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They called and it was difficult to understand them. I believe they were attempting to sell me cameras. I asked serveral times if they were selling cameras then she hung up.
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this was a robotic call from Honda about time for oil change.
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Caller didn't leave message but I could hear other solicitors talking in the background
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I got missed calls and once answered ,she said its Nedbank.
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Melanie Manor:

This phone number has been calling me now for over 3 weeks at all hours of the day and night. The ring sounds to be a fax for me but nothing comes through. When I answer the phone no one is there. When I try to search the number it is located in Col., Ohio or St. Clairsville, Ohio depending on where I search. The carrier is Level 3 Communications
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arlene solt:

Austin corker well well your on few deff web sets facebook as Austin pretty on miumee as Jesse s..and on there as Austin corker and thank got my bank stop you from fauding me well ya didn't get 2000. Off me..
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I called its lame they want you to take a survey
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Who is this?
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Examination Management Services Inc. (EMSI) they are hired on to collect your medical records for a disability or life insurance claim you have filed with your insurance company.
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Something is not right about the calls coming from this number. People are reporting tons of calls from this number, repeatedly day after day. many are reporting automated messages (like me) or dead air space. One poster said that when he tried to return the call, he discovered that the area code for the phone number is really 239 and not 850. We have received many unidentified calls from the 239 area code in the past year and all have been proven to be SCAMS, eventually. Different people are receiving different information from this number: collection agency trying to verify the residence of specific people, sales rep for Cadillac Escalade, a company called Usonia Reseach and a survey of issues that are pertinent to Florida residents. I looked for a Usonia Research in Florida but didn't find one. Only found a Usonia Group in Seattle Washington. SCAMMERS We really need to NOT believe what we see in our caller ID anymore. This call could be coming from anywhere.
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Florida 8-21-14:

254-449-8541 left a voice message for me stating her name is Carmen Dunn. She read off a prior address and stated she would be coming to my home address between 12 - 3 pm tomorrow. I need a witness and valid ID to accept the documents. If I am not at the home address she referenced she will then go to my place of employment to find me. If she can not find me at my place of employment she will then speak with my supervisor to find out a good time for her to return when I am scheduled to work. She stated she will cover all bases to find me and this includes visiting Family member and Relatives home address. She also left 844-653-6174 to call.
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i missed this call
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This company calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. In further violation of the TCPA, they do not have an operator on the line when the phone is answered. They further violate the TCPA by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to answer questions and pause or stop the recording. They claim that the callee is currently being ripped off by credit card companies with fees that are passed on to the user illegally and that they will stop credit card fees. This is clearly a scam trying to get credit card information to rip people off. Do not provide this scammer any information.
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Calls but leaves no message
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This scammer continues to place calls to numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by not having an operator on the line when the phone is answered, using an automated dialer without an operator on the line when the phone is answered, and playing a recorded message without an operator to pause or stop the recording and answer questions. The recording says that this is your final notice about getting your credit card interest rates lowered. When you get to an operator, they further violate the TCPA by hanging up rather than providing a phone number or physical address when asked. This is clearly a scam trying to get credit card information from unsuspecting consumers. Do not provide this scammer with any personal information.
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company called verifax
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This number has been calling me for over a month. After I say hello they hang up.
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This number called my house and I said hello and there was a long pause then a computer voice says"goodbye". I tried calling it back and all I got was a message saying the number was no longer in service. Really? It called my house.
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Received a call from this number. Man called me by my name then hung up.
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The same f***ing number is trying to send my a fax once per month for about a year now about 20 times a day
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called and left no message. Typical
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A Mr. Boutwell called from (702) 330-4605 wanting to connect me with clients. He wanted me to call him back at (877) 970-1010. Sounded kind of weird.
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said I took first place and to call
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Llamada del Departamento Legal de Washington demandando por la compra de unos productos por internet.
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Demanda por el uso de unos productos comprados en la internet. Departamento Legal de Washington.
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I had the very same call yesterday morning. I just told them flat out that I did not know who they were and that "I don't trust you!" I then hung up. Most definitely a scam.
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I've now gotten called by this number 3 times...each time I've answered but there's nobody on the line (silent)
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Message said it was Evan with M Scott, please call and another phone number. I don't know who that is. I deleted and blocked it.
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James White:

Cincinnati State College recruitment.
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Did anyone really pay to get that money cause I too got that call
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got a call from this number, guy gave me wrong DOB and all wrong information and disconnected the call after placing me on hold for over 5 min
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michelle josephs:

they told me that I had a loan through cti bank and when I called the bank they did not have a record
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me estan llammando
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tell me
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Concerned Citizen:

Received call from 202-558-4580 that sounds I like you may be in trouble with the IRS. The IRS never calls. They will send you something in the mail when they want to get in touch with you. This is a scam, but it sounds very convincing and leaves you a number to get back in touch with them about the problem you have with the IRS.

How do you report this to the IRS? I know I don't owe any taxes. One thing I do know is how the IRS gets in touch with people and calling out of the blue is not one of them.

This scam might work on an elderly person or someone without any knowledge of how the government works and scare them into calling.