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I received a text message with the caller ID (bozokajofyl@aol.com) asking me to call 518-530-1137.
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lucas wood:

dont know who this is, cant talk on the phone only text
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fake online 411 yellow pages company that keeps harrassing me with a "collection for advertising". I've already reported them to the FTC (who said this is a big scam and they record you to try to pretend you have a verbal contract, the other time I spoke to someone they yelled at me and rerecorded because I went off her script and said "what company are you?", and she rerecorded). I'm tired of being harrassed by these people calling my business line. Today I called back the number which is listed as a cell phone in Quebec. I just reported them to the BBB. Any other ideas? It's sick. The FTC woman said they are preying on small businesses and threatening our credit as they are.
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nobody important:

NRA Group, LLC aka National Recovery Agency


(717) 540-7636
2491 Paxton Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 67015.
Harrisburg, PA 17106
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These p--cks called us at 4:30 in the morning on christmas eve. Freaking yankee scum. Go to any lengths for the almighty american dollar. Yankee go home. Hope you get rocks under your tree for Christmas.

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I recieved a call from this number this morning, when I answered there was a series of "bleep bleep..bleep" as if it were a rogue fax machine attempting to hook up. I did a little research and Ironically the telephone call came from a company at http://www.netprowa.com/ NETPROWA, a fullfillment center whom assist call centers and service bureaus (harrasing telephone call administrators) to filter their databases of numbers to people whom do not want their telephones to ring due to them calling. Also ironically they state they do not make bulk communications yet they became the reason for me to interrupt my morning to stop their call from filling ears with their bleep... bleep.... bleep.... du.... at what point has the fix become party to the problem ? I think from bleep one.
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This is Credit One bank
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This idiot claims to be calling from lic is calling regularly on my phone
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Would not provide name. Stated he was a student doing research. Definitely
a scam of some sort.
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This person spoofs the phone number 601-885-3067. She wants to sidetrack you into thinking the other number is LE. The owner of 504-233-8988 is trying to deter anyone that sees her ad from the truth. She is trouble. As far as LE, I don't think she is that, because she would not pass the psychology evaluation. She is a crazy woman with bipolar that is off her meds most the time. She harassed me for a few days, because I decided not to meet with her. She kept calling me & threatening to get even with me for being a timewaster. I told her that if she called me again, I would press harassment charges. I never heard from her again. Guys beware. This one is a fruitcake. Yeah, go read her blog. It clearly depicts how crazy she really is. She is too stupid to realize how stupid it really makes her.
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This stalker is real Law enforcement 6018853067
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The person at 504-233-8988 spoofs 601-885-3067 put of jealousy.
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Law enforcement
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Heard this one is LE
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Lady never identified what company she was with. I told her she had the wrong phone number three times. She asked for Howard, then asked if I knew Howard. I confirmed my phone number was the one she dialed.

A few minutes later they called another number, looking for Howard. She then said she was with MRS Associates a financial company.

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this number continues to text me asking for my e-mail address in relation to an ad on cycletrader.com. All they're doing is fishing for my e-mail so they can add it some list to sell. I respond to their e-mail from my Yahoo account, which I don't care if it gets spammed or sold, since I hardly ever use it. the e-mail they want me to respond to is davidmark01234@gmail.com This is the message they send "hello do you still have your listed BIKE for sale if yes you can get back to me in private email davidmark01234@gmail.com with your asking price..."
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Calls every 4-5 days. Never leaves a message. I called them back, according to message I heard, its a Comcast-authorized telemarketing firm.
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Same call. Related to having filled out a contest drawing card for a new car at the local mall. Says we won the same contest above and all we have to do is endure a 2 hour tour of a Wyndham resort hotel and consider signing up for services / clubs / whatever.
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This person had an Indian accent and insisted he was calling from Canada. He went into his speech and was going on and on about my computer had spyware and they could rid me of the problem(yea I bet they could). I ask him where he was calling from he told me Canada. I ask him to stop with the sell for a moment and tell me what company he was calling from, he just kept going. The jest I got was he wanted permission to access my computer. I ask him three times what company he was calling from with no answer. I told him I was hanging up if he did not tell me what company he was calling from he did not so I hung up.
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No one on other end..can't call them back
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Whoever this is has called 3 times in the last 4 hours. Is this harassment or what?
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Email to confirm an online loan
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Calls three or four times a day. Nobody is there if we pick up.
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This appears to be an Amvets solicitation for donation pick ups for the Baltimore, MD area.
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Watch out for these scammers...they took $34.71 from my account and told me I was approved for a loan, and right afterwards the lady asked me did I want the loan. I told her no and that I want my money back for this so called aplication fee. The lady gave me a confirmation number that consisted of only 4 numbers and a letter and would not tell me the company's name or her name. Report it to your bank and it may be a good idea to change your account number.
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AAA Mid-Atlantic Motor Club Membership Renewal
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calls constantly. very annoying
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Evidently this company has an immigrant working for them that does not comprehend american english. They have been harrassing our company all day looking for an individual that no longer works here. Their representative calls and is rude and swears. Found out this company is out of California. Going to investigate further and report these idiots to the BBB!
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GCS is a teleservices company which calls primarily on behalf of local cable TV companies.

We are not a collections company.

We are located in Pueblo, Colorado and you can reach us at 877-316-1408 during regular business hours or leave a message and we will respond as soon as possible.

You can also visit our website at http://www.gcscalled.us for more information.
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constantly calling each day leaving threatening messages about a summons
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Marion Fryer:

It was a text message claiming I won $1,000 BestBuy Holiday Gift Card... www.bit.ly/V9do36
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Calls 3 or 4 timea a day
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Employment verification company
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this number is annoying, please make them stop.
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Didn't answer but found this page and glad I didn't.
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This company, person, machine calls me every day, never leave any message.
caller id says is from Bradenton, FL

I have no idea who they are or what they want, but based on the way they work... I'm sure I don't want to do any business with them!

Does anybody know who they are?