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answer no one on the line i calle back it is some security system
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This is a number given by another number (702-527-2925) that texted me about casting roles for movies.
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private debt collector for federal student loans
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Delivery Confirmation call.
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Debt Collectors so called "investigators"
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I called this number back it was a missed call. There was a recording telling me this was an attempt to collect a debt. First red flag. I know about all accounts we hold. Then the recording said please hold for Jim Baker. The person on the other end named my husband and asked if I knew him then asked for his middle initial. Unfortunately I gave it to him. The he asked for my SSN. When I asked him to give me the last four he asked me to hold. I hung up then I called back and told him I was going to the police with his number and he tried to calm me down. He claimed to be a debt collector. It was totally a scam and they were trying to get me to give them important information.
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Calls from "process servers" calling to "serve papers" are often shady or fraudulent debt collectors collecting on equally shady or fraudulent "debts", using the implied threats of a "lawsuit" to evade their legal obligation to produce proof (validation) of alleged debts if consumers dispute them.

Receiving such calls providing some callback number "to resolve the matter before it goes to court" are a further indication of illegal deceptive collection, as process servers have no interest in "resolving" a lawsuit. They are just hired to serve papers on already filed lawsuits, and sign an affidavit certifying that they did so.

Receiving a collection call when you know you don't have any delinquent debts is an indicator of potential fraudulent collection.

Using an old or maiden name is a further suspicious indicator, as it suggests the debt collector "located" you via skip-tracing, and such identification is no more reliable than the competence and honesty of the debt collector, which you already have reason to suspect.

As for not being able to give you any information, that is how this "con" is played. The whole goal is to get you to pay, due to this implied yet unproven threat, and allowing you to dispute or forcing them to validate is what they are trying to avoid. The less information you have, the better, as information might only make you more sure that the alleged debt isn't owed by you, and undermine their various deceptions.

You have four separate indicators of potential fraud:
1) "process server calls"
2) use of your maiden name
3) you don't owe anything
4) they can't give you any information

Additional indicators, noted for their absence:

5) You haven't receiveg an FDCPA required "g" letter, notifying you of the alleged debt and your right to dispute it, yet they clearly know how to contact you.

6) Check your local courthouse, if you want, to verify there is no lawsuit filed against either your current or maiden name.

Note how rapidly these scams produce multiple indicators of fraud, by their deviations from normal expected legal debt collection practice, even in just one call.

You can contact FTC, your state Attorney General, or a consumer attorney.
You can find an attorney in your state through www.naca.net

What names and phone numbers are they using?
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Called selling some herbal weight loss crap. Told him I was underweight and needed something to gain weight. He hung up.
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Identified himself as "Owen". He is trying to employ the PayPal "make it right" used auto scam.
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This is a fraud/scam. Do not go to the website, do not give them any money.
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Buying a car unseen through cashiers check? Scam or for real?
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its from a water based company in calgary for water filter services
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NO message left
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Seems to be some kind of debt collector BUT they will not tell me who I owe, or how to pay the bill unless I give them all of MY information, like address ect.
I am not going to do that because I do not know these people and I cannot figure out who I may owe money.
I told the guy to send me a letter and he says he would if he had my address. I told him to stop calling me, but he continues to call at all hours of the day on workdays and weekends.
I think he said he is from GSI...I could have letters wrong.
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Subject hangs up when wife answers phone.
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Called Number back and was received with "Redemtion Center." When asked redemption center for what<?> the reply was many things and they waanted my phone number. I left the recipient in a blaze of "colourful" language and she hung up. Sca

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Received call from this number about 2 hours ago... As usual, they DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE... Suspect it's a COLLECTION AGENCY looking for someone else (WHO HAD THIS nbr b4 me).
according to http://www.verifyphone.com/phone-lookup-reviews/704-200-2164

Service Provider: Nextel Communications
Tower Switch: CHRLNCCACM2
Phone Type: Wireless/Cellular

