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Sean Murphy:

I received a call from this number twice today. I was curious to find out who kept calling me so I called back. The line was answered by a female asking for my SSN and that in order for them to tell me any information they needed to verify my SSN. I asked how they had by my SSN she said they just do. DO NOT give your SSN to any. Seems like a scam or someone or company trying to steal your personal info.
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channing smith:

do not call this number. im a rnter and i don't give this number out.
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just hangs up continuous calling
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Has called 4 times...Jewish Press of Tampa and also Marilyn La Monte Spa Treatment of Tampa Florida
Ever since we went on the DO NOT CALL list we get MORE of these types of calls
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call came in about 2 pm but my hand where wet so I answered too late and got a dial tone. No message left.
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"Company" is named Express Consent Marketing Member Services. I did NOT give my consent to be called. Rather, I'm on the Telemarketing DO NOT CALL list.
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Robo Call said I had been entered for a drawing. Then asked me several questions about my financial situation (do you have a checking account? More than $7000 on a credit card, etc.). After 8-10 questions. The recording said 'thank you', and the call terminated. A net search showed that it was an unlisted land line in Mansfield, OH.
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asked for Steve
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This number called me and said I won a romantic getaway for two.. I said yay okay and before anything they said I have to subscribe to a couple magazines for 39.90 a month but that I wouldn't receive the magazines till 3 months after?? So they would be charging me about 120 bucks per 3 months that's a lot.. If you actually remember signing yourself up for a getaway then it might not be a scam. But I don't remember. So don't pick up and don't give them your credit or debit card number like I did. They gave me a number to cancel and I did cancel and I hope to receive my money in 7-10 business days.
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anyone else have this number call them? no one talks and sounds like small kids are in the background.....so it can't be a telemarketer..right?
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Yvonne Garcia:

This# is a Scam of thieve individuals who claim to be debt collectors...that make serious threats...they can mask their phone # and can pretend to be your Local Police Department claiming that they need to serve a warrant. Its not true!!!get a badge # and call your local office and re-confirm, I guarantee that it will not be Real!! don't fall for this garbage!! Those Thieves will be eventually dealt with....they also frequent sites like these...so if you see another comment indicating its a testimonial that these people are real-Its FAKE!!! , and a part of the SCAM!
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Broke F.D.C.P.A. ---- His name is Richard Knight, retail debt. He didn't give the Miranda, the debt is outside of the statute of limitations, 10 years old, threatened legal action, refused info, just made legal threats. Needs to be sued to correct his misdoings.
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Scam artist
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wicked lady named cristy from cap1.
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These a**holes are selling Prepaid Phone Cards and the Company name is Net One



They are a bunch of annoying bastards
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Richard Louis Sr:

This # continues to call for unknown reason
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When I answered they hung up.
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Delivery company on behalf of Best Buy confirming delivery schedule of goods to be shipped. Legitimate call.
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Just had numerous texts from this number expressing interest in the "item" that I was selling on craigslist. Never mentioned that the item was actually a car that I was selling. They asked me to give them my paypal account number and they would continue with the transaction site unseen.
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Telemarketing people! I swear these idiots are getting on my nerves. They call day and night! Its ridiculous! And when the voicemail picks up it tells you "You have reached 310-594-2868" Its a cell phone number to a lady that doesnt even know whats going on! f**ken a**holes I swear!
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I get calls from this number at work and on my cell phone.
When asked what the call for , the caller stated that her name is Jessica belly from criminal investigation and there is check fraud case against me.
I told her to be aware that our conversation been recorded and for her to give me her address
She stated:
140 4th avenue
Nashville, TN
She then stated that she was going to connected to the lead investigator and that was it. She hang up. I called her right back and she never answer.
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Got a call and spoke with a woman who helped me straighten out an issue i had. i knew what she was talking about and she made everything real easy.
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shady people trying to scam money using pain meds. Claims to be in the "shipping dept". Dont give them a dime
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Text about item on cincy craigslist from a NY number?? Says scam to me!
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Former Citizens Customer:

The phone number is a harassment tactic by a debt collection agency called Conversion Outsourcing.
They called me over a week ago about a bogus "debt" from Citizens Bank. I informed them that it was a mistake and that I had closed that account not owing anything, having already made deposits that covered any and all charges before account closure, and that the bank should not have charged me.

Conversion Outsourcing calls from 855-849-1984 and only lets it ring once and hangs up, or if you pick up there is dead air. They do this once per day, sometimes twice, for the purpose of harassing the supposed "debtor" and enticing them to call back.

If you call back, it can be used to confirm your identity for the purpose of debt collection. Best course of action is to ignore the calls and do not call back.

It's a really creepy, underhanded ploy that utilizes purposeful harassment of the supposed "debtor" to try to skirt anti-harassment debt collection law.
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Craigslist scammer wanting buy my truck for his father, he's a marine biologist that can't take calls.
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says they are calling on behalf of McNichols and wants to update inofrmation. We do not do this over phone without a way to verify who they say they are and was told they do not have a call back number...
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called, left no message.
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This contact was used in ZOOSK and when the number is contacted, small chat and wanting you to sign up on a webpage to see pics. Seems like a scam, as you have to input credit card info before seeing person profile.
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Johny H:

Automated call with recording most likely a scam DO NOT ANSWER if you can hang up. DO NOT GIVE THEM the oppty or the time.
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guy asked my 86yr old mother w/ dementia for a check for 2500.00 so she can claim her winnings from publishers clearinghouse called fbi
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I got a phone call from this number and I let it go to voicemail; I called back and it rang to a message that said Diversified Consultants. I am assuming this is a debt collector. I've owned my number for years and no calls like this and all of a sudden I get collection calls for at least 10 different people.
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Pretended to be a company called HW Associates and they were investigating a complaint of child abuse against me and I needed to call them immediately.

Turned out they were a bill collector.
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GNC Credit Services.
a debt collector, who tries to collect old dead acounts and take the money and run.
deadbeats, idiots, and it is illegal.

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Seemingly authentic. Was able to read back to me my Computer ID number. They asked me to navigate to my Admin tools, and verify that I had eight warnings or errors from today, and eleven from yesterday. I am (was) a computer admin, and there were only two from today (valid ones, at that) and the computer was turned off yesterday. They assured me that this virus continues to infect my computer even when it is turned off. I finally hung up on them. My suggestion is that you don't talk to these people but make sure that your virus and trojan software is up to date, download all patches, and run a complete scan on your computer. Something is fishy. DO NOT run any programs or applications that they may send you, and DO NOT tell your browser to accept cookies from any site they recommend. STICK WITH Norton, AVG, or one of the other major players.
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