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He is a good friend of mine..
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Worse than a call, this was in my Discover card download with a zero amount. It ususally means a card is being registered and tested. I will also see if the credit card company can find out, since it's on my account.
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They did the same thing to me.
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Joe smith:

left a message "pick up the damm phone"
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Dyanmic Reovery Solutions
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Called twice today and left no voice mail.
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This is a School Messenger system for public schools to notify you of closings, etc.
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Courrier Plus, 1950 Rue Moreau, Montréal, QC H1W 2L9, Canada.
Their office phone: 514-521 0775

Call them and ask them to take all your numbers off their list...!!
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called but no message
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Fake Auto Warranty Scam.
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Calls several times a day, leaves no message. A search said it is College Service (Joplin MO) unfortunately I couldn't find any additional info.
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this is a craigslist scammer. willing to pay $2500 total with shipping for a used double oven listed for $900.. never even looked at it. full of excuses not to speak in person.. What realy tipped Me off was I recognized His voice on His voicemail. a few monthes ago on a different transaction,, on a completely different item. I turned down a scam response pointing out that I knew He was a scammer. then later on,,,had a guy call Me asking all kinds of odd questions about the item up for sale, I remember this call well because there was no way that someone would pay that kind of money, for what was up for sale with out any knowledge on the subject. I suspect HE was feeling ME out. Creeeepy Weirdo... If you get any texts from this # call it and listen to His voice,its very memorable. Or even better, If you deal with craigslist a lot. call it and just listen for Your own knowledge and protection.
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Debt collector who doesn't say they are debt collector. Illegal practices...DON'T ANSWER...and make sure you file a complaint against them.
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calls sometimes 15 times a day, nobody there, no recording, comes from out of the Country, pain in the ass
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Calls many times a day. No one on the line. Any info would be appreciated.
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Correction, not Best Buy but Direct Buy. Googled it and confirmed they are having grand opening in Mountain View. They also show up on Yelp with a 1.5 star rating. Its a home furnishing outfit that requires membership to buy their products.
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I normally don't pickup on unidentifed callers but decided to for the hell of it. Its from an entity called "Best Buy", sounds familiar at the time but couldn't place it, I now believe its the electronic store. I asked what do you want she replied be assured I'm not trying to sell you anything. I asked again, what do you want, she said ok lets get to the point, we are a home products company in Mountain View and about to have a grand opening and would like to give me a special prize for my time for showing up at their grand opening. I told her not interested and take me off your list. She hesitatingly replied OK and started on another spiel at which time I hung up on her.
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Debt Collector stating they represent an attorney... Such bullsh*t!
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just hung up when I answered.
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This number has been calling me three to five times a day for a week and they're not leaving a message. They need to stop or leave a message.
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This number has been harassing me for a year. It is a debt collector looking for someone of have never heard of, and has never lived here. They call continuously, multiple times a day, threatening me. They are very abusive and rude, and will not stop calling me.
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I received a call on 2/12/2013 stating I had an outstanding balance I owed the post office for a $72 check I had written. I informed the person I don't write checks and asked what bank the check was written off of. They stated they didn't have that information, just the routing number. I told them I dispute this claim and to submit validation proving this is me and my check. They said they'd mail a copy of the information they have.

I can only imagine this is some type of scam as I don't write checks (nor do I think the post office accepts check anymore).
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Utah Call:

Said nothing after 1 min, hung up and when I tried to call back it says it's disconnected ?
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Call from different numbers daily.....never leave message. Searched elsewhere and found it is "Alititude Funding" or something.....scam collection agency from what I gather. Must be, I don't owe anything.
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Ms. LaPoint:

This caller called my unlisted phone number & when I questioned the man as to where he got my unlisted phone number, he said that he did not yet tell me he was a telemarketer. I then told him I am on the do not call list for telemarketers & he hung up on without saying another word to me.
This is the first time he called me so far.
I do not accept calls from people I don't know & who don't know me.
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Text that says I won an ipad 4 or a 1000 walmart card from FB. Hack scum.
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Is it a legit call
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Get calls . Just show Freeport, TX. Probably a scam or a telemarketing group. A seriuos caller will always leave a voicemail and give name, company name so you can research the caller.
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es un grupo que se dedica a estafar , pidiendo que compres una tarjeta prepagada money pak, la cual se vende el walmart, cvs, etc, no contesten al telefono , son estafadores de acento latino, suramerica,, te dicen que si no pagas tal o mas cual cosas, que supuestamente comprastes, ellos te van a demander, dicen ademas que son gubernamentales, lo que soun unos estafadores descarados de mierda
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Protective Hubby:

Called with my wife's name but was disconnected before we could find out more. Has called several times today.
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Repo company Roquemore & associates
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Someone called my cell asking about survey,
and job offer, probably telemarketing that can reach
Your cellphone now.
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It is the Kalamazoo gazette telemarketers. Best thing to do is answer the phone or call them back. If you do not answer they will call again. When you answer "POLITELY" say, I am not interested will you please remove me from the call list.
Remember, they do have a job and mouths to feed. They are strong people and put up with a lot of sh** everyday, you don't need to add to it.
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2 names natalie nale and chris masterson, complete bs. Want e to pay a debt to a company or get served at my job... brig it! Ill introduce u to my legal department and my police clientelle.
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Repeated calls over the last few weeks, never leave a message. I looked up and visually verified the physical address associated with Pinnacle Health and the phone number - guess what? IT DOESN'T EXIST!