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said they werer with Northwest Builders
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they have beening calling all day every day.
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They Keep Calling Me.
I answer and they don't reply.
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The caller, "Dr. Chaverri" called a doctor's office and stated he was a doctor trying to get ahold of our doctor on a personal matter. He stated once we gave the doctor his name he would know who it was. I told him I had to take a message - I could hear the other telemarketers in the background. Our doctor will NOT be returning this "doctor's" call.
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who was calling me from this number
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Didn't answer (Miami. I don't know anyone there.) No message.

I didn't find this number or info online.
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I want to report and block these bastards that keep harassing me with prerecorded messages, in violation of Customer Protection Act
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muy buen día rosarina hermosa
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Eli Eisenberg:


Some guy introduced himself as "Yerucham," and when I inquired, "Yerucham who?" he insulted me ("I'll call you back after you cool off in 6 months") and hung up. Very strange.
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Received a call on 5 April 2013. The claimed they had several problems with my "windows based PC"
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Tavis Green:

I don't know who this number. But I would like to know who is this number and person first and last name. Bc I have been harrassment by this number.
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Text from this number. "LOOK! I'm in the news! www.localheros.com/"

for s&g I looked up the website (on my roommate's computer, nonetheless), it redirects to "gotothissitehere.com/cnbc3/", which is a scam site trying to sell you get-rich-quick "work from home on the internet" shenanigans with a very real-looking facsimile of a CNBC website.

don't waste your time.
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Called at dinner time. Tried to find info about my alarm system. I gave them fake info so I will know if I hear from them again. I think they are south asians trying to case out houses... Think it's time for a facebook post....
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This is a Jamaican scam. They claim to be publisher's clearinghouse and that you have won 2.5 million dollars and a car. All you have to do is send them $400 for processing.

You will not receive a thing, it is a scam.

It is a Jamaican number so if you call back, you will pay big for international calling.
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who is this
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I answered the call because my caller I.D. listed the correct name associated with the incoming caller from my contact list ... however, the phone # listed was preceeded by 000 (3 zeros)?? My Call Log shows the correct contact name for 972-339-8002 but lists the incoming phone# as 000-972-3398002

Can anyone explain this phenomenon? I answered one other phone# (which was also on my contact list) that was listed on my call log preceeded by 000-682-564-0000. Help Please!! Email me at savvy67dm@yahoo.com. thank you
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connisha watson:

They just got 200 dollars from me and that it was a scam all long
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Repeat.calls sometimes vague message sometimes dead air
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It's a debt collector. when you answer you will be put on hold while the call gets transferred to someone with a thick accent. I spoke with someone named Angie who was looking for someone named Daniel. I attempted to explain that no one by the name of Daniel was at this number. However she did not seem to comprehend anything that I was saying.
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Garfield Jones is a Jamaican Scam Artist. Do not believe anything he says. You have not won the lottery or any other come on. Don't believe a word he says. He will take all your $$$ and leave you with nothing.
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Called about a car but wanted to know if I had a credit card machine....scam.
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Tried to scam me out of a laptop posted on Craigslist.
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Man on the phone demands payment of products sent COD, states will get a lawyer to collect payment, does not speak english
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This is the office supply company Quill, I believe their collection department since my business account with them was a bit past due.
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Called to say we won (out of 20,000 people) a trip to Vegas but to reserve a spot we must pay $150 immediately. Then when we get to Vegas and stay at Riviera they will refund $99 cash, $200 slot play, and $100 meal voucher. They tell you, you won out of a raffle but called everyone that we went to Vegas with and gave the same schpeal! UGH
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BK Smith:

Nasty aggressive man never leaves his name or who he is with and calls after blocking his number. Says he is going to file "the documents" at "the clerks" office if I dont call back within a 24 hr. period. What documents, what clerks office and who are you calling my cell phone numerous times a day blocking anyway I can identify you? I called the number I was told to call (657-777-2102) and the girl that answered the phone said they were UPG. I have no idea who they are but I believe they are crossing the line with the aggressive and abusive verbal messages they are leaving on my cell. Someone needs to file "the documents" with "the clerk" about their unethical and illegal approach.
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Debt collectors!!! I think for student loans...
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Credit card scam. Be Careful!!!
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Called asked for the wrong person and then said he was from some type of security company.
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The company is:

Superior SEO
15433 SE 42nd St.
Bellevue, WA 98006
His name is Don Desanto

This guy called me yesterday. He wouldn't let me get a word in. He said my company wouldn't make. He called me stupid and unprofessional. How does this company stay in business?!
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They called my work number, asked for a guy who hasn't worked here in almost 10 years. When I pointed that out, they then asked for another name of someone I've never heard of, and then asked me to disregard the phone call and have a nice day. Other sites report that it's T Mobile, for what that's worth.
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This caller was trying to sell me auto repair insurance on a car I no longer own. When I told him to stop talking now he told me I could stop living. This was a very frightening call.
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connisha watson:

They just got 200 dollars from me and that it was a scam all long
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krystina bickford:

This number called me telling me that they wanted to give me a 3000 dollar grant but first they wanted me to pay 149 dollars through money gram kinda feels like a scam they said it was through the goverment but im not sure if i should do it or not
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We are getting multiple calls from Nationwide Compliance about labor law posting. We have current labor laws posted with the same service they are offering for less than a quarter of the price they want. Shop around there are much better offer out there.
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This number is calling our business. In the last week there have been multiple calls per day. I answer with our business name and there is a disconnect. 15 to 30 minutes later they call again. Today so far there have been 8 calls.