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This is the Muscular Dystrophy Assn however they have called me 7 times today with NO voice mails. Very annoying.
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christy williams, i think she said shes with mountain paper really couldnt understand what she was saying then hung up quickly!!!
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Vision Financial
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A recording from AllGate Financial. This firm buys old debt.
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no message left
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card mailing saying that we definately won one of the following, a new ipad, a new kindle, or a new android tablet. nothing is free. no return address just a phone number and a code to claim your packate.

probably a debt collector
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called saying i won 2.5 million dollars and a blue car
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Calls evey day,NO message left. If you do not have anything to say STOP calling. I do not pick it up as I assume it is robo dial..they even try to mix it up with a similar caller ID. DA---
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Keeps calling... but I don't know who they are... no msg left...
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wants to by my time share but I do not own one
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Telemarketing company called me about a trade journal I subscribe to that subscription was about to expire and if I wanted to renew it for another year
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Number belongs to Hart Hanks telemarketers
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I've been receiving "several" calls from this number . . i do not answer numbers that i do not know. Messages are being left on my voicemail stating that "they received a missed call from my number" the company is American Credit Card Solutions, they want to know if i still need help with my credit card debt. I called back and received a voicemail, i left a message stating that i've received several calls and messages from them and asked if they could please remove my number from their list, there have "not" been any missed calls from my number due to i have never called them! Also informed them that my number is registered on the "do not call registery" and again to please remove my number.
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Got a call from this number claiming I won several million dollars and a new Mercedes. They asked for name and address and then said that I would receive this money within a couple hours or less. They then told me I had to purchase money cards from walmart totaling $864.96 of which I was to give to the people showing up at my place to deliver me my prize. Once I said that was not going to happen, they started yelling at me ... I hung up the phone. I knew it was a scam, just wanted to see at what point they would ask me for money.
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Mr Jason Davenport called and left 3 messages between last Friday and 8:21 am today stating that he was going to serve me at 2:00pm today or if unable to have served at home he would have me serviced at work. I know for a fact that if you are going to be served with court papers they do not call you. It's called harassment by a 3rd party collector trying to collect for an original debtor. Unfortunately no records come up as to who this place is and they don't leave you a name of their company and send you to call "the original debtor", which is also a crock. Going to call annonymous to them and see how they like it...may just find a pay phone if they still exist and call from there. . or maybe even call from my lawyers office, maybe then I will get more information and get it the legal way, rather than threatening calls. It does not scare me...
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A Silva:

Call but never speak.
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Scammer texting about Kijiji ad.
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tony sena:

A guy with a India accent keeps calling looking for a teresa Haywood or Hayward (can't understand him) something about being from the fraud dept. He's called many times and has been told we don't know this person and it's a wrong number. Now he's calling at 3:00 a.m. and 6:00a.m. is this a scam?
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Robo Telemarketer call, calling a number on the Do Not Call list!
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A person by the name of Michael Deandrea called me asking for the CEO. He acted as if he knew him. Although I told him he was unavailable, he asked that he be taken out of his meeting and that he knew what the call was in regards to. Needless to say I tried giving the message to the CEO who said he did not know who that person was. By the time I got back to my desk, the caller hung up. I have caller ID, so I called him back. The person on the line answered with the company name "National Securities". He said he hung up because he was very busy, had 9 other calls, but if I could pull the CEO out of the meeting! When I confronted him about the CEO not knowing who he was, he was still insistent that they knew each other. Do not take this phone call! Pushy!!!
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ive gotten a call before and serval txt. on the txt it says my loving wife: everythign is ok just checking in.. and on the call it said my loving wife i need your help. i know it aint my husband cuz when i got the call my husband was in bed sleeping.. we both have the life 360 app..
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Calling with an obvious scam on an ad I posted on kijiji.ca
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This just happened to me! This person gave me her name and email but asked the same questions that Joe mentioned. Her son lives in NM but she's in Iowa right now. I just don't have a good feeling about this and, from what I've seen, I will not be pursuing this transaction.

Thanks for getting back to me, i am buying the item as a wedding gift for my son and due to the nature of my work phone calls making and visiting of website are restricted, However i have few questions on the item you are selling. I would like to know the reason you are selling it..? 2,What is the current condition of the item..? 3,What is your firm price though am okay with the listing price ? 4,Do you have the original box and the receipt for it ..and i will like to pay you via paypal and i will also add additional of $100 to cover shipping via Fedex Overnight to my son in (Indiana) THANKS

The email above is a Scammer off of Craigslist!! DO NOT work with anyone who supplies this number!, work Locally when selling off Craigslist. Never let them send you money Pay Pal...MEET the person!
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This # comes up as Tom Jones on caller i.d. We have gotten several calls.. when we called the # back, we were put through to the voicemail of Tom Jones.
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This is one perscistent motherf**ker that keeps calling and doesn't answer when picked up. He stays quiet....dont know what he wants but ive reseached this number and seems to do this often to random people. He needs to get a life.
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How is it
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I got a call from this person named Amante saying he had a bunch of old electronics he would sell or give some pieces to me. He made a production about how he keeps his promises and insisted I would get first choice, etc. He went on to say how he has girlfriends in Midlothian Va and in Md where he lives. Also boasting about how much he makes each year and does not claim it on taxes. I doubted Rob. M's promises and in the end found my doubt was right. Two months later he called back saying he had not forgotten me and he would get with me about the deal within a couple of weeks. Nothing for some months so I called him to find out why I was lied to. He said he had sold the equipment to a ham who had money in his pocket a month after he first told me about the equipment saying how much he got and how "that made my day". I asked him why he would bother to call a month after he had sold what was promised to me. No reply. I got on him for lying to me and he insisted I was wrong to be mad saying "You should be happy I made money and someone else got what I promised to you" and gave some doubletalk about how not keeping promises is lying. His own website states he only deals in cash transactions and how when he cleans places out, the business must give the unwanted property to him, not sell it to him. He also hides his address, street and email and has bogus information about his address in a whois lookup of his site. Obviously paranoid of his illegal and immoral life catching up with him. Obviously he likes to lie and scam everyone he can. NEVER deal with this warm body in any way!
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H. Stern:

These scumbag motherf--kers tried to get $$ out of my wife Beth and I. Now we prank call them! ...FOR PROFIT!
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All she said was "Hi!" And hung up.
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Received text from this number stating the following:

Winner #60998 You have won the $1000 Walmart giftcard or a new iPad4! Redeem you gift at bit.ly/YAeUcn

Seems to be a scam or phishing attempt.
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This is an apartment scammer please do not send them ur money. They will take it n run.
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Collections agency whose employees don't listen. Just had it out with two of them today.

They don't leave messages and call both of my numbers at the same time. When I answer the phone, nobody is there. I told them to mail something because I wasn't dealing with them over the phone, so they marked it down as a refusal and hung up on me. These are the typical scum of the earth.
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when i received a notice of prize winnings via text .. claiming to award a thousand dollar giftcard or a new ipad from Netflixfor being a loyal customer and that i may redeem winnings @ bit.ly/Yh3jQZ. I would think this would be a link to Netflix's offical website, but of course not sounds like a scam.
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who dit be?
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Calls and hangs up without leaving a voicemail. This is rude and harassing. Why take the time to call someone and not leave a message. How else can we call them back? It must be an auto-dialer type setup where they only kick on an automated message if one answers the phone. I make it a point to never call anyone back if they don't leave a voicemail if I don't recognize the number.
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Also I'm on the Do Not Call List but it appears this company does not respect it.