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This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. In addition, they play a recorded message without an operator on the line further violating the TCPA. They seem to use an automated dialer and do not have an operator on the phone when the call is answered, yet further violating the TCPA. When you do get to an operator, the operator refuses to provide their name, company name, physical address or phone number and instead hangs up on you - still further violating the TCPA. Their recording states that this is your second (this scammer has called way more than twice) and final (this scammer will definitely call again until they are stopped) offer to lower your credit card rates. This is clearly a scam. Between the violations of the TCPA and the content of the recorded message, it is clear that this is just an organization trying to commit identity theft and fraud. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.
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Phone rings but no one talks
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he even call me offer me for contestant role in biggboss and offering me role on that asking some vulgar questions please ignore or report to police.
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harinder singh:

Plz help me
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harinder singh:

Help me plz thankyou
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harinder singh:

Help me plz
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Citizen X:

This number calls me constantly and hangs up. "Citizenfund PAC" is what shows up on the caller id. They use numerous numbers to spam call me. If I answer and someone is there, I ask to be removed from their call list and notify them they are violating the FTC's do not call list. They don't give a s***.
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(female voice) 'Dial 9 to be removed from calling list' (then male voice, Telemarketer) ... 'Andrew Smith with extremely time sensitive information saying I was recently introduced to Atlas Partners Group and Light Year Wireless and did not take action' (never heard of them)... dialed 9... will see if they call again.
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This number calls all the time and just hangs up. I'm blocking them
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The caller was Anthony Bono with GPS Construction. I had the same experience as many others on the Internet. Anthony was very rude and actually yelled at me when I asked him to take our number off his telemarketing list. He couldn't believe that we didn't want to do business with his "multi-million dollar construction company". Anthony actually told me that he wanted my name and number (duh...you just called me) because I was causing him severe emotional distress! What a whack job.
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When you call the number back, a recording answers and thanks you for calling The Committee for Missing Children. I hung up.
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This number repeatedly calls and leaves no message. Today I happen to be home and answer. A guys asks if this is XXX Auto? Since I've googled this number before and knew it was a scam, and they did not get the business name correct, I asked who was calling, he said something about evolution credit, I told him he had the wrong number and to stop repeatedly calling and hung up. The dirt bag called 3 more times today. I am blocking this number!
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Indy IN:

Call received no message left. Refuse to return call. No of no one east in NYC with this number.
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John Jones:

I keep getting called by this number. annoying
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These people have called me from 2674431041,1071,1520, and 1526 looking for people that do not live here. Jeff Harrison, Angela O'Neill, etc . I have had this number for about a year. The numbers above belong to Stellar Recovery. A debt collector in the Philadelphia, PA area. Just the number and Philadelphia PA is all that shows in the Caller ID.
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I have received nine (9) calls from this number (3.31.14 thru 6.27.14) and all have been hang-ups (no message left).
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calls come in everyday from this number. They never say a word.
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the first time the guy called was during dinner, I told him I was busy, he was trying to sell me something from All State (I don't think he even represents them), when I said no and that I already have All State he tried to sell me something else. I told him I was busy, wasn't interested anyway and hung up. They have called my number another ~5 times since, but I don't answer. The next time I do answer it's going to get ugly.
Eventually this number will go away. It's likely a scam, since he was trying to sell me something I already have. Don't give them any info.
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orange rhino:

called, won't leave message. annoying.
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DHL account Rep
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Called and said they were Google and making changes to their website so if we wanted our business to still be listed with them then I would need to call them back.
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Thanks for the info, I also received a post card thru the mail today.
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The card is from GVN which Google says is a travel site. Just more sales tricks.
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Like most of you, I received the same postcard in the mail. I was very surprised when I blocked my number and they still were able to identify me. When the person on the other end asked me to verify my name I replied I'm not going to do that until I know what it's about. At that point she said that unless she knew who she was talking to she would reveal that information. I told her the same thing, so then I just hung up.
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Got the same exact msg as everyone else doesn't
Seem to know my name. Just a Scam
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Keeps calling and then nothing on the other end. Callback says it's not a working number but that's obviously not the case.
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These people are called me too and when I answer they don't say anything. When I call them back, all I get is a busy signal. I'm blocking them today.
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Caller from this number wouldn't identify himself, just asked for my husband. I asked him to leave a message, and he laughed and said, "I don't know what message I'd leave for him," and said he'd call back another time. Lots of luck, we won't be answering.
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Not home when I got the call. Called back and an Indian lady answered the phone claiming she is from the IRS. When I asked to speak to someone that I can understand, she hung up on me. It was a fake call.
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c a r los:

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I am getting robocalls from this number
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Appears to be the text message forwarder for one of the cell phone providers. Also listed in the text is the user's phone number.
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Another one of those: "This is _________ from the check fraud division. You or your attorney of record needs to contact me as soon as possible. If I do not hear form your or your attorney I wish you good luck." Check Fraud division of what? Who? Phishing and voicemail to boot! It appears that once you get on somebody's list for one of these - they share and you are hit by them all.; Get a real job!
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Debt collector, integrity financial
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A local newspaper article suggested going to a website to compare rates for insurance. I entered data, thinking that it would give me a comparison chart of rates. Only after this point did it become obvious that I would be directed to an agent. So, I closed the site. Within the hour, my phone started ringing – agents from all over the US! Still going on 3 months later!
I don’t answer calls from “numbers”. If you are not in my contacts, you leave a v-mail. If you don’t, your number is in my contacts as “DO NOT ANS – TELEMARKETER”. Some phone services will also allow you to “block” the number so your phone never rings.