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Received 3 calls from (900) 249-0800 on 01/10/2013 asking for "Daniel". I explained that they had called a business line and that nobody named Daniel was here (which is quite true). On the 3rd attempt, I asked who was calling, and they promptly hung up without responding. I assume it is a debt collector.
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These people call constantly, multiple times a day, every day. They have had a BBB complaint filled against them.

Great Oak Lending Partners
1922 greenspring Drive, Suite 4
Timonium, MD. 21093

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A man calls, ask if I am (first name, last name). I say "yes", short pause, so I look at my phone and my own phone snaps a picture of me! This really pissed me off.
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Calls asking for LARGE sums of money...step mother (has dementia) tried to take out a loan. Now he has her cell #
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dedt collectors
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I got a call from this number 10.1.13. I will not answer the call when it will not give the name. All this said was "call". I see by the large number of complaints, this is some scammer who should be gassed.
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Fund-Raising solicitor for NY Police, or something like that. I hung up. Don't my taxes pay for police officers?
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This is a craigs list scammer!! from this number.
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This guy named Mr. Burk called and gave me a case # and a file #. This is bogus. They are a debt collector trying to use SCARE TATICS to collect money. Don't give them any information and if they call you, tell them to f--- off. These guys are animals. Don't fall for it.
***They will not come to your home and they will not go to your work. Don't call them back, correct their information on you, don't give them money, don't even speak to them.... tell them to F--- off like Harold said above and hang up! What a sorry world this is turning into.
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a. banks:

I believe it is a scam one of the many on craigslist so just trying to get some clarification. This would be the fourth scammer to contact me
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I had a similar experience with this number. I also got another call the other day from 813-384-2540. Also disconnected, both Tampa, FL numbers. I will be blocking these prefixes as well.
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I wanna know if this is magicjack number..does it has incoming facility? Who is calling me from this?


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Roger Vincent:

SCAM artist - apparently from "Mega Millions" - totally bogus. rip off, etc.
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I let it go to voicemail each time because it is a foreign number and we are a local business. They wait until VM connects, then don't say anything. Maybe it is a bot probe.
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Caller ID said: Credit Cards
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Supposedly, its the springfield, MA republic newspaper which is odd considering there is an office here in town. Believe it to be an they ask for credit card info and banking information. States to give give you the paper for .99 cents for $51.00 but when searching for legitimate ovine number this number does not come up. Do not give them any banking info credit card info..
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Unknown caller leaves no message - very annoying - these calls need to stop!
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bill collector
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Calls constantly. Says there is a problem with your computer, and can fix it on line, but needs your password. This is a scam, do not answer this number.
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Who is this? Have no clue who they are. Call looking for someone who is not living here.
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they are scam bunch of ragheads trying to pin people for a supposedly loan i took out which never happened with Cash Advance & are wanting me to pay via money gram. Bunch of idiots when i asked them to stop calling my job the jerk said "No i can call you how many times i want" my phones at work rang over 60x in 1 hour
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Received calls at 12am, 5am, 10am today from this number, never anyone on the other end of the line and the call disconnects after 15 seconds. I'm short on sleep and PISSED OFF.
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I got a call from a company stating they were a sweepstakes company and that I had won second prize of $450,000. They were sending a carrier to arrive at my residence the next day with a bank check in that amount. I was supposed to provide them with proper ID and that I needed to pay a 1% insurance fee ($4,500) but that they would give me a discount to ($2,500). I told them that this is a scam and I don't have $2,500 in my back pocket to pay them. I then hung up.
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who or what ever keeps calling my son cell phone. he is 11 yrs old. they call while he is at school or even 2 am.Called the number back many times to get a message that says please hold for the next available agent.waiting 5 + mins. for them to just say goodbye ending call now & hang up.ifI do ever get a hold of someone they better never call again.if you know anything about this number or know how to stop this please let me know......
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They said they were calling to sell me a walk in tub because they knew I was old. They had my name and I take exception to anyone having this much information about me. First of all I do not consider myself old just because I am 65 and I certainly am not physically incapable of getting in and out of a tub.
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Gene Juarez - Tacoma salon
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debt collector that refuses to mail out letter and then hangs up
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I don't answer calls I don't give my number too. I have no debts or anything. All numbers called to my phone should be on my phone. They didn't leave a msg so right there tells me it is a scam, telemarketer or someone wanting something who doesn't know me. i don't give out my number to anyone to call me. Any sites I sign up I make sure they don't give out my info in less legally obligated to by court order. So they would have had to get my info by someone not telling the truth about selling personal info. I tried calling back and automated system says the number is not working or is no longer in service. Meaning it is a call out number only also a give away for a telemarketer or a someone wanting something who doesn't know me.
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Calls to my number, that I didn't give to anybody besides my google voice, and I put that number on the Do Not Call registry. Definitely some sort of spam/scam...
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Called me to say I won something
I said wrong number stop calling
They called back again later and no message
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This is an automated call from Sallie Gay trying to shake you down for unpaid student loans. I am f***ing 57 years old and have never had a f***ing student loan. Leave me the f**k alone ya mooks.
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When asked where did you get my name, phone went silent.
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Called and left me a message on a business cell phone and telling me that there is a case against me and they want to talk to me before they file the case through Bexar County and that it is a criminal matter.

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have no idea who this is, I call back and get put on hold or get a machine asking for a case #
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Bobby Jacob:

Leaves message... Says they have a case involving my name and social security number, but they never mention my name. -Scam.