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who are these people
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Automated voice message left 3 times. the 3rd time, when I called back, voice message identified it was for Capitol Dockets and Leins..threatening with a restraining order and then some other legal matter. I called the number back, but call was not able to connect with anyone. So annoying!
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I have no idea who the # belongs to - no message was left and I wasn't there when the call came in.
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It's a recording and it won't stop calling me.
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Called my job and left a message with whoever answered the phone and told them they were and investigator and looking for me.
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I got a call from this number and it was someone claiming they were calling from Windows stating that they were receiving notices that my computer has viruses. However, they were claiming the name of the person who owned the computer was someone that had my phone number over 10 years ago. It is a scam as they cannot even state what operating system I have. When I questioned him he hung up. Tried calling back but I just get a dial tone. BE WARNED! They are trying to get you to allow them access to your computer so they can obtain your personal information. Do not allow this to happen.
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Received a call saying I had won $650 thousand from Mega Millions Lottery Contest from Panama. Even had someone from the so called us customs at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport call and say they had a letter they intercepted that had a check in it for $650 thousand that was legit but I was required to pay $1450 or so in order to pick the check up or have it mailed to me because of customs requirements. Yeah right. My prize supposedly was won in 2012 but it's just getting to me now. I have the attorney generals office in my city investigating.
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My phone rings but when I answer there isn't anyone there.
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says he's from some online book i never heard from and i'm passed due..
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Jim Dan:

Received many call from this number as unknown.
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I've dealt with debt collectors in the past and they're usually okay to talk with. This guy, "Mr. Lopez," was un-professional and ended up being quite a jerk when I wouldn't give him any more information as he tried to badger me. He ended up hanging up more or less hanging up on me.
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Left a message telling me to call them back so that I can activate my "lifetime warranty". Lifetime warranty for what? I haven't bought anything recently. Gotta be a scam.
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This recruiter fished my resume off of Monster.com and acquired my contact info. They wanted to set an appointment for an interview in their Brandon, FL office (the area code of the caller is Winter Haven, FL) for some non-descript office position. They immediately started asking for personal information, at which time I hung up.
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Helen Freeman:

Individual ask for Helen - when she replied - caller made a very disrespectful comment - "Man,this person is really old" and then hung up on her. She was very hurt and concerned about who this person was - and what were they trying to find out about her.
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20/20 research company. Paid surveys that you've signed up for online. They call back from this number to verify details.
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After three blessed days with NONE of these calls (was there a monsoon in India or something???) got a call from ***253-245-4798***. Since I recognized the pattern of a strange UNKNOWN NUMBER with NO NAME, i picked up/hung up without answering to break the call and then went to 800Notes to look it up.

Within ONE MINUTE, while i was just finding the comments there, i got ANOTHER CALL, this one said "POLITICAL CALL" and the number 857-444-5592 on Caller ID. I did the same thing: picked up/hung up to stop it.
This has happened before: 2-3 calls within a minute of each other - sometimes the SAME number; other times two or three 'different' numbers (but since they are probably ALL SPOOFED that makes little difference.)

My POINT being the NEW TACTIC seems to be to call, and if they can't get through, such as with being BLOCKED or otherwise thwarted with ONE number - to IMMEDIATELY TRY AGAIN with another SPOOFED/FALSE number in order to, hopefully, break through our 'defenses' and perpetrate their SCAM on us, anyway.

