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Wow, what rude people. They asked for the owner of my company, I said what is this regarding? She said we are an attorney and private investigators office. I again asked what the call was regarding. She said she just told me. I said no, you told me what your company is, not what this call is regarding. She started to mouth off so I hung up. What is wrong with people in the world today?
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Did not leave message
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sst , debt collectors. very shady and aggressive company
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This is actually Formative Recovery and the number they provide in their automated message is 888-280-6868. They never mention what debt the call is for in the voice message. Look up the company on Google, and you will find a large amount of negative feedback about them.
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They called me at an online voicemail number. I called back from my Google Voice number and it was a company called "Degree Match". They knew my name. I haven't used the online voicemail number actively for about three years or so, so I have no idea how they got it.
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tanne de vos appels
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Stated name as Investigator Bright and Ms. Bright. Called my place of employment and told co workers that it had to do with a court matter, also told them that had to with check fraud. I told her to stop calling my work and she said "no" that she would keep calling. She stated that they were sending someone to come arrest me...etc. I want her to stop calling my friends, relatives and employment and telling my personal information to them. This is harrassment and could get me dismissed from my job.
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This is Safeco. I asked for an auto insurance quote online, and then they called me. I did not answer, as I did not want to speak to them; I only wanted the info online.
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anon fool:

These guys are a scam that try to sell you coaching for however much money is available on your credit cards. Very shady hard sell tactics. They tell you it won't cost anything and then they surprise you at the end. SCAM!
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This is Maximizer Software in Vancouver Canada. It's specifically their sales department.
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this number is from American Express
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Calls almost everyday and does not leave a message
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These are scum-sucking bottom feeders who have bought a loan and are desperately fishing for a victim to fall for their bs and pay them to go away. They do not know who they are calling and are just trying to find the moron whose loan they got for pennies on the dollar. Report them to the FCC's Do Not Call complaint page. https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2
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Had questions regarding my resume for a position in their Brandon office. I am a Medical Assistant. My research showed the call came from Winter Park and they are an Insurance Agency
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I received a call from this number earlier today. It was a man and he claimed to know me and that I gave him my number on line. I know that is a complete lie...since I do not chat on line with men and I am engaged and I do not know anyone from New York. Funny he did not address me by my name lol you would think if you knew me than you would say this is so and so and address me by my name. My phone number was just changed two months ago and it is unlisted and only 4 people have it..well now 5..if he calls again I am going to the police.
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Sent me a message through Craigslist which was a scammer!
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This is GE Brandsmart credit card company
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Calls once or twice every day to ask for someone who no longer lives here. When I try to give them that person's new number, they call up before I can do so. Asshats.
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Disgusted Consumer:

Computer generated voice "I'm calling about your credit card (they are careful not to say which one). There is no problem with your account, but you may qualify for a lower rate..." I never pick up- always let my answering machine pick up unknown numbers. I get this same message from numerous numbers. My number is on the Do Not Call list, which is the biggest joke of them all, since telemarketers call with impunity all the time.
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in Feb 2013 an organization calling itself Consortium Manufacturers is trying to tell a senior citizen friend of mine that they owe for back taxes. They call from 347 441 3053. I called, using *67 to block my name, and an answering machine with a male voice from India answered, but used a different company name.
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they must be a scam artist cos they keep calling will not leave a message..these folks are idiots
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ed magee:

Caller tryed to sell me health insurance
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This number keeps ringing my home phone at random times. It is really annoying and no one answers
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Individuals calling from this company ask for the President by his first name, acting as if they are his personal friend. First, learn to correctly pronounce the name if you are going to act like you are his good old buddy. Second, he has no interest in speaking with you, and I have been instructed to not put your call through as well as not letting it be known whether he is or is not in the office. The only thing you need to know is that I will take a message and ensure the President gets it, but I do not owe you any other information. I agree with Vincent that it's the same company calling using various numbers.
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W R Pence:

Received several calls this morning - receive no response after I say hello.
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Calling me for a bill from 3 years ago and trying collect on the debit. DO THINK SO!
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Armed forces recruiting office.
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Steven Bursoi:

I am 56 y/o man from glendale,I've mis-dialed the number and got the line for Primeview scottsdale, I was looking for an Insurance company but the lady said wrong number and asked is there something she can help me with. She Google the phone number that I am supposed to call. Thank you.
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20 unwanted phone calls per day. Every day!! I've asked them to stop phoning. I've told them that I'm really, really not interested in anything they might sell or offer of give away for free - I just want them to leave me alone!!
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Disgruntled Customer:

Scam business! "Suit Foundry" is the name.
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this number has been saying i have a warrant.
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Internet scammer preying on Craigslist postings. Do not provide any information.
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Fitter Lifter:

3 Indian sounding lady keeps on calling and asking for the decision maker of the company and asking for an email address????? told them i need to speak to their Manager. spoke to Ritsy Villain ( that's how he spelled it though) and asking money for us to be deleted on their calling list!!!
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getting info's such as email and contact person... said would like a conference call. hmm with who? they don't know the person they are looking for!
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THis is a cell phone. This guy is a creep. He must be bored cause he calls over and over talking about his private parts, wants you to visit him, when you do not go for it, he mean and threatens. He will text you. I have been researching. He has been doing this for at least a yr with this number.