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Considering this "collection agency" was calling me about a debt from 1996 -- for which the limitation period has _long since_ expired, I'd say they're reproachable, at best.

In 2010, TD gave me a $240,000 mortgage, a personal CC ($5000), a business CC ($5000) AND $5000 overdraft on my business account WITH NO JOB. So don't tell me they're legit.

I sent them a registered letter requesting proof -- in writing -- of the debt, the original contract of the debt, their license number, proof that they are licensed to collect the debt, and proof that the limitation period has expired. I haven't heard from them since.

Statute of limitation on consumer debt incurred before 2002 is six (6) years; after 2002, it's two (2) years.

If they call you, do your due diligence, and make them prove they're authorized to call you.
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Received two missed calls in last two days without any message. No idea who is the caller.
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Rhea Waters:

They call and when I answer they hang up. I'm on the no call list.
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Mike Osburn:

Check this out. I believe this is why they call me.


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Low-life robo telemarketer. Just another phone scam
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Art Applewhite:

Caller claimed to be a warranty manager for Dodge asking if I wanted to extend the warranty on my car. Although he claimed to work for Dodge, I suspect he did not since my car was not out of warranty.
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Received two calls in the last two days. Didn't recognize the number and no caller ID, so I did not answer. The caller left no voicemail, either.
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Prank caller, singing and illicit talk.
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Who is this?
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the caller calls 3 or 4 times a day when the phone is answered the caller is disconnected. This has been going on for over two months.
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SC Federal Credit Union
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Leeches. Quit wasting my damn time! You call me, I expect someone to be on the line!
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I've gotten ten calls from this number in the last 2 hours. Nobody ever speaks when I answer the call; it's just silent. And I can't call it back, doesn't go through. Very annoying
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These people use a cheap disposable phones, so you cannot fully track them (that's what these idiots think)...just call them back and annoy them.
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They called, confirmed they got my number from a list, refused to tell me what company they were with and then after I asked to speak with her manager, he refused to give me any information and denied he bought my number off a list, then proceeded to badger me for asking questions.

This number was also listed in a Publishers Clearing House scam although I did not get far enough in the conversation to confirm or deny said allegations.

Regardless, do not answer.
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This guy keeps leaving messages with some bogus account number (with which I'm not familiar), and the strangest aspects about the messages are:

1) First he called MY number about my oldest SON's account #..... (same referenced account)

2) Then a day or two later he calls my Sister's house (out of state!!)and leaves a message that he's with Capital Management Services and is calling about MY account #.....(same exact account # as he left re: my sone. She Googles the number he left and found out it's likely an illegal collection call or some type of scam operation.

3) Then about 3 business days later he calls MY OFFICE number and leaves the same type message with the same account number.

Now that I've Googled the number, I see that this company has a very poor reputation in regards to harassing people and even "making up" certain claims that are simply not true.

Also I've learned that it may be illegal in my state (GA) for any collection company to call an office number, namely no calls to businesses are allowed when looking for an individual who may or not be in arrears on a debt.


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Jane Doe:

Dee...I have also been speaking to him for some time now...interesting...guess he is fake. Said he is in Africa working has 10 yr old son with him. Says in love with me etc.
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greg king:

this is a number from beaumont hospital in royal oak micigan
it can be any dept you must call the main number of the dept you have beeb workig with or youd Dr office main number to call back
it is one og those phone networks for large hospitals we all hate
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Did not leave a message.
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Constantly calls and hangs up.
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Nate Olson

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Calls constantly and no one ever comes on the line. I hold the phone until I get the skreeching noise then hang up. I am on do not call - stop calling as I will be reporting your calls and I have no debts - I pay my bills!
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Lady claiming to be from Fields Cadillac Houston. Then hangs up! They are not from Houston Cadillac!
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Glass Mountain Capital
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Called from this number trying to get a reference and verify employment from someone we have never heard of. Some company called FMS
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Corbin Dallas:

Keep getting strange calls from this number...? No idea, i never pick up.
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this is a fake debt collection agency...a scam company trying to scam people ut of there money
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This woman called left a message on my phone and my in-laws phone. When she leaves her name she says it so fast that you cant even understand it but she make sure she says the rest of the message slow and clear enough and the phone number 855-858-8138. She said that I had 2 hrs to call back or she whould be at my home or place of business to serve me papers. Then she says she will call my local police departmart to serve me with papers today. She goes on saying i need to call the plantif within two hrs or she will be at my place of business or home to serve me papers then she leaves the number 855-858-8138 again. Wow really? How is she planing to pull that off if she doesnt know exactly where I live shes called 2 differnt states with the same massage.

What I dont understand is how they even got my new in-laws phone number. The debt I had was with my ex husband and we have been divorced now for 6 1/2 years and we filed bankrupcy about 8-10yrs ago. So what ever it is was included in our bankrutcy. I just recently gotten married a 1 1/2 ago I havent changed my last name yet. My husband and I do not share credit cards or bank accounts. My name is not attached to his yet other than our lease. We gotten married over seas so the courts in the US do not see us as married. I know I checked. My new in laws live 5 states away from us so how did they get their info and can they even call them? These people need to stop calling people just to call them.
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Did not ring, when call back it just rings
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I think this number is a scam. They called me and offered a rebate. They were not specific.
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This is a scam, I was selling my phone on Kijijji in Toronto and got a text message from this idiot offering more than what I was asking....
The next move is trying to have you pay for shipping or some BS....

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CA Medicine Woman:

Company Name: FDCS
Company Type: Debt Collector

Uses faulty automated calling system, says "hello" twice, hangs up. Returned call to determine company name. They are aware of problem with their automated system. They were looking for specific individual that previously had my number (over one year ago). Asked that my number be removed from their system, which they agreed to do when I called them back.
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Timewarner cable survey
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it is a hospital/physician office calinng you
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yahoo user:

Man named Mr Pierce called to inform me I had to the end of the business day to call 877-381-5756. He did not leave anymore information but said it was urgent. I did a scan on the number it was linked to scam calls. The people are calling from Texas but the company is located in NY