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Horrible company!! Dont do business with them!!!
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"Thank you for calling back. If you are not interested in whatever scammy bullsh*t we're trying to waste your time with..."
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This is Sirius/XM radio
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I'm sick and tired of the harassment. This number calls 3 or 4 times a day and never let's it ring more than two times. I want to answer it so I can curse them out...
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My husband got a phone call from this number today and the guy told him that his brother was injured in a car accident and for confirmation he asked for his name. When my husband refused to cooperate he started cursing.
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Calling and no answers I want to know who it is!
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First they called my office to leave a message. Then when I call back, the English sounding name is not available so I speak to a guy with an educated Indian accent. He says he is from US Treasury enforcement. Says they will be serving me a supeona tomorrow morning and then I'd have to pay court costs and civil penalties. Says they wrote to me before (but I never received anything). He seemed to know some info about me but nothing that couldn't be gleaned from the internet or a credit report. I told him it was bizarre, I didn't owe money to the treasury so just do what he wants to do. end of conversation. I searched, and saw that others had been scammed from a similar number from same provider.
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Jackie Daniels: needs to speak with me and my attorney (??) in her office today.
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ook lastig gevallen door dit nummer
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sleepless in sh*tcago:

Bill collectors- Diversified Consultants and they have several various numbers as well!
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sleepless in sh*tcago:

Diversified Consultants - a collection agency.
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This number is associated with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (WellPoint Inc)
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they said they're an investigator looking for an individual but that's about it
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ron conradi:

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Ticked Off:

I was asked my name then they asked if I was interested in lowering my interest rate. When told I paid it of they hung up on me. Tried to call back but got and automated message to enter 1 to be placed on Don not call list. No other option to speak with a rep. Scam!!!!!!!!
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This phone number is an automated system that threatens to take legal action they don't tell you who they are calling for amd only hang up after you press 1 to speak to someon. If you do call them back the lady that answers is not only rude but says she has a right to call you bc you have a phone. She will accuse you of being rude when you try to ask her to stop calling you and she will hang up on you. If you ask to speak to her manager she will tell you you have no business calling them amd make rude noises into the phone.
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Some Rob Daily Jackpot Caller
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Leave a message and IDENTIFY yourself. Otherwise it is harassing!
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847-592-8847 - Credit Card offer to lower interest rates. Numbers are disconnected. They are a SCAM. Scam is to get the Zip Code first and then say that they need to verify that one account is in good standing with a balance of $3k or more. The then ask for the card number and / or the expiration date. Finally they ask for the card number. Most of the time they will ask for the last four numbers of your Social Security number. Then they put you on hold and check the card using the phone number on the back of the card. I wasted about 15 minutes of their time giving a card that had been replaced. Gave fake zip code and etc. Waste their time if you like however don't give them a real working card number. Also the following numbers should be consider as FRAUD. 847-592-8847, 626-322-6073, 626-338-8932, 701-393-5811, 216-278-0121, 360-322-6663, 310-599-9201, 218-573-6958, 731-548-7024, 727-216-9840, 229-227-9632, 406-832-5847, 531-748-7024, 615-000-7664, 401-515-4756, 850-237-4859, 407-692-2286, 860-822-7440, 731-498-4058, 517-705-1117, 302-234-8558, 281-825-4439, 765-998-4712, 416-364-1111, 631-665-8769, 503-543-5471, 731-203-5870, 406-980-2030, 620-504-7452, 860-949-6352, 703-468-4703, 203-244-7440, 701-771-9654, 337-220-9635, 256-526-9650, 726-901-8575, 763-428-4712, 601-907-8542, 501-433-8509, 202-509-5548, 207-246-8509, 304-287-4841, 303-490-7410, 678-864-7418, 916-555-0077, 765-525-9654, 813 444-5700, 207-829-6517, 301-577-6523, 256-526-9650, 337-220-9635, 203-244-7740, 701-771-9654, 620-504-7452, 703-468-4703, 860-949-6352, 908-395-8442, 404-900-5101, 305-368-8209, 726-901-8575, 601-907-8542, 207-829-6517, 301-577-6523, 256-526-9650, 337-220-9635, 203-244-7740, 701-771-9654, 620-504-7452, 703-468-4703, 860-949-6352, 908-395-8442, 406-936-5472 I'm sure this is only a partial list of the numbers used by these scamers. Typically if you call the number they are disconnected. A search on google will display numerous complaints. KEY WORDS, Fraud, ID Theft, Scam, Steal ID, Crime, Fraud Charges.
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They call everyday and nothing,
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"Rick" says he's in Voorhees, NJ and uses a cloud based predictive caller (random robocalls). Claims he works for "Atlantic Pacific" with his reverse mortgage speal. I told him I got it, he had no regard for the do not call list and he was a pinhead with no life trying to scam people. "I'm just trying to help you and I'm not a pinhead!" "of course you are" I didn't hear what he had to say after that as I told him FU and don't call again and hung up.
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B. D.:

This number is calling all the time. They never leave a voicemail. Anyone know who this might be?
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calling me for weeks
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I keep getting calls from this number
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Woman said she was calling from Entigens and had a few question for me- called on my work phone number.
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This guy called our office asking to speak to "the doctor", I politely said that he is with patients and that I cannot pull him out of the room unless it is urgent, he says "this is urgent and the doctor is expecting my phone call, I'm sure if you tell him I am on the phone he will come out of the room", ... So I politely said Unless this is urgent I cannot pull him out of the room, he repeated himself, so I ask who he is and what company he is calling with, he says "This is Joe and this is a personal matter" ... My doctor refused to talk to the guy because he couldn't properly identify himself. I got back on the phone and told Joe that I would be happy to take a message for him, but the doctor was not expecting any phones calls and will not be able to come to the phone right now, he yells at me and says "FINE ILL JUST CALL HIS CELL"... stupid idiot wasting my time!
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I used to work for this company.They break the law on every call.They are required to disclose that they are professional fundraisers instead they say they are with the City of Jersey City or they impersonate police officers and they all use fake names.The charity only gets a small per cent.
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Telemarketer for internet service.
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Telemarketer trying to get me to subscribe to NASA Tech Briefs.
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Jackie Daniels: please call back or have attorney call today.
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GR Company:

We just received 3 calls from this number. The guy asked if we took credit cards. We asked if he was interested in doing business with us and he hung up....very shady! I hope no one gets taken by whoever these people are!!
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Robo call scam targeting seniors.
Calls between 8:00 Am and 8:30 AM daily.
No humans and no identity of caller.
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track number
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vijay tyagi: