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cathy d:

I called it back and just got a couple stupid little noises like someone playing
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George Mead:

Received text message from 785-338-8622 regarding a "Google verification code XXXXXXX" (actual numbers deleted by posting person).
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I received an unusual debit on my checking account. It was done from my debit card and listed the phone #877-273-3049. I called the number and the machine said it was WordPress and to press the # for the information I needed...which was for me "billing". They sent me to an automated deal or e-mail us. I have e-mailed them asking them to refund the $18 I was charged since I do not have an account with them. I do know a friend at one time did attempt to set up an account with WordPress and failed, so I am assuming she did not clear up what she had tried to do. I hope to hear from them with a correction.
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keeps calling me ...want it to stop. Last time I was in South Dakota my dad was flying B-52's out of Ellsworth.
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M.R.S....a debt collector.
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Sick of them:

Contacted at my place of employment. Automated messages says she is calling from Process & Summons Division, but doesn't say Division of what, and that I have 2 charges pending against me for fraudulent activity connected to my name and ssn. Leaves a case # saying I need to contact "them" before I am served at home or my place of employment, once served all of my rights will be forfeited.
* I have never received anything in writing from anyone that would lead me to believe that this is true.
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678-608-3251 is a debt collector.
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Total scammer! Preys on those who advertise or search Craigslist. BEWARE! They are total DICKS!!!

Check out:

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these FOOLS called my 88 year old mother at her home and had her shaking and in tears, telling her that they were going to come to my office and pick me up!

My best friend is an attorney and so I know exactly what to ask and what to say. Another man was calling last week from this number saying the same thing. This lady is Lauren Masterson, and guess what? she won't answer her phone now when I am trying to call her back.

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I got a call today from a number from Africa 002-320-0100. He was talking in another language while I said hello 3 x. He finally answered in a broken English. He said he was calling from Microsofts maintenance support department. He said their tests showed my Windows 8 computer has several viruses that were a security threat and for a fee they could remotely removed them. I told him "that's interesting, none of my computers are Windows 8" he hung up. I researched the number, many scams have been reported to come from that number. I am going to call Microsoft .
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Scammer. Tried to con me with fake energy company name. When pressed on it, he hung up. Called the number back, received a "not in service" recording.
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Market Research Group -
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Called to update our company info : Mechanical Business Magazine .
Legit or not - dont know.....
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This is a debt collector threatening some legal action for someone who does not live at my address. Because I have an unusual last name as the person they are looking for, they call my number.
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who is it
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Caller wanted to do contracting work and told me I was f*&king stupid for asking to be taken off his list.
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2 calls on telephone bill from 812-967-1935. Who is this number assigned to?
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none ya:

this person has no life...get a job and stop harrassing people
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The guy on the other en.d of my call say's I have won 250,000.00 dollars and a 2013 Mersadis Benz He is a scammer plz. Police do something about him.
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It is Sport Chek out of British Columbia, Canada
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I keep getting calls from this number, no message is left. It's annoying.
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bobthe builder:

This little rude New York accent Jew prick calls trying to collect a debt that I don't owe. Further more, I haven't dealt with the company that I supposedly owe money to, in five years. (The debt terms out after four years in Texas) (Clearly breaking the Law)
This is Allied Interstate. The number comes back as being located in Georgia.
When I offered to get on a plane and come to his office (I live in Houston), and go over his supposed paper work with him. He just hangs up. Seems like Mr. Stein is more interested in harassing people than just doing his job. I thought these people were suppose to collect or try to collect bad debt. Funny thing is, they don't have any paper to back their claims. Or, if they do, it's fraudulent.
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If you entered a radio station nationwide contest than you were probably getting a call from them telling you that you were a winner. If you didn't answer than they moved on to another phone # and you are no longer the winner. Sorry.
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Called - left no message
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Convergence Debt collector
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hang up calls
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Sherry with Alpha Recovery. Calling to collect an old credit card bill. She left a voicemail. I just blocked them using AT&T smart limits.
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Got call from above number twice stating I had won a cruise trip for two in the med
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no message left, called number back to get a auto voice saying "please hold" after a couple seconds call hung up on me.
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We did not pick up, and no message was left.
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I have this one contacting me now. They never want to give you their phone number for some reason. To scare them away ask for their phone number. Now to try and get around me asking for the phone number they ask me for mine first and they ask me to text them. I always respond I don't do business with anyone who doesn't give me his phone number. PayPal is great! They have info on both parties. You can check online if the funds are ACTUALLY are there. You can call and find out if the funds are there. You can send an email to the other person asking for their money. You don't have to and should not give out your email address or username or password. Your credit info. is protected. You don't have to have confrontations. Ironically, real buyers don't include their name in the email to conceal their true ID. Fake people put a person's name in so you actually think they are real.
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been getting this call almost everyday for two weeks. Sometimes it's twice a day. They never leave a message. I consider this harassment. I'm about ready to pick up the phone and blast their ears off with an airhorn.
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Craigslist posting scam--Sends text and downloads a trojan horse into phone/computer.
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Calls from this number come every day four to five times a day .
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called me many times and it's from Az.
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this number calls me every day four to five times a day when I checked the call it came back as : Penn Credit Corp.