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they sent a lot of message
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Annoyed in Bay Area:

510 244-4369 called but did not leave any message.
Since I do not recognize this caller I am guessing it may be an unwanted call.
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its a switchboard number for REGUS in philadelphia. they represent numerous companies who want to seem bigger than they are and share office space with each other. it could be any of a number of different business some legit some scams.
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Michael's of Woodbridge
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Caller ID shows:

Hung up when line was answered.
Robo Fishing for good phone numbers with people on the other end.

So I am expecting a live person the next time, in a few days.
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This company offering bahama cruises at a great rate is either a complete scam or the single worst run company known. When i attempted to ask any questions i was first hung up on. After calling back and questioning this i was cussed at. I'm sure you may wonder if i brought this on by my own language. I in no way spoke rudely to these people. Well until after they opened that box, then i let it fly. What kind of business would operate in this way?
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no one answers when hello was spoke!!
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HLL Liquor Store:

Please do not take orders from this caller, he has called my liquor store several times for Cristal Champagne and Dom Perignon Champagne... its a scam...
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Vincent D:

Received a call from this number, but no one answered. I am concerned it is a cell phone number harvester.
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this guy keeps harassing me
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Called but left no message
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Probably a debt collector.

btw the submit button is covering the captcha box and I cannot see the entire word to re-type.
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mike g:

I don't know who calls me from this number it rings and no one ever leaves a message.
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Someone keeps calling me from this number at all hours. The time that I answered it seemed to be someone speaking Spanish, since then I have had multiple call all originating from this number in Minneapolis. Very annoying.
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This person 646-807-9317 replied to a Craigslist ad I had and was very fishy. They wanted me to reply via e-mail Jensdaveinc@gmail.com , fishy number 1. Then requested a résumé, fishy number 2, got very rude when I asked for details, fishy number 3, searched for the email and phone number online. Verified SCAM!

Let me tell you some things I look for to avoid wasting my time. I apologize if you find any of my statements offensive, but I have witnessed too many people be screwed through the Internet. Please don't feel detached and safe online. Be VERY CAUTIOUS!

-Western Union/Checks or any mention of funds not transferred in a cash to hand manner are BS.

-if a person is replying to an ad and doesn't mention the specifics of that item it is likely to be a scam(ie. calling it an item, or saying advert instead of ad or post or a specific site). Remember this:


-if they immediately ask you to contact them in a different manner than they are contacting you in...often means they are looking for bites/leads to screw you.

-Real people want to know YOU are for real, they aren't going to jump in with you without DETAILS. If they don't want details, they aren't for real!!!!

-if they ask you for ANY personal non-relevant information prior to meeting, this is common sense...DON'T TELL ANYONE YOUR BANK/SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS! They don't need it for legitimate business! If its regarding a job for you, save that info for after ALL normal procedure...interviews and a period of dicision on the employers part. I have news for you...you are never the only applicant with a real company! it takes time to weigh the variables of potential employees, to contact previous employers and references. X

-look at it this way! EVERYONE from the Internet is out to scam you. Let them prove they aren't!

- the second things don't feel right, they probably aren't, don't waste anymore of your time! And if you feel the need, let the Internet Fraud Division of the FBI know about the person!

Thanks for your time. And I am seeking employment, preferably in private securities. You can contact me @ snewcomer22@yahoo.com Obviosly if you are a scammer I will not be giving you any info or cashing any checks for you or being victim to any of the other countless scams. Also I will report you! Everywhere I can!!!
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Make your home more energy efficient. Call several times a week!!
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Silverleaf resorts
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Over-due ATM Card payment $2million USD by the UN Office, We will send
you an International Swift ATM Card that has been approved in your favor
with Card Number:xxxxxxxxxxxx6112,:Contact Mr.James Walter.
(jameswalter@----.com) with the details below.

Delivery Address
.2. Full Names
.3. Phone Number
.4.a scanned copy of your ID or passport.
.5.your age and occupation.

