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constantly calling each day leaving threatening messages about a summons
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Marion Fryer:

It was a text message claiming I won $1,000 BestBuy Holiday Gift Card... www.bit.ly/V9do36
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Calls 3 or 4 timea a day
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Employment verification company
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this number is annoying, please make them stop.
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Didn't answer but found this page and glad I didn't.
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This company, person, machine calls me every day, never leave any message.
caller id says is from Bradenton, FL

I have no idea who they are or what they want, but based on the way they work... I'm sure I don't want to do any business with them!

Does anybody know who they are?
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When I answered the phone, no answer, just a static noise in the background.
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Insurance auditor
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They keep calling and when answer hangs up then call back and play music
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The number has been calling me AT least 6 times a day at my office for the last 5 days. Oddly enough I am never at my desk to take the call. When I try to call back I get a fake switch board that takes me no-where with no indication of who I am calling
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Scam Alert !! BEWARE OF THIS PERSON !! This b***s*** artist is the same person who offers
SolidWorks / AutoCAD - 2D & 3D Design & Drafting Services, also posts & sells illegal software. On kijjji & Craigslist..( Google these numbers ( 905-457-4556 )( 647-218-4556) To see what other people posted about him. His wife Natalia runs a illegal DayCare service in her home and has been charged many times by Peel Police and RCMP.She sometimes leaves Saad Abdo to illegally supervise children while she steps out. This person is a is a conceded major CON ARTIST who posts up glamor shots of himself to look like he's is a honest person.


However he is nothing but a thief, liar snake, and coward offering illegal services and sells counterfeit computer software, fake concert tickets, fake handbages, fake ttc tickets and pornographic material on the side.He does this to send money home to Algeria and fund the Islam Religion Movement.

This guy is a bastard and should be removed out of Canada and should be sent home, so he can live back with the Poor Sewer Rat family that he came from.

Saad Abdo ( a.k.a. Behzadvaghei )

18 larkfield rd
Brampton, Ontario
L6v 2t3

Call Type: Event Reminder
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I found a charge of $14.99 on my bank statement, and checked prior months to find out has been charged for 4 months. Need to contact them to see who they are and why they are charging my account and how they got my bank account info. Internet reports the number to belong to "Everyday Living"
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I also received a fax asking for the price on a chicken caesar salad for 220 for a pary on January 19 for her "mum".
She asked for the total cost and charges per person.
Pick up was at 3:00 by a private carrier.
Asked for my name, direct cell phone number, and type of credit cards accepted.
Asked me to email or text info.
Came from Michelle Williams, Owner & Manager, Michelle Party Planner
email: michellefamily01@gmail.com phone 646 3097 6397
Test (sic) msg is the best option to contact
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calling no answer except a machine
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Got a call from green star construction at 303-481-1381, they said they'd fix my roof for free and when I said I wasn't interested he said something rude and hung up. I tried calling back but the number wouldn't accept incoming calls. Looked them up and the better business bureau has the phone # and website for a 'green star construction' in aurora, not sure if it's the same one or not. (303) 535-5110. http://www.greenstarconstruction.net
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Spam marketer about some type of insurance.
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call is an automated recording for www.goldenticket411.com......
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The number stated that they are from the Department of Commerce and they are collecting a debt. Dept of Commerce has no knowledge and the person on the phone when called back would not answere any questions.
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computer said it was an important call and not a sales call, to stay on the line. stayed on, then dead line after about 15-20 seconds.
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LTD Financial Serviced
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this scammer called,I answered,the recording on the other end said they were from a bad check collecting agency and I was on their account.Well I got news for this sorry a**hole.I have never wrote a bad check!So therefore this dickhead was just trying to scam me outta money.f**k him!I then *67ed the a**hole and called him back.It was not a company.I got "Stepha's" voice mail so I left the scammer a message.Hope he liked it! :)
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Washington State University MBA program... Contacting for more information.
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Joee T.:

Scammer (of some kind) that calls 3 times a day and leaves no message. May be a debt collector.
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This is a scam. Telling me that I won $100,000. Don't send them information.
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calling for help and using one of my contats name also received a phone call, very weird.
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johnny fisher:

calls 3to4 times a day and on my cell phone.g
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curtis benson:

say they are kelly smith
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Jennifer Williams:

The person that uses this number goes by the name Jennifer Williams and toohotofanurse. She claims to work for Novant Healthcare, however her entire online profile is a fraud. The pictures being used are actually of a dear friend of mine named Sam Kesser (Google her on Myspace). 'Jennifer' has over 3,000 friends, mostly if not all are men and no tagged pictures. Called Novant and they have "no employee" by that name. BEWARE!!
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J. W.:

Call from CMRE Financial Services asking for a person who may have had this number several years ago, but no longer. Recorded message left on voice mail requesting a hang-up is not the person requested and then stating that by not hanging up it was an acknowledgment that it was the person being called for. They sometimes call in quick succession so that it forces the second call to go to the phone services voice mail while the first is still ringing. Message left is a mixture of one canned message overlaid with computer generated readings of the names of the requested person and the company they supposedly owe. Hanging up to indicate they have the wrong number does not work, as they will call again and again.
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Left voicemail saying they are from county and will take legal action if i don't pay some past due payday loan acct???
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Its the clan.
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Received 3 phone calls and no voicemail. This is an unknown number
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allways calls and never says what company it is or what is the purpose of the call
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June Belford:

Spam marketer.
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i get a call everyday. hang up when i answer, no message when i don't answer. if you call the number you will get a recorded "our offices are closed..." message.