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orlando vincent:

they call bein rude and threatening my job calling my phone how can i report these people
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Loan modification scam
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i it was a sales call he felt very put out when I told names available and now I get several phone calls a day from this number harassment
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TD bank if you over drafted the acct.
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Called, I did not answer if your number is not in my contacts I will not be answering. If it is someone you know they will TEXT you remember that.
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donald hill:

Would like to know where this call ariginates from an who it bellongs too,
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call from ss office ???
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I wish everyone was a straightforward as this caller. He responded to my internet sale and wasted none of my time. Showed up the same day and paid the price I advertised. Did not ask for delivery or chisel me at all. I even took a picture of him riding away on the bike and he gave me an extra $5 for the basket. A good young man with lots of alacrity and positive energy.
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Called my job and left message with my boss, never identified self. Said legal charges had been filed against me and needed a response in 24 hrs. I have gotten calls like this before at work and found out they were a scam, am thinking this one is also, but I am getting in trouble at work for the personal calls coming into my boss. I did not respond
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Whoever this is calls at least once a day and I'm sick of it. I answered one time and they said my car loan had been approved! LOL I told them not to call again! I'm on DNC list and that s worthless. I just don't answer the phone when they call.
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DEATH THREAT: Guy called, clearly East Indian but said his name was "James Anderson" from the law firm of "Baker and Price" - did everything the above complaints say (said I'd be arrested tomorrow morning for 3 criminal charges, fraud etc.) and said it was because I took out a payday loan 2 months ago (which I did not) from some company I've never heard of. I called back to get the correct spelling of the firm name and to get the name of the attorney filing charges and his/her bar association #. He gave me the name of the firm, said he wasn't the attorney (he said he was in the first phone call, btw) and wouldn't give me the name or bar # of the supposed attorney. He asked why I needed it, and I said I was planning on making a complaint with the Attorney General's office. He read me my home address, told me not to go anywhere, and said he'd be at my house in 2 hours and said, "I am going to be there and I am going to shoot you." Then he hung up. I called the police and filed a complaint for the death threat, and they said they would do the complaint, but there was zero chance anything would come of it because it is an out of state call, and a scam. I'm in Arizona. The 214-377-6093 # was from Dallas. Just fyi, these guys do NOT play by the rules. At all. And it IS a bs scam. Don't let them scare you.
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This is a scam out of Spokane, this place was on the local news also as a scam warning
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703-245-1954, Nationwide Credit Corporation, asks for bogus person, says in regard to a "Personal Business Matter", then asks for date of birth and social security number to commit identity theft and fraud before your eyes. Ignore these fraudsters, scammers, and report them to the authorities.
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Scam - Trying to get your info in trade for the new iPhone 6
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This number called saying that they were the local Warrant Division trying to serve a warrant on someone that no one in the house has ever heard of... let alone ask what the address was etc.. etc.. they were informed that if they really were the warrant division they should have that all on file since they have "A" phone number... and that they could send a unit to check for themselves if they really wanted to push it.. they said that they would be sending a unit right over but have yet to see or hear anything.
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Harassing me and telling me that the marshalls will come to.my house tomorrow with a legal matter...
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Harries and Zide debt collection attorney
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Customer service called to make sure I was able to get into the wholesale account that was set up for my business.
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Overdue payment reminder from Suddenlink.
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If I ever find out who this is,I will tell them that if they call me again, I will kill them
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Scam!!!! Fraud!!!! Never do any business with this person!!!!
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Must be bogus. Left no msg.
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Courtesy call from greenling.
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There name is feature family films .
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According to another website I visited, 843-405-1143 belongs to the University of Phoenix. If that's true, why aren't they leaving me a message??
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I didn't answer, they didn't leave a message....
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On April 17, 2013, a female called my home from 718-737-7169 claiming to be from a Home Protection agency and wanted to know if they could install a free system in our home in exchange for posting a small advertising sign in my front yard. When I told her I already had a home security system in place, she told me she was transferring me to a representative to set up an installation. I again told her I already have a security system and she simply began laughing. I was so surprised by her reaction that I waited a few seconds before asking her what was so funny......her reaction was to laugh even harder. I simply hung up the phone at that point. Very odd!
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Don R:

Caller called. I didn't answer, they didn't leave a message.
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Telemarketer. Fake collection agency
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Starts with a card or letter in the mail stating they haven't been able to reach you by phone and they have a Parcel for you that they can 'only hold for a limited time' After researching online I found this to be a telemarketer who doesn't have a number listing for you until you call them which circumnavigates the "do not call" list since you called them first. This is all about water testing to sell you a water softener system. Usually receive the card after buying or refinancing a home. THROW AWAY OR BURN/SHRED letter and block number.
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Got a call from them saying i had won a free home security system. Naturally i realized it was a scam and hung up. Now they keep calling me continuously every hour!
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Walgreens pharmacy letting my know my prescriptions are ready
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This person keeps calling me!!!! not sure who they are!
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Call them back and I got this message: "All of our representatives are busy now. Your call is important to us, please call (616)432-2240". End of call. They may be a collection agency, but I have a 780 credit rating; so I am not sure, also, could not leave a voicemail or talk to anyone to find out who they are.
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Called and told me i had 3 charges against me and if i paid $600 it would go away. I told him dont call me again or he will have charges pending. Never called back.
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Paypal CL scam trying to by my car!!