IP trace results for 704-200-2164
This phone number was traced from the following IP addresses: None
Call Type: Debt Collector
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This person called for a strange name, and I thought it would be funny to say it is me (I get calls for other people all the time on my phone, and it gets irritating considering I have had this number for years)....The caller went on to say this person I claimed to be soc sec # and saying "I" was being charged with all these frauds with checks or something, and that "I" was looking to face 1,000 years ...I dont know- it sounded fishy...but I admitted I was lieing and I had no idea how my number got connected with this persons name...He yelled at me and hung up...It sounded like a "lawyers office" I have no idea....
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This company (TigerTel) has called me twice a day for at least the last week. No one speaks when I answer and they do not leave a message. I returned the call to the number on call display, the message I receive is You have reached Tiger Tel on behalf of Eastlink promotions, leave a message if you wish to be called back.
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Lottery telemarketer who will curse you like a dog and even call you back to harrass you and call you dirty names.
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Called this POS to tell him i was posting his info on the web and he told me to eff off. He just called back (as i write this) and called me a b*tch, etc.
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Man called w/Pakistani accent. Claims to be with some sort of lottery.
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called left no message
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Ring Ring,,, Ring Ring,,,

Caller identified herself as Angela, from Quantum, a computer support company. Notice how they use names of genuine companies, or names that sound genuine, or your calling number display is showing an overseas Voip call, for a company based in Australia?

This caller is a scammer using the same system as the supposed calls from the "Windows Microsoft Support Centre". Microsoft, and the other companies DO NOT, and WILL NOT, make calls of this nature. DO NOT get caught!!

The scam goes, "Hello it is <name> from <company>, we have had complaints that your computer has downloaded malicious software files that is corrupting and slowing down your computer. If left un-treated your computer will become damaged"

The caller then offers to tell you how that you can check for the corrupted files yourself, this process is designed to convince you of the seriousness of the problem, and lull you into accepting that they are a genuine tech help company.

The caller directs you to run the eventvwr (event viewer) so that you can see all the "blue circle infomation", "red warning", and "yellow caution" files.

"Oh No" there are lots of them,,,, Dont Worry, these are normal, they don't tell you that!!
They might also refer to the "Internet Nefarious Files". Files with an extention of .inf, by default you don't see the extentions that are part of every file on your computer.
"Oh No" there are lots of those too,,,, Dont Worry, these also are normal, infact they are very important to your computer!!

Once they have convinced you of the problem, you will be directed to a website, that will give them access to your computer.

The sites they often use are, www.logmein.com, www.ammyy.com, amongst others. The companies that operate these legitimate sites allow free trials of their software, as a way of promoting their product.

The scammers make use of trial accounts,to access your computer, you will be directed to download, and install the software from that site. (The software itself, ( if got from a legit site), is safe, BUT the way they use it and what they do while controlling your computer is not!!

They may also direct you to www.qrcs123.com, or another site.

WARNING:: The site www.qpcs123.com, is NOT legit!! DO NOT download any thing from that site...That webiste is owned by Gautam Vora, in Kolk
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This num has called me and my family repeatedly with threats. They are associated with j&e financial num 8882329904. REPORT them and j&e to FTC. I have as we'll as retain an attorney if you can.
Call Type: Debt Collector
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Law Offices of Michael K Sipes
9355 E. Stockton Blvd #210
Elk Grove, Ca 95624

http://www.bbb.org/northeast-california/busin ... ove-ca-47016748

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Some dude kept calling claiming he was a friend trying to sell a trip.whst a lying loser.
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Keeps calling my cell which is very private. Does not leave a message
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collections for National MoneyMart in Victoria BC
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This is the Muscular Dystrophy Assn however they have called me 7 times today with NO voice mails. Very annoying.
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christy williams, i think she said shes with mountain paper really couldnt understand what she was saying then hung up quickly!!!
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Vision Financial
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A recording from AllGate Financial. This firm buys old debt.
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no message left
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card mailing saying that we definately won one of the following, a new ipad, a new kindle, or a new android tablet. nothing is free. no return address just a phone number and a code to claim your packate.

probably a debt collector