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Person calling said they represent the National Law Group. I asked for mailing address, then told them I knew they were a collection agency, which the caller denied. I told the caller the person she was calling about did not live here, never had lived here and never would live here. We asked the firm a couple of times (on prior calls) to remove our phone number from their file on the person they were looking for. Person calling, Dana, said they could not until they heard from the person they were looking for. I argued that they could, and that the other person had no authority to determine whether or not my name appeared on their file. The caller said she wasn't going to sit there and argue with me. I told her I would argue with her every time she called, and I would not give out personal information on anyone over the phone. I succeeded in making her angry enough that she hung up after muttering something like, "we won't call you again." I will probably send a "cease and desist" letter ASAP
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They call every single day!
asking for James Monroe or if i want a school loan for college
They have such a heavy Indian accent they need to be stopped.
Always changing their numbers ugh.
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Paul D:

First Credit & Colletions debt collection agency . . . started calling my cell phone countless times but never left a message. I HAVE NO OUTSTANDING BILLS!
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Vanessa Perry:

This person calls and says they are American Law enforcement and that they have a warrant for my arrest. I have no idea what they are talking about, but this guy is very rude and keeps harrassing me.
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Its Charter College , Its a mass marketing number . If you call the number back a machine will answer. You will be prompted to enter 1 to be put on their do not call list .Just another online college scam.
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Calls me daily, leaves no message, no-one is there when I pick up. I think I heard a couple of clicks like a robo-dialer. Reverse lookup tells me this is a Comcast landline.
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April 9, 2013 - I had the issue with this Ryan Walter person contacting me from two different numbers (281)-529-5470 and (762) 333-2758. The person SMS me regarding buying my boat on Kijiji. The person was very pushy on making the deal and rude and wanted to send his money through paypal asap. He then said he wanted to send me an additional $700 and asked me to forward the money through western union to a shipping company and asked me to make all the shipping arrangments. All the facts did not add up and the person would not give additional information or details on why he wanted to send me an extra $700? The person said his name was Ryan Walter and he was a Petroleum engineer buying my boat for his nephew. When I offered the person legitimate business ways to take care of the shipping himself, the SMS reply was "Can I send you the money now?" over and over again. Some sort of scam.

I wanted to insure my experience gets out to the public before somebody loses money to this scam
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Very VERY irritating. Get a call from this number at least 4 times per day, answer it at least 2 times to ask them not to call me but ALWAYS have nobody on the other end. Hangs up instantly.
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Keep Calling and say nothing.
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Received multiple text messages from this person. She wants to purchase something from us and I want to know if it's legit.
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Legitimate call requesting my vote on a corporate reorganization.
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Called my cell phone, let no message
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they keep calling from Baathist hospital
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I have no idea who keeps on calling. But checking my call log, they call me at least once a day at the same time. I assumed it was a Leesville number until I tried calling it back and it claimed I dialed the wrong number.
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It is a scam, if there were papers, they would just file them. File complaint with AG and also let the AG office know they are posing as "litigators" so that is false impersonation of a legal process server. Don't even call them back, it isn't worth the time but you can block their number, force them to leave these messages and then forward the recordings to the AG office also.
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I have a vacation rental and this man, Damon, called me. At first I thought that it was an inquiry, but soon realized that he was a solicitor. He said that he wanted to list my property on his Hotelsvsrentals, website. I told him to send me some information. I thought that if he was a legitimate businessman, he would be happy too. He began to belittle me and told me that I was fearful and just went on and on. When I refused to give him my credit card number over the phone and told him to send me information, he started demanding that I give him the number to my credit card. I refused and finally hung up on him. To me, he was trying to make it seem as though if I refused to give him my credit card number I must not want to make a ton of money by being on his site. The guy wouldn't give up. If he calls again, I won't answer my phone. I don't like being belittled and cornered by anyone let alone someone I have never met.
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Is this a scam?
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ARg. These people, Alliance One, keep calling about a Sybil Adams. Never have known a person by this name, and we have had our phone number for 7 years now. I'd say they've been calling for at least 3 months. They machine tells us to call if we know her, but then tells us not to if we don't have contact information for her - but then the calls keep coming - crazy. I called once a month ago and didn't have time to be on hold by a machine,(at least 2 minutes at the time I hung up). Today I'd had it. I put it on speaker phone and waited them out. About 7 minutes of being on hold, first by a machine, then by a human. The human told us they would take our number off their call list. We will see.
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Stop It!:

Do not know if this is correct information or the number may is spoofed, but traced it to a listing on this site ==>

Latino Marketing Network website.

