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Keepers of the Castle:

Getting tired of getting calls from this number
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Dont Know What I'm Talking:

Rude huss from Salt Lake City trolling businesses to sign up for Google local search opt. Pissed me when she explains they did a "web analysis...." Well I did not ask for her web analysis. No one cares!

I do local search seo, Troll!
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Craigslist scammer
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I called back the number, they are a debt collection company, their name is Glass mountain capital. I think they use local numbers with local area codes in all states so if you see a local number you will answer, but its all re-directed back to their office in IL. If you go to this thread you will see how many phone numbers that we know of they have: http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-877-881-3034
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Emily P.:

Don't recognize the number or even the area code. I live in TN. The person didn't even leave a voicemail message.
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Franz C:

Don't know this number. This was an unsolicited call. I live in Texas.
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Total SCAM, I just received numerous calls from this number, a guy called David McCoy from American Cash Awards apparently but with a very strong Jamaican accent. I was being offered $750k as a 3rd prize in their cash give-away.... Yippee I'm rich!! Oh yeah really...
Even when I hung up he kept calling back over and over again even though I told him he was "full of crap". Wanted me to buy a GreenDot Money Card and call him back once I had it, yeah I'm sure.....
The best was that I asked him where he was calling from and he said Las Vegas, he then proceeded to ask me the current time on my cell phone, being in LA I replied "the same as yours"..... This floored his little script as he said 11:17 when it was actually 09:17, when I asked him if Las Vegas had been moved and no one had told me he was totally stumped. I hung up the call yet again and he proceeded to call back another 3 times before giving up.
What con artists, I hope no one gets pulled into this by the draw of the big money, these guys need tracing and shutting down.
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Pre-approval call for a loan. Asked for social security last 4 and then zip code. Do not interact with these people.
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virgil hardy:

I had won 2.5 million and a new car and I needed to get a greendot card for
$75.00 for deleivery and after that a $100.00 for security and that was all
i neded which i did and then i would need another $100.00 for security which i refused nd i haven`t heard any more father.
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The call is from Southern Recovery Group. It's a debt collection company on medical bills.
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They are a law office/collection agency that will harass you and your relatives non stop. They use illegal practices.
Just get their address:
***First, you can ask the caller to provide his/her identity and their agency’s address. Send a letter to the collection agency telling them to stop calling. It is illegal for a collection agency to call you either at home or work once you give them written notice to stop.
***In order to stop collection calls at home you must send a ‘stop collection letter’ to the collector. In fact, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you are allowed to tell debt collectors to stop calling you.
Another way is to tell your debt collectors that you prefer to communicate with them in writing. Send any correspondence, including disputes to both the collection agency and the creditor by certified mail, return receipt requested. Written communication works to your advantage as you will have a record of everything that is said to you. If the debt collector tries to violate the FDCPA, you can show the hard evidence that will lead to a lawsuit in your favor.
***Recording the phone conversation can also help you to stop collection calls. Inform the caller at the beginning that you are taping the call as evidence for filing a formal complaint with the State Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission. If your telephone has a speaker option, use a regular tape recorder to record the conversation.
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Trying to get me to switch my power supplier to People's Power. They call my cell, my home and my work - all three number are on the do not call.
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Constantly calling my landline in Amsterdam, Holland.
Very annoying!
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A. Keystone:

Car warranty salesman. Uses high pressure sales tactics. Do not buy anything from this number.
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Bord Gais offering a "pay as You Go" Meter?
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Calls every day at least 7 times a day. I finally answered this morning and all the guy kept saying was "hello" as if there was a bad connection.
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Calls early in the morning, 8 am always before 9 am b locked call
don't know who would call that early. we are on do not call list.
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CallBot Voicemail Fishing
922 is managed by VANTAGE TELECOM, Fraternal Order of Police
They bombard your phone number over and over at different times,trying to get you to donate.
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who the hell it is? i called back no one answers...no answering machine whatsoever...who the hell is it?
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this is a survey #, as soon u call an automated answering maching goes to a survey
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Andy S.:

University of Phoenix
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denise brown:

wants to know who called.

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Republican National Committee soliciting donations.
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Collections for Sarasota Memorial Hospital
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called twice in one day. left no messages.
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I have been getting calls from this number about 10-15 times a day for the past few weeks at all hours of the day and night including weekends.... it is very annoying and I am tired of being woken up at 6am or my baby being woken up at 10pm by whoever is calling from this number.
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A fast talking man left message from this #....trying to review my information & my statement is not part of my file, wants the file complete prior to making a decision. ???? Stranger still call is on my husband's cell, we recently moved to another state & that cell # is not affiliated with me in any way.
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Scammer named Dan Jackson, says he's a detective that is gonna issue a warrant for my arrest because of old undated bills! He is Verry rude, loud and hostile!!! He is a scamming fake ass debt collector perpatrating a detective!! Do not fall for this scam!!
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foot fone:

I got a call on my cell for this number. I attempted to return the call only to have it ring with no answer.

In checking to see if the number was listed in any scam data base I got notice that the 801 954 is no a valid exchange and it may be a spoofed caller id.

Gee, ya think?
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Calls repeatedly blocking their name in Caller ID, but will not leave a message. If I call back, they ask lots of questions but supply no information about themselves. If I object to answering their questions, they get very rude.

Very unprofessional. Needless to say, the number is in my blocked call list.
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random car warranty salesman saying my warranty is about to expire. I do not have a car. der da der
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Receive several calls through out the day but I don't answer unfamiliar numbers and they never leave a message.
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Constantly calling, blank for 10 seconds then hangs up
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Called several times, leave no message. Muy guess is they are trying to collect a debt, however, I have no delinquent debts (only two creditors, car and house, both are well current). It is likely a shady operation.
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Auto dialer is calling about quick rich scheme! When you leave message this number called me back on my business line ~ Beware of this! It's against the law and they must provide a opt out which they don't so be careful!
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debt collector 775-376-7025 Dynamic Recovery - unethical to boot - continues to call work number even after they were ask politely not to call my work number