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person has called and left differnt messages each time its a scam don't answer it
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Got two calls from this number to my cell phone in the last 30 minutes. Both times I say hello twice and then the call disconnects. I logged onto my cell phone provider's website and blocked this number. Not sure what it is but they should not be calling my cell phone and wasting my minutes and time.
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Credit one bank
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no message phone rang maybe 5 or 6 times hung up
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K.A. Howe:

This is another annoying telemarketing jerk. The person he asked for was my FATHER who DIED Aug 2002. My father never had my number under his name
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Paranoid Freak:

Who the f**k is this? What do you want where do you come from !!!
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Repeated caller in Tulsa, OK. - hangs up when you mention the DO NOT CALL list - I have filed 2 state and 2 federal complaints on them and strongly urge anyone else on the DO NOT CALL list to do the same when they call. It is the only way we can get rid of them

They are located in several cities throughout the midsouth region. They definitely do not take the DO NOT CALL registry seriously.
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The phone number belongs to Alliance One, a subsidiary of Teleperformace – they are a collection company. Looks like Alliance One has several locations, including 2 on the west coast and several on the east coast. With over 100,000 employees, I am sure that reps can choose from many 800 numbers from where they call from – this way, the one receiving the calls may never know if this is just another 800 number from a collection company or not.
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I have received several calls from this number saying I owe a bunch of money. They say they are going to take me to court. I can hardly understand what they are saying their accent is so bad.
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pissed off:

Capitol systems. Collection agency
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Received a call from 302-956-6006. No message was left on my phone. I called it back and got a recording saying that the # had been disconnected. How is someone calling me from a # that is supposed to be out of service?
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Feed Up Still:

Canadian area code 613. Reduce credit card debt and interest rates....here we go again but no name so Rachel may have been downsized!!!! So annoying.
Do Not Call List
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dating scam....mr. romance claims to own a home in England, travels....sends songs and e-cards will call on occassion wants money beware smooth operator... He must follow a book of instructions to wrap you up in his lies.
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Whoever make these calls should die in a very very bad accident, or get hit by a drunk driver or get shot randomly by a psycho with a gun!
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tim d:

always calls never leaves a message
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Shes a home wrecker calling and texting plp man her name is natasha davis
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I'm someone who's looking for a job and I got a call from this number on December 12, 2012 as an offer of employment. The woman I spoke to said her name was Christina. She said I would need to undergo training for the job and the training would cost $100. Sounded like a scam to me. She asked "is this something you would be able to do?" When I replied "no" she simply said "okay enjoy your day" and immediately hung up, which is completely fine because I'm not looking to get scammed.

Address for 646 998 5979 shows up as 247 West 38th Street, NY, NY.
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This was a scam call asking for an owner or manager; he does not even know what the company does. He makes it sound like he is with the Federal Government for labor law compliance records update. At least if these idiots call they should sound like a government employee and be professional. They sound like a scam and they are a scam. Don't allow them to bully you into disclosing any information as they are just trying to sell something of no value. Their website is not even an active website. Tell them to go get a real job.
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I recieved a phone call regarding a position for Home preservation. They ask if I recieved an application sent to my home. They asked for my email address. I am very suspicious.
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Christy Crittenden:

Someone calls me from this number every other weekday asking for "Shelley"...I have told the person who calls EVERYTIME that they have the wrong number...no "Shelley" lives here. However, they continue to call me. I want this harassment to stop!
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This caller claims his name is William Smith.. When you call the voicemail comes on and it states I reached Derrick Martin. They claimed I owe this Payday loan an outstanding amount of money..He asked if I would upload 375 to a Greendot Money pack card so they can receive it's money...
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SMS Scam - requesting to purchase my samsung g3 and ship to Nigeria. Offered to pay above list provided I shipped the product. Phone number was stolen, story did not make sense.
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I found out that this number belongs to a collection agency from California. It is called CBB. they call everyone you know to try to collect for health providers or hospitals.
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I just checked my credit report and this company is on my accounts. I've been trying to locate them and so far nothing. Just that they are from Las Vegas and is a scam. Apparently I have credit with them and I have never applied or received a card from these people. I would like them off my account. So far no activity on this account, thank goodness.
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This number showed up on my caller ID 13 times today. I think it is related to me being in an accident recently.
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"Mr." Ed:

