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Called twice, no message
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Guess they thought using "Outgoing call" as an ID was tricky.
We don't answere ANYTHING from area code 202. They're all BS anyway.
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240-654-9898 David Fox Called from Montgomery County Firefighters for Donations from Business Owners
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its a scam company trying to collect $$$ on some made up crap beware!
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have a scratch card to win (stuff) from Filter Queen call 855-420-1742 or 604-520-1742 to claim!!
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I have this number call from time.. I never answer. It is either a debt collector, or perhaps it could be prescription salesman/over the diagnosing and prescribing doctors. Those are my best guesses.. I gather that it is a Deleware area code, of course that doesn't mean anything to me or anyone else in my position, wondering, who the heck is calling me.... Very frustrating sometimes!
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I received a call from them stating I owed a debt that was over seven years ago for an online payday loan which I never took out. Even the account they said it went to was not an account I ever had. However they had ALL of my personal info ssn, dob, ect... and they said if I didnt pay today I was going to jail there was a warrant that they were going to place out on me. I called back to get an address and name of the company to have my lawyer send them a letter and they gave me no info said I was going to jail and hung up....BEWARE I BELIEVE THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!!!!
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Have no idea who this caller is. They call everyday at about the same time.
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It is a School that has me in their data base as a parent and I don't have a child that attends school. I have called four times and emailed the principal once asking them to remove me from their system that calls me at 6:45 am and twice in the afternoon.
I am getting frustrated, nothing has been done, what can I do?
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This number belongs to Stellar Recovery, a collections concern. When you phone this number you are met with a prerecorded message that congratulates you for calling. The message goes on to say that you are have won a spectacular two day and two night cruise to the Bahamas where you will enjoy unlimited dining in four different restaurants, a spa, etc. Your only cost is a port charge for $59.00 per person and that is payable with your credit card TODAY. Wow, just my lucky day or is it?
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it keeps sending me links such as http://oncewefindyoueere.info
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Text about a bike I had for sell. Seems like it's trying to promote Google Wallet.
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I have received calls from this number up to three times in one day. I have received calls early in the day and the last one I received was 8 p.m.
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Has called twice this week. They hang up when the machine pick up, but, the did not leave a message. Who is MSI ?
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Here's a solution tried and true so I'm passing this on; Last week, when browsing the blogs I came across a comment talk about a do not call service. I called and they said it's for a small number of companies that call consumers that want to minimize complaints and save them time not calling someone who doesn't want to be called. I told them 802-488-3091 was calling me and they confirmed it on their list and took my phone number to add to the do not call list. It's easy either email service@callerhelp.org or call 866-246-7196.
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The caller was from DiningIn restaurant delivery. Nice person called to confirm order.
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This is Sandusky County Emergency Alert System. This notification system enables the County to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons, and evacuation of buildings or neighborhoods.

The system uses listed phone numbers; so if you have a listed home phone (published in the phone book), you are automatically on the list to receive calls.
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There is someone by the name of Miss Bradley who keeps caling our Business
saying she is with the city of Garland when her # shows 470 area code.. she demands to speak to our general manager, when she is ask what the call is in Ref to she says is a civil matter. This is the second time i answer her call the first time she ask for one our employees so i know for a fact is a debt collector..she is a very rude lady and gets a very bad attitude! I will let our HR Director know about this harrasment calls to our business.
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I had signed my children to start home schooling through the Virtual High School website. This was a follow up call because I had been to busy to go back online and complete the enrollment process. Completely legit. :) Finally, a call I don't mind finding out why they were calling!
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Susanne Z.:

312-470-6174 is one of several numbers being used by Diversified Consultants for making harassing fraudulent calls, to an incorrect number in my case.

Since the caller id displayed "RUBIN ORG", I verified by calling back that it was indeed DIVERSIFIED CONSULTANTS. This appears to be a fraudulent tactic on their part.

This type of illegal and outrageous behavior of Diversified Consultants should not be tolerated. Diversified Consultants should be reported for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15 USC Chapter 41, Subchapter V.



Web site: www.dcicollect.com
Email: Info <info@dcicollect.com>

Phone: 904-694-3141
Toll Free: 800-771-5361
Facsimile: 904-247-0660

Don Zehnder, Owner
Jacksonville, FL 32225 904-565-1020 904-379-2538

Gordon Beck, Chief Operating Officer

Philip Korn, Portfolio Mananger

Doffie Howard, Data Services
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This number call out business office several times a day. There is a pause then a hang up. No sounds. This needs to stop.
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J Benson:

Female caller is asking per person by name that is close but is not my name. Wants to give me college information that I requested. She never has a supervisor available for me to talk to.
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Western Dental followup call. Not a scam or prank.
It comes up as " Not in Service" in my area unless you preface it with a 1
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Pascale D:


Can anybody say me if I'm wrong in saying the number is the Whatsapp number?
From the 7th of march this number appears in my bill as an sms and is billed as an sms (I have an mensual amount for the data and I wouldn't find normal to pay Whattsapp apart as an sms). Now I've seen it on my bill, I don't use the application anymore and wont use it in the future!

Thanks in advance for your responses.ยต

Pascale D
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Teleport Communications
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Put them on my smart phone's caller reject list now when they call me my phone does not ring and won't let them leave me a
Voice mail :-).

Only way I know they attempted to reach me is their number shows up in the log as rejected. Smartphone worth its cost for this feature alone.
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Called me days and nights and even at 9pm one day.
This morning called me again, so I called back.
It's a woman answering "Diversified Consulting"
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Auto call then someone got on the phone asking and say it was being recorded started asking personal question & they I start questions it ended with him getting smart & telling me that's why he helping I don't know these ppl & I said do not call again I said for a supervisor he said he was and I didnt need to talk to nobody over him and he was calling back I said Iwas calling fcc &b the attorney general & he said you think you know what you doing but you don't...but he ended up hanging up on me...he said his name was warrener from degrees path but you can here people in the background saying there name is the samesaid they was in one place but the in another
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Informed Consumer II:

Sorry. Here is the link. You Might have to Copy and Paste.

----> http://debtcollectorshateus.com/calls-from-765-507-9631-harassment-dont-pay-them-a-dime/
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Informed Consumer:


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office manager:

Tiera called asking for our owner telling us there is something wrong with our merchant services even giving us a reference number, I told her that our owner does not handle such things that I & our accounting office does & we keep in touch with our merchant service constantly. she is brazing and rude, I told her not to call back that she would not be talking to the who she wanted to talk to and i wil be reporting her to the state agency for falsifiying information, I have contacted our merchant service and asked with that refernce number if there were any serious changes and they told me that this is the latest scam that Telemarketers are doing. So watch out for this number folks and I can only tell you to get thier name let them know they are being recorded find out what bank they are from and report them to the Arizona state attorney general for being Rude and annoying. I did this before and the calls stopped.
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Telemarketer, offering rebate for something I didn't sign up for.
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I win:

Called at least 3 times so far. Doesn't leave a message. I don't answer the phone unless it's from someone I know. Plus, I won't hear the ringer anyway ... have the normal ringtone set to a very silent ringtone. Only friends, family and contacts have regular ringtones, so I'll hear when they call and I'll answer the phone for them. Oh, and I have any unknown numbers set to "automatic reject" so they won't even get a chance to ring my phone! HA HA HA, suckers! Makes me happy now when telescammers call since now the tables are turned! Ha ha ha! Waste your time calling me! Waste your time you scum!
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Robo-Call asking for me by my maiden name I havent used in more than 10 years. Woman answered asked me to verify I was who they were trying to reach, so I told her that she called me and she should be giving me the information, she hung up.