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Carpet Cleaning Pros:

  Carpet Cleaning Pros Township
  94 Green St #193
  Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095, United States

  Patented hot-water extraction system for cleaning carpet.
  We also clean rugs, mattresses, sofas and assorted upholstery.

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Different people have called and said that i have a pending case, then i hang up and a recorder calls and says that my payment is declined, i researched number and it belongs to discover financial services, or a company with that name in ILLINOIS.
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Officer David Marshall called with a heavy Asian accent saying thing same as Bob's experience. My parents would have definitely fallen for it. I'm thankful for websites like these. Thanks guys!
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Kaiser Permanante Fremont office.
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They called the owner of my company and told him that I owed them money and that if he didn't have me call them back, they would sue him.

They called again and I got the call and they told me that they would sue me for the next 10 years for the $4,445.00 that I suppose to owe them but they would settle for $500.
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Hastings, Minnesota -based Collection Agency
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Scammers trying to get you to subscribe to their search engine submit service.
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Let go to answering machine, they hung up and did not leave a message.
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Supposedly the person reported that I was having charges placed against me for not filing my taxes since 2011. They said they were calling from some criminal investigation agency. And if I didn't agree to settle the case. I would have an arrest warrant within the hour and my passport would be placed on a watch list.
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antonio jones:

Person posed her name as Ms.Harris. She stated I had a litigation pending. She stated to call her back and she wasn't going to record any long messages. Little did she know, I am in Mississippi and I don't know a soul in New York. Scams are in all types of forms. Beware! Nonetheless, I am a Federal Investigator, she has pick the wrong one this time.
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It is Coit carpet cleaning services from Bothell WA.
Called them back and asked to be removed from list.
The person that answered was very pleasant and said
the number would be removed.
They did service for me last year.
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called my house number twice today no responce wtf
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unknown call
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Unknown name, doesn't leave messages. Called twice today already. Supposively located in Denton, TX.
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Asked me if I was looking for a load thought I may be a trucker we are in the Truck Broker/ Transportation Broker business
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Very rude company. They call you from 888-808-3091 . They do not answer when you say "hello." If you call them back, they automatically have lots of information about you. Probably through scamming, spam, and phishing. When you ask to be taken off their call list, they fight with you. Eventually they say they will, and then do exactly opposite. Spoke with Todd (very rude, would not give out the company address) and then took awhile got 'supervisor' (probably not) Simon (also would not give out the company address, nor website.) They claim to be Autoguard , or Auto Guard .
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This company is called PennCredit. They are a collection agency out of MD.

They keep calling our In-Laws instead of us. Our phones are not unlisted and we have NEVER lived at their address. We were unaware that Intermedix (the ambulance billing company) had a problem with our payment until the ILs started getting these calls. I contacted the Fire Department, made the payment, and informed them of the illegal practices of this hired vendor. Maybe if enough people complain to the companies hiring these folks, they will either comply with the law or go out of business. Remember; always complain about illegal collection practices to the company who referred your account to them (even if you owe money). The reason that I paid the FD directly is that these agencies get a big chunk of every dollar that they collect and I would prefer that my money go to pay the salaries of the men and women of the FD who helped us and not these law breakers.
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Charles. P:

I had the same message, I had my attorney call the number and they settled me out of court. I have been taken to court for similar situations and that's when I had to pay 4 times the amount with fees and interest!
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A Mr. Paul Meskety (sp) called my number from a "private caller" number and asked for someone that I have never heard of. I told him so and after hanging up with him he called AGAIN and left a message threatening this person I've never heard of telling him that he was going to show up at his house and he was going to serve him with papers with an intent to sue. He ended the call with stating that if there were any questions to call 888-755-2786, which I did. They answered, "WEST POINT ASSOCIATES". I told them to quit calling my number, blah blah blah. Some guy comes on and tells me I have bad phone etiquette, to which I responded that calling a phone number BACK after being told it was the wrong number and leaving a threatening message is truly bad phone etiquette. Whatever...I just wanted to know the name of the place, so there you have it....WEST POINT ASSOCIATES. They called themselves a 'litigation company". So---go to town with that info, folks and harass the dickens out of them. :D You're welcome.
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This is a debit collector that asks when is a good time to deliver legal documents. I told them not at all and hung up. they preceded to call me 10+ more times which is harassment.
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they keep calling...when i call back they answer in Spanish and ask if I am calling them I say ....duh...they say they will hang up and call me back....i don't answer...very annoying! up to 4 times a day they won't give up...
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I have never seen this number before then in the same day while interupting my work day while attending clients I received 4 calls at these times 11:59 am, at 1:16pm then 2:20pm, then 2:58pm. I couldn't be interupted due the sensitivity of my work. I didn't answer based upon my google search appears to be a telemarketer. Beware...
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If you are worried, your welcomed to be. Its not funny that someone is calling people all ove the united states. This could be a serial killer for all we know. If your reading this dont be laughing. It could happen to you and youd be just as worried. Dont laugh,help do everything in your power to stop this mysterious caller. And dont try to map it,it is always changing places.
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John Doe:

Diversified Consultants
The nation’s ONLY telecom-specific collection agency specializing the in the bad debt recovery of Wireless, Landline, Cable, Satellite, Utilities and Security arenas.
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Caller ID is Bestart and Mir. A CELLPHONE. 281 River Street, Hackensack NJ A Toyota Dealership Lot. EOS CCA Corporate Headquarters 700 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 20061 One of the largest debt collection agencies in the US Paul E. Leary, Sr. Founder, Paul E. Leary, Jr, CEO 800-886-9177 Fax: 781-681-4340. Calls from 201-546-5232, 646-755-3831, 781-681-4340, 800-203-1552, 800-206-5207, 800-257-6905, 800-268-9806, 800-325-4389, 800-434-8681, 800-455-8026, 800-886-9177, 800-903-1431, 865-687-8983, 866-239-9526, 866-239-9557, 866-265-7927, 866-800-9685, 877-206-5207, 877-208-4176, 877-215-2634, 877-227-1487, 877-229-2313, 877-242-7524, 877-263-1126, 877-294-5776, 877-489-1148, 877-518-6509, 877-528-3499, 877-611-1815, 877-683-1155, 877-859-9172, 877-959-9172, 877-863-9438, 888-266-9471 PROBABLE ID THEFT / MEDICARE FRAUD
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ceo jeno:

they call non stop!
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Caller ended up as a robotic voice that NEVER hung up and left a message over 3 minutes in length, taking up ALL the time on the phone system.

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This call was about doing "no-bid" work for the Federal Government in my state. Computer call that said to return the call and ask for extension 224.
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Private Business Person:

Indian Viagra salesman.
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Taylor Consulting & BIlling:

Thick Indian accent leads me to believe this is a BPO wanting me to "partner" (allow them to ruin or steal my business) with them. Too ignorant to know that someone names "Leah" (which he, of course, pronounced "Lee") is a woman, not a man. Caller ID came over as "421" but he invited me to call him back at 408-755-9512. Yeah, right.
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somone naed Jason Smith called my home# from 7189894671 and informed my wife that I had 3 criminial charges pending. It's a scam and I wish there is some way to put these scammers behind the bars, forever.
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its a debt collector
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Garfield McCormick:

who the f**k is calling me I am Garfield McCormick.
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Tampa Bay:

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prerecorded message to resolve my credit issues. I do not have any