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We have received 143 calls from 5 different numbers from a DIRT BAG BOTTOM FEEDER DEBT COLLECTOR named VALENTINE & KEBARTUS. They have Pre-Recorded messages looking for a Josh Mullens. There is no Josh Mullens at this number and NEVER HAS BEEN. This is a Cell phone number that we have had for only a short time, so this must have been the previous owner of this number.
These DIRT BAGS first started calling with the 866-598-2788, which we traced back to them. Calls from this number started on 9-5-12 to 9-27-12, then stopped. In that time frame we received 40 calls that we have recorded as to the day and time. In that time we had a call from 941-803-3003 on 9-17-12, which we also traced back to them.
Starting on 11-15-12 we started to get calls from from 3 different numbers in our area code. All numbers were 865-622-XXXX. No messages were ever left. If you called those numbers back, it tells you that the number cannot be completed as dialed. We could not trace these numbers online to anyplace, so we finally picked up some of the calls and listened to the Pre-Recorded message looking for a Josh Mullens. They stated that you could punch the #1 and get a message, but all that did is go into a call center that played horrible music and no one ever answered it. They also gave you another number to call. This number was 855-514-3074, which is their REAL NUMBER. We dialed that number and got someone that came on the line who could barely SPEAK ENGLISH. This person did say that it was the DIRT BAG BOTTEM FEEDER…VALENTINE & KEBARTUS. We then hung up without saying anything, because all that we wanted to know is who for sure they were. We have received 33 CALLS from the 865-622-8159 starting 11-15-12. We have received 34 CALLS from the 865-622-8294 starting 11-16-12. We have received 34 CALLS from the 865-622-8288 starting 11-17-12. Calls from these 3 numbers keep coming daily. No messages are ever left. All of these calls are recorded as to day and time.
There may be another number tied these DIRT BAG BOTTOM FEEDERS, but do not know for sure. That number is 865-243-6851. We have received 8 calls from them starting 11-13-12. It appears to be a cell phone number. I dialed it back the last time, and got someone that also answered who could barely SPEAK ENGLISH. They did not identify themselves. I dialed it back today 2-12-13, and was told that the number was temporarily out of service. All of these calls are recorded as
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The caller identifies himself as DEA and extorts money from helpless old women. Hang up immediately!
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calling my work # not allowed
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ripped off:

not only are they an illegal pharm company- they don't deliver anything--

This company pray on elderly ppl buy promissing them low cost meds and then not delivering then threatening the elderly that they will be arrested if they complain/

Very similar to the Nigerian Sweepstakes Scam only using meds.

SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...SCAM ...
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patricia stephend:

Calls several times a day. Gives a recording if I want to speak to an agent press 1. Then says office closed.
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I just got this same caller and he told me my package was comeing and he also asked my age after i told him he must have the wrong number. I didnt tell him anything except that i dont give my personal info out and hung up immediently. I do not know who it is but i do know the caller is from Jamacia. I would block the caller if he/she/it calls u back. He called me twice but i ignored him. Hope this helps!! :)
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I found out who it is but after emailing faxing back and calling they still will not quit. All day every day. This is my company cell. I'm losing work. And my mind!!!!!!!!!
San Diego ca. Please help.
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Telemrktr calling for "Dana Hayward" - SCAM!!!!!
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This number showed up on my phone, I picked it up then the caller says "we are going through our phone maintenance" then hung up. I do not know who these people are.
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Big brother pinging my phone.
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called to say i am person of interest
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They keep calling my landline and its just a beeping when I answer
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Woman called my cell phone 30 times. My job phone 52 times in one day saying that there is an investigation against my social security number for fraud. I had to call the police department to my job. The officier took the call and the officier told them he was the police the guy asked the officier what was his badge number. The officier asked him where he was located, he couldn't answer, he asked him what was his tax id number because they should have one if they were a company. They hung up.
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This is a toll free telephone number used by Connect Pro
which is a problem solver for Pc and electronics.
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Called and didn't leve a voice mail
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This has been a repeat series of calls from this number 1-800-331-6769. When I have answered each time, the caller hangs up each time. This has gotten very old. I have used services included in my telephone service to block this number, but honestly, I should not have to do so.

If this was a neighborhood kid playing the hang up game, that's one thing (and still annoying), but for this to be I assume a telemarketer or someone who has purchased lists of phone numbers in hopes to increase their business; calling numbers and then hanging up when someone answers is not the way to do so.

Keep dialing my number people, and I will continue to block you all!

