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918-379-4649 has called me at least once. They are based out of Catoosa, Oklahoma
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some type of scam telling me there was a problem with my windows connection to the internet. fortunately I have 20 years of computer and electronics experience and know BS when I hear it.
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They call EVERY day yet there is never anyone on the other line or a computerized voice that just says hello over and over. Just called them back and it is a debt collection agency that isn't even looking for anyone I know.
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Say that they are a litigation office but act like a debt collector with very limited info unless they get a case number which I did not have, then they wanted my phone number. Something is not right about thi
s number.
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There was a man calling me from this number, he said I had a loan with Ez quick loan I really didn´t remember this loan since I had like 3 loans and then I lost my job,so there for I wasn´t able to pay them., I ask the man to send me some information and he email me all the information about it, and offer me an 80% settlement in the account, not only that but I was able to make small payments until I settle my account.
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Sherry Stephens:

Wanting me to take a survery about Yaz/Yazmine, asked if I knew anyone who has been devastated by the above said drug. If I wanted to take the survery, stay on the line, there was a recording. I called the number back and pressed 9, supposedly I will be taken off within 72 hours. Of course they give your private phone number to others and by the time the 72 hours have passed, you're getting thousands of phone calls per month by these a**h****!
If you have a private number and are on the National Do Not Call Registry, report them. They are violating FCC rules and need to be reported. Don't really know if the NDNCR will actually act, but it's worth a shot!
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bevelry taylor:

they keep calling the state of ca bugging people looking for someone.
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Lori Genario:

They need to cease and assist
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Caller said he's "Dave Sawyer" from PCH and that he's with Donald Trump, the CEO. FYI, the CEO of PCH is Andrew Goldberg. He told my Grandmother that she won $8.5mil, but first needed her to send a check or money order for $9,000+ to Lola in NC, an "Accountant" to take care of processing fee's, but of course, my Gma would be fully reimbursed!!! Sad that these people prey on the elderly and even sadder that some people may fall for this awful scam. My Gma gets calls daily from these people with terrible accents claiming that she's won $300,000 to millions but of course they all need a "processing fee" before she will get her money......such a sad world we live in sometimes!!
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This person keeps calling me and my supervisor trying to bring me "charges" that were filed against me. It is a debt collector, they have tried to do this before I have told them to bring them to me, but then they told me they have to speak to my manager. I put them through to him and they told him they had "charges" they needed to deliver to me and asked if it were ok. He told them to bring them but they better have their ducks in a row. Then the person on the phone said they were just trying to do their job, and she had to pick up her kids in a couple of hours, is that my problem???? Bring me the damn "charges" nothing was ever brought..........
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Ann Oyed:

Rang twice hung up before answering machine.
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Bart Mancuso:

This number belongs to the Canada Revenue Agency - the Canadian counterpart to the IRS. Calls are usually to correct missing information on tax returns and can result in refunds on occasion.
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The caller is Access. They are a debt collector.
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ShopNBC Reauthorization Department
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Billy Howard:

keep getting calls from this number. I told them to quit calling but every week they call back...
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CA 2:

Called my 83 year old mother on her cell phone and told her she won 2.5 million dollars and a Mercedes from Publishers Clearing House.

This guy should be arrested for trying to steel from the elderly.
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Robert has called here 2xs & asks for my husband. When I say he is not available Robert sez he will call back & hangs up. He will not say why he is calling or from where. I did a call trace *57.

