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Anita B:

law firm calling out of Columbus Ohio calling for my mother in law, they won't tell me what it's about and my mother in law doesn't know who they are.
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Dell Financial Services Debt Collection
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Not stupid:

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Busy Person:

When they call, if I answer they hang up. If I don't answer they don't leave a voice mail. If I call back, they don't answer and it goes to a weird mail box account. How do you make them stop?!?
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a scam want yu to get money in a acct and send else where
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I get this number that called me i didnt answer It i googled it an it was an escort???
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THIS IS A SCAM!!! The guy who called said his name was Nick Potter (Indian however) Claims to be a Bank of America rep from their Special Prevention Dept. ***DO NOT FALL FOR HIS B.S. *** They are not BoA reps and have somehow managed to infiltrate BoA's Customer Service line.
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Called me, was put on hold with music. Held for 5 minutes just to clarify that they're calling the wrong person and gave up.
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I have gotten several calls from this number saying, "Hello, this is Rachel from the enrollment center. Your application for health ins has been appreoved. This covers medical, dental and vision. Please call me back...". It's automated and I've not submitted any applications.
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Credit card scam call to my cell phone. Don't answer.
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I received a text from this number about a craigslist ad that I have. They are trying to scam folks. Wanting to send a money order and have the item picked up for shipping to them. Not sure how the scam works...But always do cash only!!!!
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I received a text from this number about a craigslist ad that I have. They are trying to scam folks. Wanting to send a cheque and have the item picked up for shipping to them. Not sure how the scam works...But always do cash only!!!!
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Someone named David Jones called me today at work harassing me stating that they received a claim on their desk this morning. I looked up this number and saw no reports but have received these scam calls before...

My bills are paid to date so I know I don't have any outstanding issues minus older debt that is years and years old. Please Help!
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Keep calling multiple times per day and then let it go to voicemail. The entire voicemail is completely silent and then it just ends. They once called 3x in an hour.
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D Miller:

This person keeps calling and texting my cell phone. I have requested that she stop calling me via voice mail and text messages but she continues harassing me. She refuses to give me her name.
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telemarketing insurance scam, will not give company name when speaking with rep. If you call the number back and dial 123 it will go into their call Q and you can give them hell.
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Tay Richie:

It's the MDX toll center calling about outstanding toll fares.....
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Started calling me at six am. they left a VM but didn't speak. when i called back there was no answer.
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Attorney left a message about a pending claim enforcement action.
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this number keep showing up on my caller id and when I answer they either just hold the phone or hang up. This is harrassment.
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(I'm deaf so this was the video message left with the relay interpreter and my name is not Carol):

Carol this is national credit adjuster Debt collection national credit reference number?: 7307961 Debt collector. Please call 417 208 2086

((Seems I get calls like this A LOT on my phone number. I've had it for 4 years. Weird. ))
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This is a scam using craigslist to try to get peoples money.
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This phone number used to belong to a restaurant in Everett on Evergreen Way called PAPA KILA'S ISLAND GRILL. But it's closed now. I have received 2 phone calls from this number and they do not leave a message.
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I have received at least ten calls today alone from 281-954-3854 and when I answer they just hang up. I would like to know who these calls are from.
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Maybe a Collection agency, but whatever, they are rude and threaten you about really old debts (over 4 years), and offer no information to prove the debt, but demand instant payment.
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Weird Answer
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Got a message on my answering machine yesterday. They stated my name and said they were from the Alameda County Legal Services. Said they were calling in reference to case # 402032 in regards to a criminal case. They were looking for Fletcher Rouse Sr. I have no idea who this is. Anyways, I played the message over and over again trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Called my sister, she told me to google the number she said it's probably a scam. Sure enough there were pages and pages of complaints about this number. Don't fall for it peeps and spread the word. 877-286-9269 is the number. People have been scammed outta their hard earned money.
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Remaind unknown:

I just got a called form this612-913-5069 number with the owner claiming that they are in Huston and their main office is in Renton Washington. They got an old debt with my old address buy I still have me old number. They wanted me to tell them my address claiming that they just want to verify that I am that person. I did not give them my address to verify their records was wrong but I point them to the Attorney General. I ask them to call the Attorney General and they can verify my information through them. I told them not to show up on my credit report.

I am telling everybody to get their old credit reports that will show were that debt was paid off.
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Answered and they hang up
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Beware of the caller from this number. The caller pretends to be working for the government of Quebec (Regie de l'assurance maladie). Its a legitimate number that exists and they want you to call them back so you can give them confidential information. I didn't answer any of the woman's questions but some people may answer as she seems legit (speak normal french). ALWAYS call the RAMQ or the REAL legitimate company whenever someone pretends to be calling you from any company or organization.
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I received a call from an unknown number today. I did not answer and Marie Chain said a process server for My County will to meet me at my place of residence or job tomorrow to serve me regarding case # that Bennett and Associates file against me unless I called 855-862-9167 to speak to the attorney's office to stop it. And to have two forms of ID's and a witness.
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Sales call for merchant credit card services
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Called and I answered. No one on the line then they hung up. I called therm right back and it says this number has been disconnected. WTF???
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Its DirecTV. They called me and asked if I wanted a free three-month upgrade. The upgrade showed up on my account as promised. They're legit.
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Pre-record: "Hallo this is Dan from CulturedPearls.net".
Falsely claimed that I had called for information.
My number is on DoNotCall List and a Cell phone.
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Lorraine Versfeld:

Sometimes it shows as the Number (417) 763 6819 and on other occassions it shows "unknown". These "unknown" people keeps calling my mobile number during office hours and even at night. I do not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers which are not listed on my phone, like family members and friends. It appears to be a sales call.