RESolutionsCA, Inc.
10929 Firestone Boulevard, #185
Norwalk, CA 90650
Contact Person: Emmanuel Gonzales
Phone: (562)259-8922
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an Amber tried to sell payroll services,
I explained we were too small and did not need any,
then she wanted to know how many employees I have,
I politely declined to answer and she hung up the phone o me
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Calls about 10x a day. And very rude.
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Called twice and left no vm. I called back and it is such and such automotive dealership that handed out scratch-off mailers. They will have your number on file if you called in to their number they had on the scratch off with your confirm # you entered. Apparently you win 1 of 4 prizes. $30,000; 2013 mitsubishi, free tank of gas, something else. whatever, not harmful just ad/marketing pitch to get you in to buy car.

in order to find out which prize, you have to go to the dealership.
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Solar recovery:

Its a bill collector.. Solar recovery
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This 866-6192521 is the number from a auto loan company called Westlake Financial this number is to their verification department..the reason they are calling is because someone you know got an auto loan with them and they just want to verify references
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no idea they put me on hold when i answer. forget that, i have better things to do with my time then to sit on hold for anyone calling me.
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AA Dominick:

703-835-9844 is our number

“Leadership and vision to accomplish new Business/Corporate Partnerships (Federal, State and local procurements) in the Proposal Management area with special focus on developing new Business Solutions (IT projects). Managing capture (from opportunity identification to submission(s) of the company response” for TECHNICAL STAFFING AND SUPPORT SERVICES RFI/RFQ/TORP/RFP’s/VENDOR QUALIFICATION PACKAGE etc
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Caller ID is Tammy Cooper. A Landline & homephone. Ronald W. (53), Sherry C. (50), Sarah (?), April M. (22) Simmons, 6212 Admiral Semmes Avenue, Mobile, AL 36619-4101, A lovely house with detached two car garage & swimming pool; SOUTHEASTERN HANDICAPPED SERVICES, INC., David Mark Seibert (44), 1904 Navco Road, Mobile AL 36605-2810, CEO, CONTACT INFORMATION; southeasternhandicapped.com; P.O. Box 50839 · Mobile, Al. 36605; AL TELEMARKETING LICENSE# 08-102ALTM; EMAIL: southeasternhandicappedservices.com; hsalabama@gmail.com Office at 9 South Florida Street, MOBILE, AL 36606-1934. Calls from 251-471-4095, 251-471-4905, 251-471-6172, 251-661-5098, 251-662-7589, 251-665-3826, 251-957-6321, 800-322-7986 Chartered as an Alabama for-profit corporation on August 4, 1998. Company's principal officer is Ms. Juanita Morgan Seibert (67), President 1904 Navco Road, Mobile AL 36605-2810
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Enterprise Rent-a-Car
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I had 4 missed calls from this number 916-248-8405 between 8am &10:30am no messages I called number back 2x it was busy... guess they are harassing someone else. An average of 30min in between calls next one in I answered it was someone claiming to be with Verizon wireless making threats and demanding a credit card payment right now over the phone or they were shutting my phone off; Only problem there is my bill is paid in full every month by my company & I double checked with my company and verzion the bill is paid up to date! Whoever is calling from this number is a fraud trying to intimidated people into handing over their credit card numbers to leach money off the rest of us who work for a living. Verizon doesn’t seem to give a crap about this incident either….GREAT customer service Verizon! Heck I bet ya Verizon probably sold and handed over lists of numbers to whoever is making these calls.
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no message left
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Phishing scam. Watch out!
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Telemarketer for realcashnow.com
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Keep calling my phone for someone else, I have told this rude person this is not there phone number, he told me he will keep calling me until I give them a message, I told this rude man to call them,Jason Moore law firm - 816-873-4075, so he leave a voice mail, after I han,g up 3-4 days on him
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Just got called by the same guy. This is the fool!
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This is a Debt Collector / Law Offices. They leave your information on voicemails of any number similar to yours. Privacy is not a concern to them. They call and expect you to give them your soc sec # to verify. I never trust these types of people. How do we know they are not posing as this company. These people are just "Bottom-feeders" on society. They call and leave messages with friends, bosses, and family.