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Man said he had an important message about energy. I immediately told him to take my name off his list. I don't accept these types of marketing calls. Most are scams.
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Caller said I won a contest. Four free tickets to anywhere in the states or Dominican Republic. Call was dropped mid-sentence. Called back and was directed to an extension to leave a message. He never called back. I didn't give him any personal info but did confirm my address.
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This people call nonstop.. They have no lives..
I inform them not to call but they continue to do so.
They are harrassing me thru the phone. They continue to threaten me
By telling me I will get arrested if I don't pay "some loan I took out"
I don't know what to do anymore
P.s if they call you, don't give them any information
This is a scam.. They just want your money!!
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says law enforcement systems but it repeats itself over and over. I have no clue what its about
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855-638-7579& 855-701-6943 &877-373-6192& 888-224-6462
all show 800 Service. If you block one, they keep coming back with another #, but same Caller ID.
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Called claiming to be from the "Check Fraud Division". Gave a case number, stated if we do not call back then they will proceed with prosecution. We asked for verification of what case was for all she could tell us was it was for Advance America and it was for a specific amount of money. When we asked her to send us documentation of the debt she stated that "she wasn't here to help us remember, she was just letting us know what was happening. While she was still talking to my husband I pulled up Advance America's website and saw that they had a Scam Alert link. I clicked on it and the very first line we saw was: "Have you been called by someone claiming you have defaulted on a loan and will face criminal prosecution unless you immediately wire them the money? It is probably a scam." Needless to say we hung up on her.
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Do not call back. All reports on this number state "Do not Call'. Bad caller.

State / Province: Florida
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called said that if I don't pay money that I got from advance mutual that I will go to jail for theft by deception, fraud, and check from something that I didn't do. I never ever wrote a check or got a payday loan
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Tried to apply for a job ad which was clearly unorthodox uploaded my resume and everything. They said to complete the application I needed to call this number. I can't believe I actually called after seeing that it was an unusual job application and turns out its just a college sale scam!
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jim gates:

Techopanda tech support number.
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Some kind of debt collector...
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Why Bother:

Nothing that you do will stop them from calling you. The major players behind this have made millions of dollars, which means that they are too big to fail.
One of the major players specializes in aiding the rich with tax evasion and shell corporations set up in Belize. You can bet that the well to do in this country are not getting lower your credit card interest rate calls and due to that fact our government just considers a few phone calls a minor annoyance.
The FCC has temporarily halted 5 of the minor non profitable boiler rooms. They will receive a slap on the wrist and be back at it within a few days. In the meantime the calls will continue since the major money is being made with what is called a CNAM revenue-sharing program through companies like http://www.telephonemanagement.net
In their own words: Every day your company makes thousands of outbound phone calls. Every one of those calls generates revenue for many companies, why not yours? Our CNAM revenue-sharing program helps you make money every time a Caller ID request is made by a phone carrier. A high-traffic call center can lose hundreds to thousands of dollars a day to phone carriers by allowing them to charge for access to your own data.

You can now see why the criminals keep calling even though they know you won't fall for their scam. If someone does make the mistake of answering the phone and falling for their con then it is just icing on the cake for them. These people are the lowest form of filth on this planet. The only way to stop this is to contact the FBI and ask why this crime family is allowed to operate and facilitate the ongoing criminal operations. This is one of the reasons that the RICO act was put in place, so why aren't they using it. Is this because this isn't a high profile, news worthy operation or is the FBI too understaffed and busy with Homeland Security issues. Maybe if we were rich they would take this seriously, but then if we were rich we would be using that criminal organizations services and protecting them instead of trying to shut them down.
There is a blog site that has information on one of these operations: http://telemarketerspam.wordpress.com
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Got a call from this number , it was Crest Chevrolet.
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THis guy is a scammer out of Nigeria. They will contact you if you are selling anything online, usually via SMS, and try and get bank or paypal information from you.
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this weird call came from a Johnathan Wiker law offices.
but his message was so serious sounding and had no usefull info in the lessage which makes me think he is a bill collector.
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A very nasty man about student loans. I was out of school for a couple of years with PTSD after a double murder in my family. The place that had my loans knew about it and messed up and sent them to collections. This moron somehow ended up with them. He calls and acts very threatening and won't listen to anything you say. I am back in classes and doing well and the company that had my loans admits they screwed up and are in the process of buying them back, but this fool still calls every day. I was told to just ignore him.
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was given this # if I needed any tips from supposed modeling or movie extras placement