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This number calls everyday sometimes twice.Some days there is a long pause then they hang up,other days it hangs up before I say a word. There is never a sound or voice with the call. Very annoying.
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Anyone know who is calling from this number above..I have gotten many phone calls and as much as 5 times a day. Can you tell me who this is? Because I am wanting to turn them in for harrassing and abusive calls.
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They called me looking for my pappy! Man she was one rude bitch! She acted like she had entitlement to call! But really she had crabs in her ass!
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This guy calls Domestic Violence hotlines. He wants to tell the advocate about his "spanking" experience. Report.
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Dawn p.:

This is Verizon calling to verify a new order.
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Got many missed calls from this no, just wanted to know in turn.
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he is an a**hole frim italy
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Emmanuel Moore:

l really won't too known we're this number is call me from
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This person called pretending to be my daughter in distress. anyhow not funny sent me on wild goose chase.
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I called what I thought was support for my virus protection. Part way into the call I got suspicious, and ended the call. When I reviewed the number I called it was not from my protection's help desk but from a different company that I later found out was scamming folks. Tonight I got a call from this number from a person assume India, saying my call had been interrupted and they needed to install software on my computer. I hung up.
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Keeps calling everyday
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Called Sunday afternoon. Caller ID United Collection. Person calling name was Victor. He was asking to speak to someone not at this address. I told him so and said good-bye and hung up the phone. I looked up the number on the internet and found the above information.( 100% Spam Score ) I called them back and told them of their spam score and told them not for any reason to ever call here again. I am on the DO NOT CALL List. Since it is the sabbath ( Sunday) I feel they shouldn't have called at all.
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Strategic Fundraising
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No message left
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I got a text from this number also
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I don't know who it is.
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Hotwire supervisor just sucked my money in name of reservation. This is gonna be my first and last time using hotwire car rentals., i didn't even use their car and they took my money, and what the heck no one can cancel their reservation???? what kind of service is that for customer like us?????

I really don't recommend anyone to use hotwire.
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Credit One Bank/Lender:

Credit One Bank uses multiple numbers to try to attempt to get in touch with you. They will call multiple times per day (hour upon hour - generally leaving no message). Best to pay them off ASAP and close your account. The following numbers that are related to them: (615)-285-4356, (615)-489-4117, (615)-763-8375, (877)-359-6447, (866)-364-1639, (877)-218-7237, (877)-359-6447, (877)-218-1850, (877)-347-7079, and (615)-489-4117.
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florida woman:

SCAM! He will take all of your money! Claims to sell drugs online without a prescription. Under no circumstances contact this person/number.
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Credit One Bank/Lender:

Credit One Bank uses multiple numbers to try to attempt to get in touch with you. They will call multiple times per day (hour upon hour - generally leaving no message). Best to pay them off ASAP and close your account. The following numbers that are related to them: (615) 285-4356, (615) 489-4117, (615) 763-8375, (877) 359-6447, (866) 364-1639, (877) 218-7237, (877) 359-6447, (877) 218-1850, (877) 347-7079, and (615) 489-4117.
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Texting me from a website from a unknown person
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andrew Robinson:

Some lickbag named mark. He is a real dirtbag mother f**ker. I heard he blows large farm animals. He stinks real bad too.
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Threat, avoid these people
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Said she was from the IRS and wanted me to give her all my personal info (SS#, address, date of birth etc)to verify who I was. I told her she was out of her mind if she thought I was going to give out that info over the phone. She gave me an 800 number to call on monday, nobody is getting that info over the phone from me. THIS IS A SCAM.... Several sites have reported this as being a scam. The 800 number belongs to the IRS but the case numbers are bogus.
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I have had over 40 calls from over 28 DIFFERENT numbers. Definatel bordering harassment!
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Thank you so much for this post. I just googled this phone number: (434)264-6612 and I appreciate everyone who has posted that he is a scam!!

You are totally right. I only answered to two posting on craigslist. One that had a 4 bedroom for $1000 (on the Moderate Housing Commission website, so I thought it was legit), and other "For Rent By Owner" on Craigslist looking for serious renters (2 bed/2 bath = $1,400 per month).

Here is a log of my conversation.


Janice Su


From: (434)264-6612


When is you move in date and also can you secure the house by paying the deposit till your move in date so i can hold it for you

Janice: <I replied: I would like to give my landlord 30 days, otherwise, if he doesn't need 30 days, I an move sooner. Yes, I can pay the deposit.>

From: (434)264-6612

(1/3) Okay good what about your voucher, is it Ready cos The reason why our House is up for lease is because I got transferred from my place

(2/3)of work to San Antonio, I work as a Senior Supervisor at Homeland security and i will be here for long that is why i am putting up my

(3/3)house for rent

Jance: <I replied: How long do you anticipate your property being available to rent?>

From: (434)264-6612

4 to 5 years

Janice: <I replied: I am interested in renting for 4-5 years>

From: (434)264-6612

Okay i have have to mail you the keys once you secure the house by paying the deposit via Money Transfer

Okay i have have to mail you the keys once you secure the house by paying the deposit via Money Transfer

**Note: I dunno why he sent this message twice, he really needs the money, I guess>


**Still not thinking that this was a scam...I replied <My husband and I are both teachers with steady incomes, clean, quiet, non-smoking, non-petowning, considerate tenants. I found the post of your property when I googled moderate income housing in San Diego. I do not have the voucher yet, but am on the website to apply online. Just wanted to be honest and answer your question about the voucher.> ***Then I decide to google his phone number and find the blog "Who Calls Me" !

From: (434)264-6612

(1/2) Okay that is not a problem i can work with you and rent to you without the voucher but at the moment can i send you the application

(2/2) form and once you fill that i will send you the infor
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bill collector
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Verison scam. Scamming people asking for 1 percent of 250000 to claim a prize
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Fundraising effort by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. A fine school. If you want to give them a donation, answer the phone. If not, let it ring or answer and ask them to remove you (they will).
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A. Lockhart:

Don't know why they called.
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They called me the other day talking about having plans for dinner???? I was confused
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Answered and got a scam sounding offer for a free "2 month membership at the YMCA" since I was one of the "first 3 people to answer the phone". Said BS and hung up. I'm going to report them.
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This party offered to pay not only the $1000.00 I was asking for my item, but another $2400.00 for shipping and an extra $100.00 of rme for my trouble. He was going to send me a check for $3500.00 for something I was asking $1000.00. .....SCAMMER FROM CRAIGS LIST POSTING
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Esta es una mujer diciendo que uno se ha sacado
Un premio
Esto es pilleria tengan cuidado te hacen sacam