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This is T-mobile. I don't even have T-mobile, I have att Crazy folks!!!
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These folks are big time scammers! I called back the # twice, and got 2 different folks on the line. They asked me to verify my name, address, and Social Security #! Who does that??? When I asked the name of the business once they said, LVN Consulting. Another time they said Associates Bank or Financial. I am contacting the State Attorney General's # this morning!
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D Smith:

Not from a call but this number is being used in a scam. Email claims the recipient has millions of dollars waiting for them at Orlando airport. Used this number to call and claim the money.
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256-447-9486 calls once or twice a month and never leaves a message. Please stop calling as I am on the do not call registry.
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1 call received from this number. Claims to be handling complaint filed against me. Gives no more than case number does not verify that I am actually correct person with name. Transfers me to where I can either speak to legal outsourcing if I have received a summons or leave a message.
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called me couple times and left voice mails in which claimed he is my sugardaddy! LMAO!!!
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did not answer
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Male voice with accent starts asking about whether or not my Mom wanted to purchase sleep aids and diet pills. He became argumentative with my Mom and after I wrestled the phone from her and hung up, he continued to call, even after I told him to stop calling.
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Id a scam
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This person is scam
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877-812-1162 - Medical Recovery Services (MRS):
A "Debt Collection Agency" used by doctors and hospitals, known for "deceptive business practices", "like calling you and insisting payment..."
When they call, or you call them back they will answer the phone as or describe themselves as a "business office" (which is just a switch board).
They will keep insisting that you give them your name, phone number, DOB, and credit card info to take care of a bill. They will refuse or avoid telling you who they are unless you first provide them with your personal information.

When called a voice recording will answer and state "thank you for calling our office. All of our employees are assisting patients at this time." or "our representatives are 'helping' 'patients'." They call their collection accounts "Patients"!!! not helping others or helping other clients...

The calling phone collectors are - rude when questioned about who they are!
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Barbizon Modeling & Acting
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Called left voicemail - Patrick from Promident National Curriors - threatened to come to my work - witness needs to be my boss. This is funny - I'm sure this would scare some people though.
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received text message on cell that had won a $1000 gift card for Best Buy and web address to claim. Tried calling number, got recording no one to take call, leave message so left message "I do not want any more of your text messages."
Obviously a scam. At about same time my wife received a similar text message from a different number.
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Haven't answered. Two afternoons in a row.
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they sent a lot of message
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Annoyed in Bay Area:

510 244-4369 called but did not leave any message.
Since I do not recognize this caller I am guessing it may be an unwanted call.
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its a switchboard number for REGUS in philadelphia. they represent numerous companies who want to seem bigger than they are and share office space with each other. it could be any of a number of different business some legit some scams.
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Michael's of Woodbridge
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Caller ID shows:

Hung up when line was answered.
Robo Fishing for good phone numbers with people on the other end.

So I am expecting a live person the next time, in a few days.
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This company offering bahama cruises at a great rate is either a complete scam or the single worst run company known. When i attempted to ask any questions i was first hung up on. After calling back and questioning this i was cussed at. I'm sure you may wonder if i brought this on by my own language. I in no way spoke rudely to these people. Well until after they opened that box, then i let it fly. What kind of business would operate in this way?
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no one answers when hello was spoke!!
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HLL Liquor Store:

Please do not take orders from this caller, he has called my liquor store several times for Cristal Champagne and Dom Perignon Champagne... its a scam...
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Vincent D:

Received a call from this number, but no one answered. I am concerned it is a cell phone number harvester.
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this guy keeps harassing me
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Called but left no message
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Probably a debt collector.

btw the submit button is covering the captcha box and I cannot see the entire word to re-type.
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mike g:

I don't know who calls me from this number it rings and no one ever leaves a message.
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Someone keeps calling me from this number at all hours. The time that I answered it seemed to be someone speaking Spanish, since then I have had multiple call all originating from this number in Minneapolis. Very annoying.
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This person 646-807-9317 replied to a Craigslist ad I had and was very fishy. They wanted me to reply via e-mail Jensdaveinc@gmail.com , fishy number 1. Then requested a résumé, fishy number 2, got very rude when I asked for details, fishy number 3, searched for the email and phone number online. Verified SCAM!

Let me tell you some things I look for to avoid wasting my time. I apologize if you find any of my statements offensive, but I have witnessed too many people be screwed through the Internet. Please don't feel detached and safe online. Be VERY CAUTIOUS!

-Western Union/Checks or any mention of funds not transferred in a cash to hand manner are BS.

-if a person is replying to an ad and doesn't mention the specifics of that item it is likely to be a scam(ie. calling it an item, or saying advert instead of ad or post or a specific site). Remember this:


-if they immediately ask you to contact them in a different manner than they are contacting you in...often means they are looking for bites/leads to screw you.

-Real people want to know YOU are for real, they aren't going to jump in with you without DETAILS. If they don't want details, they aren't for real!!!!

-if they ask you for ANY personal non-relevant information prior to meeting, this is common sense...DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR BANK/SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS! They don't need it for legitimate business! If its regarding a job for you, save that info for after ALL normal procedure...interviews and a period of dicision on the employers part. I have news for you...you are never the only applicant with a real company! it takes time to weigh the variables of potential employees, to contact previous employers and references. X

-look at it this way! EVERYONE from the Internet is out to scam you. Let them prove they aren't!

- the second things don't feel right, they probably aren't, don't waste anymore of your time! And if you feel the need, let the Internet Fraud Division of the FBI know about the person!

Thanks for your time. And I am seeking employment, preferably in private securities. You can contact me @ snewcomer22@yahoo.com Obviosly if you are a scammer I will not be giving you any info or cashing any checks for you or being victim to any of the other countless scams. Also I will report you! Everywhere I can!!!
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Make your home more energy efficient. Call several times a week!!
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Silverleaf resorts
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Over-due ATM Card payment $2million USD by the UN Office, We will send
you an International Swift ATM Card that has been approved in your favor
with Card Number:xxxxxxxxxxxx6112,:Contact Mr.James Walter.
(jameswalter@----.com) with the details below.

Delivery Address
.2. Full Names
.3. Phone Number
.4.a scanned copy of your ID or passport.
.5.your age and occupation.

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Man said he had an important message about energy. I immediately told him to take my name off his list. I don't accept these types of marketing calls. Most are scams.
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Caller said I won a contest. Four free tickets to anywhere in the states or Dominican Republic. Call was dropped mid-sentence. Called back and was directed to an extension to leave a message. He never called back. I didn't give him any personal info but did confirm my address.
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This people call nonstop.. They have no lives..
I inform them not to call but they continue to do so.
They are harrassing me thru the phone. They continue to threaten me
By telling me I will get arrested if I don't pay "some loan I took out"
I don't know what to do anymore
P.s if they call you, don't give them any information
This is a scam.. They just want your money!!