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CVS/Caremark mail order pharmacy
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Marietta based telemarketing company selling trade magazines. They call almost every day. Use call blocker for free and never hear your phone ring.
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Dialed number and was sent a a text say I could join a locater service to Identify the number for 9.99 a month. Appeared as if by calling the number I signed up? I canceled immediately. STOP!
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Rocatta Tait:

Recorded message offered financial assistance for hospital bills.
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This caller is reported to be Comcast.
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Why they where calling
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Dan P:

I was asked if I made lots of international phone calls. I tried my best to politely tell her that though she was undoubtedly a fine person, her company is unwelcome.
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A man said that he was calling about a loan we had applied for. We had not applied for any loan. Told him so and he hung up.
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416-6288291= harassing telemarketer
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Mar 10, 2013 - Very annoying: says hello, noise on the background, I say whats up, she hangs up - surely telemarketing, rest her soul!

Mar 7, 2013 - No reply after you say hello, 10 seconds later a recorded female voice will come on and say goodbye with a game tone - multiple times over a week
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Got a text wanting to buy high dollar unit, going to send a agent to look at it and wanting my pay pal acct. when i asked why he was doing biz via text. He disappeared down his hole.. report himCaller: SCAMMER
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appel 4 a 5 fois par jours sans personne qui repond
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I believe this is connected with the same number 877-620-7848 They just change numbers because I blocked the other. Keeps on saying we won 5 million this call is from Jamacia
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its midnite in hawaii:

some asian guy with a strong accent,not japanese or chinese or korean, taiwanese, other asian. claims we have to send money to africa, then he said he was suppose to call for mrs. somebody (Couldn't understand) and was suppose to collect money

I hung up the first time cuz couldn't understand what he was saying and sounded like he was in a bar or subway, kind of noisy back ground. guy called back about a minute later asking the same thing, gave phone to my husband who got the same comments/questions. he wouldn't hang up.

He tried calling the number back and got a "Magic Jack" message that the party was not available, maybe he was calling some other poor sole.

He called the number and got the guy, told um we reported the number to FBI, Federal Trade Commission and police, which will happen in the morning since office is closed. We tried calling Verizon Wireless since that is what this site is claiming to be the service company of this wireless phone number out of Newport WA (99180) but was directed to Federal Trade Commission. Call
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hi,l was trying to contact you .can you please call me back on +6745599105
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calls everyday and never leaves a message!
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I saw this ad for a medical claims position and called this toll free number. On the recording, it stated it was for a position working at home working on medical claims, paying $5-$8, depending on the length of the claim. It also stated that I would have to purchase their program for $199. I left my name and number and a man by the name of John Templeton called me back from a phone number of 475-201-9014. We talked for a little while and I asked several questions. I did some research on line (via the name provided) and everything seemed legit. I was in desperate need of a job and sent the $199 to an address in California. I received a disc and a piece of paper stating what I was suppose to do. First off, the "directions" make no sense whatsoever. There is a phone number provided for "technical help" and to ask for a person by the name of Mike Kramer. The number provided is the same toll free number that was in the newspaper! On the instructional piece of paper provided to me, it states I am to start these medical claims no later than a specific date. Well, that date is near and I have called several times a day and still no call back. THIS IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM and I can't believe I fell for it! I'm much smarter than that but due to the fact I was (and still am) in desperate need of a job, I thought I would give them/him the benefit of the doubt. I was totally wrong! Please don't fall for this scam like I did.
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Alyn Smythe:

Dr. Arthur Frayn D.O.
Appointment reminder.
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Wanted information sounds like a scam!! sAYS I HAVE won prizes like a mercedes car. says he will deliver it to me today.
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J Kat Photography

Address: Riverview, FL 33569
United States

Daytime phone: 813-766-2312
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This number calls me and the name claims to be a woman named Susan Michaels. If anyone knows who this is or where she is from, please comment to let the rest of us know. Thank You.
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Calls several times during the week does not leave a message. Probable spam or collection agent who can't follow simple courtesy.
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They left message said... Hi My name is Erika at Disability Attorney. Please return my call at 5865738800 thank you. I can't get disability. IV been getting this number a few times now. I'm sick of it.
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I didn't answer when they called yesterday, but they left a message early this AM. I called back & it was about 3 charges to my Visa about 2,000 miles away! They said they'd put a block on my card. I called my bank to verify, which they did. Now I have to go to where I got my Visa, get a new card & fill out a fraud form.
I'd suggest you answer if they call.
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This company is beyond calling it a Bottom Feeder..cause even the bottom feeder collection agencies have some sort of intelligence and rules followed! Not this company!! This company will do everything barely legal in hopes that they achieve a judgement way above anything owed originally, and then will proceed to annoy the absolute crap out of you to get the "money you OWE THEM"!! Worse yet, it won't matter if you are legally able to be collected from or not...they will threaten you, family, and/or friends for this money, call all hours of the day and night(holidays too folks), and if you send them(by fax, not mail) a No Contact/Cease and Desist Order..they will continue anyways cause they are above the law!! Washington State really needs to clean this area of profession up badly..and soon!
They also will NOT leave messages...and will bother you at home, work or on your cell(which is not legal to do..nor is your place of employment) because they can. Personally, I recommend contacting a lawyer if these people contact you more than 3 times a WEEK! You can sue Credit International for $1000.00 for harassment.
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A Married Man's Wife:

I just walked out my door and found a super absorbant kotex lying in my driveway with this whores information. Pics numbers, websites and it says she likes to *** married men. I will be notifying local law enforcement
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these people keep calling us every day seems to know every thing about my husband just called asking me for his SS# knows where he works and every thing very strange would not tell me who he was or any thing can any one tell me about this said they would call his work and get his info please
thanks (also posed as his employee as well then it all changed)

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Randy from KPS Canada
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The name is Nationstar Mortgage Company. Sometimes acts as a debt collector.
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This is glass mountain capital LLC
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IQ Data
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Its DirectTV - Wanting you to get HBO and other high cost channels. Call constantly and do not leave a message.
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The number on my cell display actually looks like this: 1253429c454. What's with the "c" and no dashes... Clearly this is irregular. Of course I did not answer.
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C in DC:

Someone claiming to be Michelle Johnson called me on my cell from this number caliming to be a debt collector for debt incurred by my spouse. This fool disclosed infromation that no other debt collector would have discloded to a third party and then tried to tell me I was responsible also. After clearly informing her of her misinformation I told her she was bing disconnected. When I googled the number it came up to an address in DC belonging to a man. Sounds shady to me, especially since my information would never listed on any of my spouse's personal info. that existed prior to our marriage. Beware.
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SCAMMERS! They also call from: 972-325-7201, 972-325-7202, 972-325-7204, 972-325-7206, 972-325-7210, 972-325-7220, etc....& 405-778-3780, 405-778-3795... calling multiple times a day! it's always no answer/hang-up and they won't stop calling! try to call back and it always says "mailbox number.... recording"
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They also call from: 972-325-7201, 972-325-7202, 972-325-7204, 972-325-7206, 972-325-7210, 972-325-7220, etc.... calling multiple times a day! When I answer there's no answer and they won't stop calling!