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Collect call from a correctional facility in Bridgeport ct
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Claims to be PCS Law Firm, but is a collection agency looking for one of my relatives. Tried to intimidate me into giving out personal information of my relative. Took down their information, and twice asked them to confirm they were a Law Firm, which they confirmed. Relative reports they are trying to collect on a debt that was settled during a bankruptcy.
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Keeps calling my work....stating they have legal documents.....very annoying!!
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calls every day.. leaves no messages... stop calling here.
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Left message asking me to call back right away. No idea who this is.
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Jesse Harris:

Do not call this no. anymore
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Wants to send naked pictures, and text for sex calls
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Pretty sure this is a debt collector. Called me looking for a former employee. Wouldn't leave a message - just name and number.
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Calling to deliver legal docs, wil meet me at job and have boss be a witness, left on vmail, called back and they read me my SSN # as verification, i asked why didnt they let me tell them i could have been anyone...tried to tell me to go to court house in a hour. they are a carrier for a 3rd party collection company-? losers!
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I get calls from this telephone number several times a day, no one is ever there when I answer - they just hang up. How do I get these calls to stop?
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I received a text saying I was Best Buy Winner #97778, and that I had WON a $1000 Best Buy giftcard. It asked me to click on the following link to claim my prize: www.bit.ly/S5NuL1 Another person received the same text saying they were a Target giftcard winner. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A SCAM TO COLLECT PERSONAL INFORMATION
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Annoying Telemarketing:

This guy called today about an Expiring Auto Warranty. He spoke good English and was convincing. I asked:

1) Do you have a website? Don't know, just want to know if you are interested so I can put you in touch with our specialist.

2) Do you have a 800 number? No, I am calling from a Computer.

3) What is the name of your company? Motor Vehicle Services

4) He asked, I just want to verify your name and if you. When I said yes, he transferred me. Eventually, the call hung up.

He must be phishing and gets compensated on confirming personal and private information. This doesn't sound like a scam as much as it might be phishing that could lead to eventual identity theft.
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This person will tell you that he is renting his very nice apartment very cheap because he is out of the country and ask you to fill up an application He goes by the name of Smith Wilson, or Stalon Krick
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Guy said he wanted to speak to owner about some "info" he wanted to get out, and when I questioned about what, he said he was a with a full-fledged investment firm called RM Start. Sounded like a "Boiler Room" type scam to me.
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SPAM. They sent a text saying I won $1,000 from Best Buy and gave me a tiny URL to go to. I decoded the tiny URL and it is www.winning.monthlysurvey.net. Don't give any personal info.
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Ogden Utah, Don't know anyone in Utah and will not answer unidentified calls.
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NC Health Smart
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Name said " Q. Sherrie Desma, I have a small IT business she said very practiced that they were AGS or something that they are a 3rd party for the US goverment that if I pay and sign up I will automatically be a member and get gov. contracts, lol

Some guy is calling tomorrow, stinks of scam.
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This is a scam. Transpet airways. Is not real. They get your money to ship pets but it's not real. Don't fall for it!!!!
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This number called me at 8:37PM Pacific Time on Saturday, November 24, 2012. It did not leave a message.
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Received email reply to Craigslist ad, stating he is speech impaired please reply to email or text to this # 703-382-2453
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I don't answere numbers I don't know & this number called me 5 times on Sat 11/24 & left no message.I'm on the do not call list & wish I could find out who it is without paying for it
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Lee with spring travel agency
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Two of Us Dating service. This place has continually been harassing me with phone calls claiming that I solicited their services. I suspect they were sold my phone number from a sweepstakes I entered with some other company. The staff is very rude when you ask them to remove your number from their call list and in fact they refuse to do so. The lady that called is named Susan and she is VERY rude.
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I too, had over $ 10,000 charges on my credit card with this number on the largest item....11/24/2012
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calls me every morning at 8:00am. I work nights so I am usually stil asleep every morning past 10:00 when I answer they hang up, if i send them to voicemail they do not leave one but it is actually annoying me and I don't know what to do I have blocked them but my phone still rings only once and then goes to voicemail. I am calling my carrier today to get them to block the calls directly but I wish I could find out who it is
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This person is a scam artist and usually works on Craigslit
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I had several ACH withdrawls with this phone number attached to it. If this happens to you the only recourse I know of is to have your bank issue you a new account number and file unauthorized withdrawl paper work. Also watch for charges from a My Money Leaf. These all happened to me in a week period. Fortunately my bank refunded the charges and are trying to make this as easy for my as they can.
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calls everyday several times a day, no one there when we answer. calls from 8 am until 9 pm everyday.
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Lowe's technical support for their IRIS system.
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I received an automated message and was told that a complaint had been filed and that I was named as a Respondent to a restraining order. In addition, I was provided a Claim # and was instructed to contact (617) 830-2295. Upon contacting the above phone number, it was evident that this was some type of scam. Every prompt pressed for this phone number has the same recorded message: "Your call cannot be completed at this time please call back later!"

Please note that any legitimate lawsuit or notification of lawsuit will not be received via phone messages. They are required by law to send it in writing. I urge anyone receiving these type of messages to be cautious and not fall into victim of fraudulent activities. DO NOT provide any personal or financial information to anyone over the phone, unless you are certain that it is from a legitimate company.
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On November 21 I had a call from 4012288498 and I happen not to be around when this call came in. Nevertheless, my wife picked up the call and a lady spoke to her asking for me in a very romantic fashion. My ex-wife thanks to this lady portrayed that I had something going on with her. When my-ex-wife asked her can she leave a message, she indicated to her that don't worry I call him back because I needed to speak with him nor she did provided a name when asked upon! These are the new unknown numbers that I have received since "starting November 20, 2012 from 401-383-7346, twice: 401-228-8651, 401-228-8498. They did said something about medicare and related with my back symptoms. I asked them to call on the next day, but in reality when i call and return their calls back to these numbers the phone just rings off the hook and doesn't lead me no where. This is very annoying and tedious!
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this is an internet Tramadol sales company. the calls are routed from India to the center in Delaware and then to us. I was told that even if I ask for the Technical Assistance Center, they DO NOT take calls from customers, just coworkers, She told me that SHE would put in a note to them that I was to be take off of their lists, but that it might be about 60 business days until it kicked in. I kept getting calls every day, sometimes two or three times a day! they keep asking for my grandmother, and say that it was HER card that made the original purchase. The card number WAS stolen and they HAD made a purchase from the Tramadol Pharmacy online. I explain this to every one who calls. Sometimes, they claim that THEY can not understand ME and have even sent out an order or two that I have refused and sent back. When they tried to charge my grandmother's card for it, we refuse the charges, and they come COD! When I call them back and RAGE at them, they play back the taped conversation and then apologise when they hear that it was indeed their mistake. I wonder just how many times they have done that and the poor person just keeps it, not wanting to bother with the hastle of sending it back??

What can I do to keep these arseholes from calling me and my poor grandmother????
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This is DriveTime collections. They call to collect past due car payments.