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This phone number used to belong to a restaurant in Everett on Evergreen Way called PAPA KILA'S ISLAND GRILL. But it's closed now. I have received 2 phone calls from this number and they do not leave a message.
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I have received at least ten calls today alone from 281-954-3854 and when I answer they just hang up. I would like to know who these calls are from.
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Maybe a Collection agency, but whatever, they are rude and threaten you about really old debts (over 4 years), and offer no information to prove the debt, but demand instant payment.
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Weird Answer
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Got a message on my answering machine yesterday. They stated my name and said they were from the Alameda County Legal Services. Said they were calling in reference to case # 402032 in regards to a criminal case. They were looking for Fletcher Rouse Sr. I have no idea who this is. Anyways, I played the message over and over again trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Called my sister, she told me to google the number she said it's probably a scam. Sure enough there were pages and pages of complaints about this number. Don't fall for it peeps and spread the word. 877-286-9269 is the number. People have been scammed outta their hard earned money.
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Remaind unknown:

I just got a called form this612-913-5069 number with the owner claiming that they are in Huston and their main office is in Renton Washington. They got an old debt with my old address buy I still have me old number. They wanted me to tell them my address claiming that they just want to verify that I am that person. I did not give them my address to verify their records was wrong but I point them to the Attorney General. I ask them to call the Attorney General and they can verify my information through them. I told them not to show up on my credit report.

I am telling everybody to get their old credit reports that will show were that debt was paid off.
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Answered and they hang up
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Beware of the caller from this number. The caller pretends to be working for the government of Quebec (Regie de l'assurance maladie). Its a legitimate number that exists and they want you to call them back so you can give them confidential information. I didn't answer any of the woman's questions but some people may answer as she seems legit (speak normal french). ALWAYS call the RAMQ or the REAL legitimate company whenever someone pretends to be calling you from any company or organization.
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I received a call from an unknown number today. I did not answer and Marie Chain said a process server for My County will to meet me at my place of residence or job tomorrow to serve me regarding case # that Bennett and Associates file against me unless I called 855-862-9167 to speak to the attorney's office to stop it. And to have two forms of ID's and a witness.
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Sales call for merchant credit card services
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Called and I answered. No one on the line then they hung up. I called therm right back and it says this number has been disconnected. WTF???
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Its DirecTV. They called me and asked if I wanted a free three-month upgrade. The upgrade showed up on my account as promised. They're legit.
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Pre-record: "Hallo this is Dan from CulturedPearls.net".
Falsely claimed that I had called for information.
My number is on DoNotCall List and a Cell phone.
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Lorraine Versfeld:

Sometimes it shows as the Number (417) 763 6819 and on other occassions it shows "unknown". These "unknown" people keeps calling my mobile number during office hours and even at night. I do not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers which are not listed on my phone, like family members and friends. It appears to be a sales call.
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Called and left no message.
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called noone there when i answered
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rude "can i eat your pussy" was said by him
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They stated that they were able to reduce the interest on my credit card. When I told them I didn't have a credit card and asked them what their scam was, they hung up on me.
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James reported 416-894-5109 as a Scammer/Fraudster
Mar 16th 2013 - 12:14:33pm PDT
416-894-5109, liar scam artist, sells fake software, fake hockey tickets, counterfeit concert tickets,and sells porn on blu-ray from his house !! PLEASE. AVOID !!! Has a fake computer company and sells trial software for $25
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no one said anything, hung up...stop these unwanted calls!
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tony moss:

This person call my home and never talk's or live a massage or anser's there phone wan i call back.
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It's an automated recording from "Beattie Animal Hospital" in Brantford. Reminding you that one of your house hold pets is due for a check up.

Only thing is I DON'T deal with this company and my pet is NOT due for a check up so why call me???
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It's a recording that asks you if you want more travel dollars press 1 now. I never had any travel dollars in the first place muchless want more!
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This is a scam!!!
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ripped off:

They wasted a call on my cell phone.They are calling cell phones? With pay as you go it COST ME $2 to call back and it has a stupid message about pressing one,and thanking im for WASTING $2 to find out if it was an important call.They apoligized for the inconvienience?
I can't get past that idiotic message,I waited to give them a p[iece of my mind and DEMAND my money back for their ignorance,and for being rude disturbing me on a pay as you go cell phone,and a fee for going through the trouble.For matters like this I charge $75 an hour,with a one hour minimum.
I never had a warranty on my car and it never expired(as people stated here)so it's even more dispicable!
I wish I was there to get the call...They wouldn't have liked talking to me.
When you get calls from jerks like this let the call go through,and as LOUD AS YOU CAN and as shrill as you can ....yell HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you doing on my cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have headsets on.It's fun.
There is an estate being settled here and I thought it might have been an attorney or something.
The NERVE of these creeps calling CELL PHONES Willy Nilly!
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They are freaking phone bullies.Demanding that you give them the number of the person they are trying to reach...They won't stop calling...Don't know who they are.
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Called at home by 213-747-6336 with callerid LAD Solutions. I did not answer (again) and they left no message (again). This was just minutes after being called by phone spammer from 224-649-5534. Coincidence? I don't think so. I wish they would both honor the legal requirement of the national do-not-call registry.
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Public Person:

These people call my PRIVATE number asking for a person who is not here. Maybe someone who once had this number. They are rude, to the point of calling me a liar and claiming that I am the person they are looking for even though I have told them I am not! Wish I knew how to block them, that would only make them think even more that i'm the person they are looking for!
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This number a relay for a debt collector.they ask u to hold they have a important personal call n transfer u .just hang up or
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Said his name is Tony and he is with Generational Equity. Looking for the owner of the company and said he has had dealing with him in the past.
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This guy called me for a reading and sent me a fake Paypal payment email and scammed me out of 130 bucks. Who cons someone for a 130 bucks seriously what a jerk! But what comes around goes around...but if your a reader beware!
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very insistant telemarkete, lower interest rate on credit card, needs your cc #, very hard to understsnd, very poor english
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Called asking for someone I knew a few years ago... in a different State, before I ever had my current number. When I asked who they were, they hung up on me.
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Dave M:

Patricia Ellis from "Focal Partners"
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Bonnie Ford:

Calls my home almost every day without leaving a message.
Sometimes four times a day. It' s very aggravating.5flux
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Craigs list scammer