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Robot spam, same spew from a huge variety of numbers. "This call ...only for (fill in a name)... collections."
It's just a phish to get personal info, don't answer. They dial totally random numbers, it's not something YOU filled out or did.
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This is a cleaning service. No message was left. There were no complaints listed. Out of curiosity I called them back to see what they were. I assumed it was a business by the many IP addresses that use this phone number.
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Its manulife financial.
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Who is this calling
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This is Dr Walter Afield's office.
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Bill Berger:

This criminal behind this phone number is a scammer who responds to ads for furniture and possibly other items on Craigslist and has scammed numerous people by sending bogus certified checks from a remote location to defraud and rob unwitting sellers. If you dont provide the information this scammer requests, he or she will begin texting you in the middle of the night and saying "Oh, Im sorry my little phone is acting up" which heshe did to me at 3:42am this morning after I refused to publish my personal information . This thief, scammer, criminal needs to be found and prosecuted.
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rip off indeed. Got charged $200 for a $50 door knob. The locksmith couldn't even speak english so I had no way of asking questions before installation. Stay away
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Sprint User:

when i lift the call it say "Hold the line please , you have a message from a caller"
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scam looking for donations, can call number back but goes right to voice mail
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Called - did not recognize, so I let it go to VM. Did not leave a message.
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Some loser saying he's calling from Nova Scotia police asking for donations
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This caller hangs up when they get the answering service. The SOB better knock it off, I am sick of getting hang up calls.
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I made an ad about making a band and this one person seems interested in it. But there is something off about this mysterious stranger o.o
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Total RIP OFF locksmith company
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I'm guessing a telemarketer
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Koran kumar:

Some body enquired on my job trial in Modis SW Charlotte NC
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This number is for the Wegmans location in Fairfax, VA
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It's American mitigation alliance- a real estate refinancing SCAM organization!
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Someone just called me from this number, as well, and he said it was in response to an online survey. When I said I hadn't taken any surveys lately, and asked where he was from, he said something about placing me with a job. I told him I had a job, he didn't answer, I hung up. I also found this site:
and this:
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Michael Murphy:

scam number message said it was HSBC Bank Fraud protection left long reference number when called back man said they are law firm helping homeowners behind on mortgages
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not me:

Low life Collections-They buy out old debt and try to get you to pay them.
Do not talk to them or offer information by law you only have to talk with original debt holder.
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Called, I did not recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail. I listened to the message later. I got to listen to hold music that was actually pretty good but then a lady came on the message asked if she could help. She said hello again as if the phone had been transferred to her with her knowing it had gone through to my voicemail and then she hung up. She sounded American but other than that no idea who or what it was so I will not be calling back.
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Hang ups and open line. Who are these people?
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looking like a scam the guy claims to be calling for my internets security service saying they detect a trojan and was VERY insistant I needed to link our systems immediately! When I asked for info on the company it was not consistent and he got very short with me when I asked things like why the company didnt show up on caller ID nor any lookups.
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Miss T:

Call the share your appreciation for the call. It's worth the few moments of your time.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns @ http://www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org/html/about/about.shtml
[aka] Mayors Against Gun Violence
(1) Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg [New York, NY] @ 212-639-9675* or e-mail (see below**)
(2) Mayor Thomas M. Menino [Boston, MA] @ 617-635-4500 (direct)

Is your mayor a part of this organization? Find out on the Coalition Members page and let them know how much you enjoy their marketing strategy. http://www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org/html/members/members.shtml

* (1) Automated answering service gives misc. information; (2) press #1 for English; (3) remain on the line for representative; (4) requests to have a "Custormer Comment Form" submitted and they will take a dictated 50 word message to be subbmitted to the mayor's office and provide you a confirmation number
** http://www.nyc.gov/portal/site/nycgov/menuitem.bd08ee7c7c1ffec87c4b36d501c789a0/index.jsp?doc_name=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nyc.gov%2Fhtml%2Fom%2Fhtml%2Fcontact_the_mayor.html
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Calls my cell phone several times a day for several days at a time. I don't pick up as I don't recognize the number. Never leaves a message.
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This is my phone number, I just want to be proud of myself and make sure that no one has said anything unjust. I am a legitimate call.
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She said my name like an old friend, I asked who's calling, and she said her name. I asked her to be more specific, she said "it's a personal matter," and I hung up.
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I have done research and have yet to answer this call. It is a scam company from everything that I have read. Do not answer this number.
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got an email for "Harry" said to text him at 315-281-9286 told me he would send me a check via fedex and when i recevie the check to cash it asap and then send item that i posted on craigslist to him but he never said where he lived. i asked 250 dollars for item i got the check today and it was for 2,990 dollars took it to my bank they said it was a scam i tried contact "harry" and on his voice mail he says his name is michale roberts and then come to find out his real name is matthew robben has anyone else got a check from him?
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Wes Davis:

The guy isn't knowledgeable about anything. Calls me multiple times a day trying to prove a point that doesn't matter. Also leaves me threatening messages.
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They call, state they are calling to finish some paperwork, need to transfer the call to their manager, another woman picks up, I ask what this is in regard to and they hang up!
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they called from slemania iraq.
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Lottery SCAM... Asked for me to send $499 for a lottery of $950,000. SCAM... Don't send your money as you didn't win anything.
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Calling daily-say they sell chemicals & something about an invoice. Told to stop calling-guy just laughed. Anyone have any other numbers except for the police to report them to?