Sick of these calls that come in at all hours of the day and night regardless of my number being registered on the NDNCR (National Do Not Call Registry), to include when my children and I are in bed sleeping (well after the midnight hour). Not only have you been blocked, but yet another of many reports has been filed against you with the NDNCR just prior to my finding this site to warn others who may be prey to your ludacris and annoying techniques.
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Itszme Zappit:

It is the Sacramento Bee. This is where my skill sets kick in. Call (916) 321-1000. This is the Sacramento Bee's #. I went to Advertising department to talk crap. They tried to say they have nothing to do with the autospamming robot which i agreed, they wouldn't. However, i said "I just want to call you and annoy you and let someone there know how it feels to be annoyed via the phone". She kept trying to pass me off and i insisted on annoying her until she asked for my number to pass it along and have it removed from the "correct" department. When in doubt, always call "Sales" and "Advertisements" which generate revenue and they almost always pick up. ; )

If the employee you talk to does not understand "time is money". Then talk to a sup or someone else in an auth position...I promise you THAT person will understand "time is money" and will not want to be bothered anymore. Some employees are crap/garbage and will not care, use your judgment and get someone else on the phone, chew up their time and resources until they get your phone off their system. When doing this, it's smart to log the time and person you talked to as it is the law to remove your phone number within a certain amount of days when you request it. Your phone records calling them will help you make a case if need be.
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Greg Seavers:

Received a similar call earlier today at parents home and a sibblings home... Funny is that I have not resided at either homes in over 10yrs..
Left a case# PDL 58###

So stupid...

Name they used was Lacy S.

I usually get messages every so often..

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I received a call to day at about 12:00pm today saying I had charges against me and wont me to contact them or they was gonna place a warrent against on me and come to my job to arrest me if i didnt contact them. Ihave never had any dealing with any illegal activity so I dont know why I have got this call. SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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i received a call at my work today for the first time from these people. some lady saying she is with a payday company that i took a loan out with and she is tired of my shananigans and is calling back to ask for human resources to have my wages garnished. first of all, i tried to contact these people a while ago and always got a recording. now all of a sudden out of nowhere they are tired of my shananigans. Wages are only garnished if its pertaining to The IRS or Child Support, so good luck lady. I answer the phones at work and if you think im transferring this scam call to my boss you are sooooooo wrong.
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This is a scam number....They try and get money from you!!
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UPS package delivery company
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Bob W:

Received call from this number, didn't know it, do it went to answering machine. No message left. An hour later i called the number, got recording saying NUMBER NO LONGER IN SERVICE.
Must be scam
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They call for the owner when I tell them he isn't here & can I help you they hang up. When I call the number back it says they aren't accepting any calls at this time. Very annoying & rude
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Debit card charged for $8.78? Did not even talk to anyone. This was the number listed.
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2/12/2013 - Call at 7:40 AM Pacific time, did not answer call, no message was left. Would like to know what a "SCUM BAG!"
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Regions Bank
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he is replying to adds on craigs list and kijiji and offering to pay more than asking price for things to scam people. he will then ask you to pay some of the money back ..he will likely send a counterfiet cheque to you and then ask for money back and after you cash the check for more than what the item is worth he will ask you for some of the money back then the bank askes you for the moeny that you got from cashing the cheque-- very common scam .....another loser scammer on the net
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number called me today and when I called it back, it said the number was out of service. Says number has been disconnected. Maybe some telemarketer spoofed a phone number.
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Called number back and received it is a fax number. Loud ringing as if it is a fax number....
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It's Choice Energy. Telemarket. The want to sell you cheap electric service. they are pretty rude about it when you say no. I sign up to buy electric from an enviromentaly friendly company. Choice Energy sell coal fired power. The dirtyist on the market. They were pretty rude about it
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Received a call from this number, left a silent voicemail for a few seconds and hung up. A search of area code 454 shows it is not a US number, no idea who it is.
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This number belongs to:

REM Air Conditioning of Tampa
3212 N 40th St #602
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 248-5877


They are an air conditioning contractor in Tampa, FL. They called to confirm my maintenance appointment.
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Wow, what rude people. They asked for the owner of my company, I said what is this regarding? She said we are an attorney and private investigators office. I again asked what the call was regarding. She said she just told me. I said no, you told me what your company is, not what this call is regarding. She started to mouth off so I hung up. What is wrong with people in the world today?
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Did not leave message
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sst , debt collectors. very shady and aggressive company