call, telemarketing it seems.

Search on internet points to Global Home Improvement in Jasper, GA, telemarketer.

I do not want to receive calls again.
Caller: Apparently, Global Home Improvement in Jasper, GA
Call Type: Telemarketer
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This is a Navy Office Building. I think in West Jordan.
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US Media television:

See Platinum Television Group
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have been calling me saying I need to reply to msg. but no company name. This time it is an American but with no company name you don't get a call back!
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Philip Leblanc:

Pain in the ass trying to sell real estate consulting services
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These people are scam artists. Call and report them to your state attorney general's office!
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These people keep calling me, threating me going to jail, demanding a payment from either Money Gram or email. The names given are Franklin Ross and Jessica Torrez, legal meditation and claim they work for Dean White Law Firm. They have either a land line or cell they call from, but 1-804-212-1473. They do have some information of mine, such as the last 4 of my social. I researched and found that their threats are not ethical and have nothing to do with my information.
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They call repeadedly and won't speak, when I(an adult answers,Has all the earmarks of a Pedophile looking for Kids), when an Adult answers, they wont speak, what am I too think. I think PEDS
Leave me alone(and others listed here), and you may not thought of as a total FREAK.
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Franklin ross who claims to be lawyers wont give any information except to demand money
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Indiana Social Services
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Keep getting calls from this number threating legal action. This is a total scam.
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West Asset Management
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I didn't reconize the number so sent this call to go directly to my voice mail...Of course they didn't leave me a message, If I want your business, I will contact you. STOP Calling me.
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Same here, the person said I've won the Publisher's Clearing House for $100,000. The caller ask if I was over or under the age 65, my marriage status, and my address. I did answer the marriage status question but denied the caller the answers to the additional questions. I believe it's a scam to steal your identity.
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Do not know who this is
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not important:

call from 347-313-8170 with spam as text msg. I am not going to open the supplied link since it may be a bot, it may be porn, who knows, plus it validates who received their text message
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Steve K:

Asked for Human Resources. Said they wanted to garnish my wages for a check fraud something or other. I told them to send me a validation letter, to which he asked for my email address. I said I would only accept it by US Postal Service. They said they would send it out. We'll see.
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Called me 5 times in 2 hours, lady wanted to sell me medicines. hung up every time.
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jk taxes:

Person named Nathan called and left message on personal cell phone regarding Bookkeeping ideas.
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stated she was a private locator for nationwide....wanted to serve me papers at work...wanted to only speaker to my supervisor very rude and hostile
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Global collection agency. Another vulture.
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They have called me now on the West coast Early in the morning.
But no one is on the other end just the hissing of a empty line.
very annoying.
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These people have repeatedly called me over the last few weeks in spite of the fact that I've asked each person (Kelly, Dan, Kristin to name a few) to remove my number from their list (which they assured me they would).

I am now blocking their number through Verizon. What a colossal waste of my time.

They are promoting some type of continuing education. Perhaps they are offering courses on telemarketing harassment.
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This caller is fraud, claims to be from UPS.
Asks for new address to deliver package.
Seems to know some info, but person named as sender had sent no package.
Don't know what doing with info, but definitely fraud - is not UPS!!!
My advice - Hang up!
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told me I won 2 million dollars and a Mercedes, didnt use my name or anythings else just said that I filled out something a year ago.
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They called me saying i owed a bill they also called my sister and told my sister all about my business . they are calling from a bill from ten years ago and seem to knot relize that the acct is past the statute of limitations when i informed her that the call with my sister was being recorded she got all upset because she knows she got busted for third party disclosure and yelled dont call my office anymore !!!!!!!
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This number called me at 8:30pm. I picked it up and there was only music on the other end and no one picked up. How annoying..go away and get a real job!
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Tony Kelley:

Why are u calling me.