Spoofed number attributed to Verizon but NOT REALLY FROM Verizon! Never leaves a message; I never call back.
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Who is this
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This female calls my husband all the time she is a very Nasty classless stripper. She loves bein with married men. I'm warning all females who see this number on there mans phone!! She's a walking std toothless at that!
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This is the clinic in Evansville Indiana.
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Sells illegal drugs, using western union for payments, but rips you off!
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They did not leave a msg.
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Blatt Hasenmiller Leibsker & Moore
They work for the debt collection agencies ..... scumbags.
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Why Bother:

Nothing that you do will stop them from calling you. The major players behind this have made millions of dollars, which means that they are too big to fail.
One of the major players specializes in aiding the rich with tax evasion and shell corporations set up in Belize. You can bet that the well to do in this country are not getting lower your credit card interest rate calls and due to that fact our government just considers a few phone calls a minor annoyance.
The FCC has temporarily halted 5 of the minor unprofitable boiler rooms. They will receive a slap on the wrist and be back at it within a few days.
In the meantime the calls will continue since the major money is being made with what is called a CNAM revenue-sharing program through companies like http://www.telephonemanagement.net
In their own words: 'Every day your company makes thousands of outbound phone calls. Every one of those calls generates revenue for many companies, why not yours? Our CNAM revenue-sharing program helps you make money every time a Caller ID request is made by a phone carrier. A high-traffic call center can lose hundreds to thousands of dollars a day to phone carriers by allowing them to charge for access to your own data.'

You can now see why the criminals keep calling even though they know you won't fall for their scam. If someone does make the mistake of answering the phone and falling for their con then it is just icing on the cake for them. These people are the lowest form of filth on this planet. The only way to stop this is to contact the FBI and ask why this crime family is allowed to operate and facilitate the ongoing criminal operations. This is one of the reasons that the RICO act was put in place, so why aren't they using it. Is this because this isn't a high profile, news worthy operation or is the FBI too understaffed and busy with Homeland Security issues. Maybe if we were rich they would take this seriously, but then if we were rich we would be using that criminal organizations services and protecting them instead of trying to shut them down.
There is a blog site that has information on one of these operations: http://telemarketerspam.wordpress.com
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We had this guy (now Thomas Bernard) text my current roommate in reference to an apartment we were looking into in Astoria, NY. The price just seemed too good to be true. http://www.trulia.com/property/3012622589-3540-30th-St-1J-Queens-NY-11106 If you'd like to take a look at the apartment this guy was trying to scam us into. Here's the email we received from the guy as well:

From: Thomas Bernard <thomasbernard123@hotmail.com>
To: justinjscarlat@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 11:06 AM
Subject: RE: Interested in your listing


My name is Thomas Bernard.I'm a project manager in civil engineering. I just moved in Manila, Philippines because my company has won an auction for a big construction project. I'll stay here for the next 3-4 years or more so I won't come back. I'm looking for someone to live in my Apartment from there.I will tell you from the beginning that I don't have a problem if you are a student or if you would like to keep pets there, as long as you clean up after them. The minimum lease is available for Long and also Short Term Lease, very important, the utilities are included in the price per month.

Rent: $500 (Monthly)
Damages Deposit: $300
Date Available: Asap
Address:3540 30th Street 1J, Astoria, NY 11106,USA.
Bedrooms: 2

Hope to read back from you soonest.so we can move to the next step.feel free to text me here:(713) 909-4802


Thomas Bernard