At least in THIS case, it didn't work.
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Call from Aetna Health insurance to offer preventive health information to its members.
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Always leaves a voice mail but no one ever talks. Is calling at least 4 times a day all times of the day
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Dell Finanical Services
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Trying to collect their money they lent you, plus a whole lot of interest.
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Received call, I let it go to voice mail but there was no message.
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Asking for IT person
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Comcast Xfinity
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(877) 339-1484
Called three times within 15 minutes on 3-20-13 and left no message on any call. This is the first of 4 different multi-call, no-message-left callers from different numbers on the same day. I did post an internet request for an insurance estimate for a roof. This may be a call related to that.
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Called twice within 2 hours on 3-20-13 and left no message either time. Number from Berthoud, Co? Don't know anyone there.
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Tim H:

Purple Shield Canada... totally fine company. I called and agent called back same day.
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Debra Davis:

Par ty from this number states that they are a law office Bates Ferguson and Associates and that I owe for $650 ACH payment that bounced from an old bank account back 2008. The bank states they have nothing to prove that they returned any such request for payment in that amount or any other amount. I did receive loans from a couple of different loan companies but I paid those off after I received options to pay but the company they say I received a loan from was Payday Loan Yes which I have never heard of and the Bank doesn't show that I received a deposit in the amount that they are requesting. But I am concerned due to they knew the last four digits of my old bank account and my social security number, but they have the old address and not my new one.
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calls me looking for my parents,call them not me!
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called at 7:41 p.m. telling me to call back during business hours 8-5:30 p.m. but can call me after hours!! pleeeess!
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Fed Up:

The fundraising folks at Wheaton College are into harassment. They called 30+ times in a 6 week period. I finally asked them to stop. But apparently they don't care about having any integrity and have started the calls back up, a year later.
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954-492-1645 - This number is being used for telemarketing and fund raising by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation National Headquarters in Southeast Florida. The fact that this organization is using unscrupulous telemarketing methods, and has no regard for the fact that the recipients of their calls are on the “Do-Not-Call” list, has been well documented by the frustrated call recipients on blogs throughout the internet; a simple Google search of this number will reveal the number of frustrated households who have been harassed by this organization over-and-over again. The fact that this organization would use this type of telemarketing scam leads me to believe that it is just another “not-for-profit-front” organization that lives in a tax-free environment solely for the benefit of its executives….. I would not be at all surprised if this was just another front that collects money on the pretext of being a charity, but after the “administrative expenses” necessary to provide comfortable offices, great benefits and high salaries to their “staff”, only passes a very small fraction of donations collected through to actual researchers or programs to assist people with this disease. Do NOT give these people any of your hard-earned money. It also would appear that the people this organization has hired to make these harassing calls have found a way to dupe their employer….. It seems that this organization must be paying these “telemarketers” some sort of bonus for making a quota of “completed calls”, because they keep calling and calling the same number once they find a number where someone will actually pick up the phone, or a voice mail will answer, in order to inflate their “successful contact” list. Many times after the initial contact, they don’t even bother staying on the phone or saying anything when the phone is answered…they just hang up, presumably because the call-tracking computer has already logged a “successful contact”.

Here is one of the adds this organization posted on the internet in order to find people to conduct this harassment:

www.careerbuilder.com/JobSeeker/Jobs/JobDetails.aspx?job_did... - Cached -Block all www.careerbuilder.com results
Jul 7, 2011 – 954-492-1645. Ref ID: sf009353. Description TELEPHONE CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISERS $9-$15 / hr GUARANTEED Make money & make a difference! ...
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I got a call from this number, but they hung up when I answered. I tried calling it back, but got a disconnected message. They called back a little later with a different number, same ID. Very annoying.
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ADCO Manufacturing:

A manufacturer of packaging machinery.
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Diablo Terrace Apts:

Industrial Service this company keeps calling me and hanging up when I answer 2-3 times a day.
I called them back and someone named JOHN said he was calling me about an invoice from me wanting more info and the reason they kept calling was because no one answered the phone. I asked him to remove me from their calling list as I did not send them an invoice and why didn't they leave a message. He got nasty with me and said well no one answers the phone so I keep calling I told him I didn't like his attitude he told me "Don't dish it out if you can't take it" At that point I hung up. I am sure they will continue to call. I guess I am helping the economy by keeping them in a job even if they are A$$'s
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Never identified self. We are looking for an individual (no name given). . . failure to respond . . . I will not call back.