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I received the same call this morning that Liz did on the note above, but have not called back. It is recorded on my messages as I do not answer unsolicited calls or unknowns. The number and name showing on my land line phone apparently was listed as SPAM by the telephone company. Should I report this to any company for investigation? Is there any danger for people calling the company back?
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Looking for someone else so I stayed on line to tell a person that they had called the wrong number. This person said my number would be removed. This had to be a bill collector just cold calling from a last name list.
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They were looking for someone else and called back several times after the proper response to remove number from their list.
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Save the Children call list. Great organization but they might call you every other day until you pick up when they get to your name on the donor list.
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Bill collector
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This is the third call from these idiots, claim they are looking for someone...I`m on the do not call list, one more call, I will turn them in to the Attorney General...

On second thought, I`m going to do it anyway...
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Pegasus Home Loan & Mortgage
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Frostburg State University soliciting donations
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Stated was from the Post office needed my address for package delivery...
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they are saying they are a legal attorney firm trying to collect a debt
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They are nothing but a bunch of RUDE jerks. The call is NOTHING BUT A FAKE!!! I have hung up on them twice now. I called back to tell them they should not call back again, and if doing so I would file a suit against them. They cussed me out!! Bunch of a--holes!!
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who is this person?
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Unintelligible gibberish left on VM, spoke far to fast to even care if I got the message. Either a prank or complete idiot.
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I would like to know who's calling me from this number
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It's a Bill collector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a call from him
Mr. Jones
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Amy Newlin:

Calls our switchboard who then transfers the call to me. Caller hangs up when voicemail activates.
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I just got a phone call from a restricted number, they left a message saying "Hey Shannon this is Hank over at BIT please give me a call back at 336-617-5235." I did return the call and left a message on the machine saying he did not have to return my call as this was a church and I was not interested in purchasing anything. He immediately returned my call and said "Hey look I have some of my guys in the area and want to set up a time for them to come over and demo our wireless security system." I again told him that I was a church and not interested and he proceeded to say "I thought you said this was a church, I have never talked with someone so rude." and he hung up on me. Hence the post here, I could hear a bunch of telemarketers in the background, no doubt it is a scam of some kind.
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called and said his name was terry and had remodel work...very quick message with no details.i live in new hampshire,this number is located in georgia.
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jude grubb:

debt collector
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Cigna health coach reminding of a health coaching phone call. Called 2 days in advance of scheduled phone call for reminder.
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fed up:

Mr. Dupree from Stanley and associates saying I have 3 days to pay a 2 thousand dollar credit card bill and if i dont, it will be given back to the attorney and i will be taken to court. He refused to send me any debt validation in the mail, only e-mailed me us banks agreement statement?? Two weeks later he called back, claimed he sent me a FEW things verifying my debt and the attorney did not have to show me amything else until were in the courtroom. Then said i had 2 days to pay the 9 hundred dollar credit card bill or it would be given back to the attorney and i will then be taken to court. He didnt like when I told him i thought it had already gone back to the attorney and argued with me about the fact he has given me a different amount owed each time he calls. I dont think so buddy.
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Eccie enthusiasm:

This is MJ aka Anita Lay...BAD, BAD, BAD!!! Been arrested previously for hunting a client down from getting his tag number from hidden camera. Here's her arrest record. http://www.justmugshots.com/mississippi/lamar-county/10198273
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Told me my computer was sending out error messages. Had a wonderfully thick East India accent. Odd considering this is a number from the West side of Vancouver wa.
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This person pretends his name is Hector Henderson and is in the oil business due to his late father's passing and needs financial help from women to be able to pay taxes on the monies made. Do not help this an it is a hoax and you will never hear from him again.
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Some piece of sh!t is texting and requesting people to call and give full credit card numbers. They are posing as Eastman Credit Union and this is a SCAM. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFO OVER THE PHONE TO ANYONE!! I hope I find these BAST@RDS.
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Some piece of sh!t is texting and requesting people to call and give full credit card numbers. They are posing as Eastman Credit Union and this is a SCAM. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFO OVER THE PHONE TO ANYONE!! I hope I find these BAST@RDS.
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This is a cell phone. It is a debt collection scam. There is more information at the following website. They have been reported to the FBI by several people. Don't let them harass or scare you.

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Call and do not leave a message I'm on a do not call list for home number and cell phone numbers. Do not appreciate these calls. Don't know anyone in the Simi Valley or what they want or why they call.

Don't see this number posted anywhere has anyone else received a call on this number 805-501-4881 and know why they call????
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After almost 30 seconds was when the recorded message came on and started with a horn blowing into my ear. The phone number I use is on the national do not call list.
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Calls and leaves no message. Does anybody know who this number I

s or why they call??
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calls all the time stupid telamarketers!! then wont take me off their list!
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S. Johnson:

Stellar Recovery, Inc. I located an address for this company in Jacksonville, FL but they are calling me from Atlanta number. I hate it when debt collectors try to be misleading.
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Cflames calling from an medical a company in England
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BEWARE! This guy calls and insists he is not selling anything, etc. and has critical information regarding your cc account. I told him owner was not available and he kept insisiting... I told him he should send the information via email or mail and he says they would never compromise security by sending anything that way.. I told him I was not interested and hung up. He called back at least 20 times in a row and never left a voice mail. Two different people at our office answered subsequent calls, and told him not to call back. A few more calls after that, and then when he realized he couldn't get the (personal financial) info he wanted, he said he would make a note in his file that we refused to discuss case with him (suggesting we would suffer some dire consequences !) TOTAL SCAMMER LOOKING TO EXTRACT PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION!!
Extremely persistent, then belligerent and ultimately harrassing! He tied up our office phone for over 15 minutes with his constant calls - knowing we were not interested in anything he had to say. What kind of salesperson would take so much time to beat a dead horse unless he is a SCAMMER?!
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This two person was calling me and asked for money.
Roy Ferrer and Richie Villanueva.
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They left no message, not sure who they are or what they want