I did some research & here is what I found:
Prefix (516) 586- is primarily in Farmingdale, New York, and includes 1,143 phone numbers.
Area Code:
Farmingdale, NY
ZIP (primary):
Cablevision Lightpath, Inc. - Ny
Time Zone:
Eastern (10:56 am)

Calls are routed via OCN 7126 on a switch located in the Farmingdale, New York area. (Ratecenter: FARMINGDL)
200 Jericho Quadrangle
Jericho, NY 11753
United States
Founded in 1991
Mr. David Pistacchio
Age: 51
Mr. Brian Fabiano
Senior Vice President of Network Services
Ms. Robin Silverman
Chief Customer Officer and Senior Vice President
Dr. Christopher Rabii
Senior Vice President of Technical Operations
Mr. Joe Caruso
Senior Vice President of Business Planning
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Montgomery, AL:

Beware!!!! Received call from this number today. Male on the other end stating that he was calling from Medicare trying to get information about my mother. Glad I was here to intercept the call.
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This is actually a recruitment agency called 'DAV professional Placement Group'. Their internet add: www.DAV.co.za. Their address: 3rd floor, West Tower, Nelson Mandela Square, 5th street, Sandton....Their number: 011 217 0000 (jhb branch)...they have a cape town branch as well. STrange thing is, when you return the call, the lady answering the call is quite abrupt and refuses to say who called nor will she say the Company's name?? Which is not very good professional ettiquette for a surposedly reputable high end recruitment house. Other than that, i think they are legit. So this call should be received after you have submited your CV for a position that falls within their recruitment portfolio.
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Verizon Wireless
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I got the call also and called back 3 times, first person told me there were in the District Court in District of Columbia, 2nd person told me they were District Court in Texas, 3rd person told me they were District court in KY. When I asked them which district court # were they calling from, that is when they turned nasty, refused to tell me and one person told me to "look up the defination of litigation". I told her I have a different word she needs to look up and she also needs to look up the RULES for FDCPA ((Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and when I told them to please hold while I TRANSFER THEM TO MY LOCAL COURTHOUSE, where they could go ahead and file, they hung up. I just blocked the #.
They are bottom feeding scum who are using fear tactics (ILLEGAL) and misrepresentation (ILLEGAL) to try to get people to pay for what may or may not be their debt.
Bottom line.................report them to the BBB and Even the FTC had a bulletin on the Global scam so report them again to the FTC for every phone call they make to you, DO NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE, MAKE THEM LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE, then let the FTC know you have the recording saved.
Come on people, who calls and tells you they are "going to file papers if you do not reply" who are reputable?
REAL lawyers just get on with it and file. Never engage them in conversation............just block, make them leave a messsage and slam the FTC website with complaints.
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I have a call from this number, i donn't know why
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I have the ATT UVERSE digital phone package and I took advantage of ATT's call block function.

You can Google the url for the ATT UVERSE website for it.

Log into your account and fill out the information needed to block their number under the "block caller" feature.

It might also be worth a try to see if your phone service offers a number blocking service, even if you don't have ATT UVERSE.

Why all phones don't come with internal number blocking features, is beyond me, such a feature should be standard.

Hope this helps someone.
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Yeah they called today offering free security systems.
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Verizon wireless
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woof woof:

Non profit -say they are shriners. call every couple of weeks
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dont know whos calling
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This number belongs to Aurora Public Schools.
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Allegedly this is a debt collector. However, this person, whose name is Josh, does not pick up his phone when you return a call.
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Recorded message about some "special offer" on carpet cleaning. If you wait through the message, you get an option to press "9" to be removed from their list. Press "9" and the line goes silent -- no confirmation is given that they have received the removal order.
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This is American Mint calling with special offers for their "preferred collectors".
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west asset management. debt collectors. calling everyone in the phone book with the same name. asked to be removed from the list. we will see.
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Icon Resources offers "instant cash" loans.

If you applied for a loan online, they are trying to contact you to offer you a loan.
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Caller left a message asking about signing up for Blue Cross & Blue Shield Medicare supplement insurance info. Never asked them for info.
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Keeps calling won't leave a message. I tried calling the # back with *67 to see if they would answer with their company name but, instead they said my name as soon as they answered. 1. Doesn't *67 work anymore and B. who are these people? It's so annoying....
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Keeps calling my cell phone during the work day and never leaves a message... I'm also located in CA anyways...