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Called, I did not recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail. I listened to the message later. I got to listen to hold music that was actually pretty good but then a lady came on the message asked if she could help. She said hello again as if the phone had been transferred to her with her knowing it had gone through to my voicemail and then she hung up. She sounded American but other than that no idea who or what it was so I will not be calling back.
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Hang ups and open line. Who are these people?
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looking like a scam the guy claims to be calling for my internets security service saying they detect a trojan and was VERY insistant I needed to link our systems immediately! When I asked for info on the company it was not consistent and he got very short with me when I asked things like why the company didnt show up on caller ID nor any lookups.
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Miss T:

Call the share your appreciation for the call. It's worth the few moments of your time.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns @ http://www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org/html/about/about.shtml
[aka] Mayors Against Gun Violence
(1) Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg [New York, NY] @ 212-639-9675* or e-mail (see below**)
(2) Mayor Thomas M. Menino [Boston, MA] @ 617-635-4500 (direct)

Is your mayor a part of this organization? Find out on the Coalition Members page and let them know how much you enjoy their marketing strategy. http://www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org/html/members/members.shtml

* (1) Automated answering service gives misc. information; (2) press #1 for English; (3) remain on the line for representative; (4) requests to have a "Custormer Comment Form" submitted and they will take a dictated 50 word message to be subbmitted to the mayor's office and provide you a confirmation number
** http://www.nyc.gov/portal/site/nycgov/menuitem.bd08ee7c7c1ffec87c4b36d501c789a0/index.jsp?doc_name=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nyc.gov%2Fhtml%2Fom%2Fhtml%2Fcontact_the_mayor.html
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Calls my cell phone several times a day for several days at a time. I don't pick up as I don't recognize the number. Never leaves a message.
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This is my phone number, I just want to be proud of myself and make sure that no one has said anything unjust. I am a legitimate call.
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She said my name like an old friend, I asked who's calling, and she said her name. I asked her to be more specific, she said "it's a personal matter," and I hung up.
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I have done research and have yet to answer this call. It is a scam company from everything that I have read. Do not answer this number.
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got an email for "Harry" said to text him at 315-281-9286 told me he would send me a check via fedex and when i recevie the check to cash it asap and then send item that i posted on craigslist to him but he never said where he lived. i asked 250 dollars for item i got the check today and it was for 2,990 dollars took it to my bank they said it was a scam i tried contact "harry" and on his voice mail he says his name is michale roberts and then come to find out his real name is matthew robben has anyone else got a check from him?
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Wes Davis:

The guy isn't knowledgeable about anything. Calls me multiple times a day trying to prove a point that doesn't matter. Also leaves me threatening messages.
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They call, state they are calling to finish some paperwork, need to transfer the call to their manager, another woman picks up, I ask what this is in regard to and they hang up!
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they called from slemania iraq.
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Lottery SCAM... Asked for me to send $499 for a lottery of $950,000. SCAM... Don't send your money as you didn't win anything.
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Calling daily-say they sell chemicals & something about an invoice. Told to stop calling-guy just laughed. Anyone have any other numbers except for the police to report them to?
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Allstate motor club sales
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Using a recording in such a way that you think at first its a real person.
something about dental programs being offered. when you call back you cant get through. says its disconnected.
Phone number tracks through PEERLESS NETWORK OF WASHINGTON, LLC - WA sytem. i am registered on the national do not call registry so seems like a violation of federal law (?). getting sick of these calls.
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Called the number back after getting calls for a week straight. Got a recording that said they are Comnet Marketing Group which processes membership renewals for various companies.
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She did not give her name nor company when I answered. just asked if we offered our customers a payment plan when I told her no she began a speak on how they could offer a plan for customers. I said no and she hung up....I'm sure it's some type of scam.
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This is a horrible debt collection agency for medical debts. They operate in violation of FDCPA. Don't pay these guys as they have no means to validate debt.
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Imperial Solutions. Its a debt recovery company.
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i want 011 434 5017
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this woman called me and confirm my name and my dad's name then hang up
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SCAM!!! Tried to tell me I won the lottery. Wanted me to pay taxes up front. Call was from Jamaica.
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todd wilkins:

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victim of crazy:

Connected when using mobile with your facebook, however someone CRAZY (no really, they are crazy) accuses her victims of texting her from this number. How delusional is that, uummm, I am sorry for calling you stupid,,,,I thought you knew! LOL
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1 of many phone #s listed to collection agency, AKA H.W.assoc, NRG collections.etc. Report them this is Fraud. They break many collection laws.
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Marc C:

Watch out for these people. They are using numbers from different states. The latest was from Greensboro, NC 336-790-1790

I have had quite a few calls from this so called "Brian Ross" myself. Same scenario as everyone else with the threats etc... Only looking for my brother who lives over 200 miles from me. Fortunately, my phone provider allows me to block their numbers from calling upon request. I suggest anyone having issues with this scammer check with your phone companies and see what you can do to have their numbers blocked or 'blacklisted' from calling you, or maybe using their network for these illegal activities. MOST providers can and will help as much as possible. YES, I have filed a complaint with the FTC, Office of The Comptroller and a few other Federal agencies as well as my state police. Let's see "Brian Ross" worm his way out of this one. FYI, Harris Goldberg and Associates is on a Federal "Watch List" No links will be provided, but if you search a little, you just may find them.

They use the following "Names" and Numbers and I am sure this list will grow.

Brian Jacobson 336-790-1790 / 310-574-2268 / 281-823-7068 / 954-417-3673 / 888-302-3937
Brian Ross 336-790-1790 / 310-574-2268 / 281-823-7068 / 954-417-3673 / 888-302-3937
Harris Goldberg 336-790-1790 / 310-574-2268 / 281-823-7068 / 954-417-3673 / 888-302-3937
Steven Shaw 336-790-1790 / 310-574-2268 / 281-823-7068 / 954-417-3673 / 888-302-3937
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Harassing calls to cell and work numbers.
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This number belongs to Stephanie Rodriguez at Direct Recorvey in Anaheim, CA.
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Very rude collector. Joey, or Ron.
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They call and call and wont leave me alone. They said they were needed to serve me papers. If they were REAL process servers they wouldnt have an 800 number to call back and they would know where I am!
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I have received several calls from this number. The message does not identify a company or organization. It is not possible to reach a human. If it were a reputable company, There would be a message function and a name associated with the company's voice message.
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I keep getting called from this number 222-223-3333. I can barely understand. This Guy normally let alone when he starts cursing me out. Or demanding. Money to have him remove my number. I'm not paying this Guy. The calls are getting irtating
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This is a number from Colorado Technical university. Admissions/Re Admissions.
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They called, tried to call back within minutes and it says "It's not a working number, "Stu..." I'm assuming it's some weirdo.