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I keep getting this number, and I am sick an tired of it!! If they would just leave a message.
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android user:

I am on a do not call list and don't answer and will not call back without message being left. very annoying when people call and do not leave messages!!
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Gor a call
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Received a call from 877-211-8777
Called back the number and a Mr. Jorrell Noel said
that they were looking for a Sergei <garbled last name>.
I told them that no one by that name <not my name> was at this cell number.
He apologized and said he removed my cell number from the computer.
Said I should not be receiving any more calls.
Caller: Allied Interstate LLC
Call Type: Debt Collector
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These people call and leave no voice message. I don't answer calls I am not familiar with.

I also read on one post that this is a collections agency.
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Jason states has a government grant available and ready to be sent today. Never applied for a grant.
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Someone called from this number. All I heard was mumbling and then he hung up.
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blocked biatch
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SATELLITE provider
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Fake ATT scam.
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Alleged insurance company survey with $100.00
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insitente siempre marcan de este numero
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Received a call from this number for step daughter. They are Milennium Finance Group from OK. They are a debt collection agency.
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need help
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Do not answer and DO NOT CALL BACK!!

The 876 area code has been linked to a form of telephone fraud known as the "one ring scam". The person perpetuating the scam calls the victim via a robodialer or similar means, sometimes at odd hours of the night, then hangs up when the phone is answered with the hope that they will be curious enough to call the number back. When the victim does this, an automatic $19.95 international call fee is charged to their account, as well as $9.00/min thereafter. Similar scams have been linked to Grenada (area code 473), Antigua (area code 268), the Dominican Republic (area code 809) and the British Virgin Islands (area code 284)
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This guy is scum ... he lied and said he was from the NY offices of "I"RS ...instead of NRS. I listened to his message 3 times to be sure I correctly heard him what he was saying. He likely does this intentionaly to make people think he is from IRS (as in Internal Revenue Service). Internal Revvenue Service will always send you a letter first and then contact you by phone if you request them to do so. IRS's first contact is never a phone call unless you have initiated the contact and requested a return call.
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never heard of this person, as they did not identify themselves or who they were or worked for....
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Got a call from 888-296-0988 said it was fraud dept. It was legit. But I did call the number on the back of my cc just to be sure.
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This is from Africa
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PNC Bank fraud protection department - just doing their job, I placed an order online with sears to go pick up a new washer, Sears' 3rd party billing vendor apparently did not submit the 3 digit code on back of my card when putting through the charges, the CSR I spoke with at PNC said they do this all the time. Glad they are being vigilant but Sears needs to tell their vendor to get their sheet together
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They called me today. I didn't understand whay they tried to say.
I think they have my information in front of them.
The addresss was wrong, but I didn't tell them where I live in.
They tried to get the answer " Yes" from me. Like agreement.
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Fightback Jack:

THE BAD NEWS: Card Services calls aren't going to stop anytime soon.

THE GOOD NEWS: You can retaliate, reduce the misery, and even have some fun.


Waste these turkeys' time. Keep them on the line by acting like an interested prospect. Give them bogus data, including a combination of two different credit card numbers, scrambled Social Security digits, and a modified ZIP Code. Important: provide a credit card company's real 800 number.

After they call the credit card company, you can give them the same credit card info as before with two of the numbers transposed, thus causing them to make a second verification call. Or you can respond, "Guess what ... H-O-O-N-N-K-K [from a $6 air horn] you've been PRANKED! Call back tomorrow for more bullshot." Now they're the butt of your joke.


Landlines. Enroll for the free service at nomorobo.com. Simultaneous ringing, a free feature many providers offer, enables nomorobo to receive, answer and, after one ring, automatically hang up on nuisance telephone numbers.

Cell phones. Block the number, an option that becomes available on the iPhone if you click on the "i" on the right in the list of recent calls and scroll to the bottom. Unfortunately, Card Services will keep calling from new spoofed numbers, which eventually should motivate you to retaliate.


Turning the tables on the perpetrators with mischievous deception and the news they've been duped provides instantaneous vigilante satisfaction. Plus you serve your fellow call recipients by slowing down this evil operation's efforts to defraud them.
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Gail Mac:

glad to see we are not the only ones, at least 10 times a day. I've never had anyone on other end, and when I called back also left a message. please how do we end this non stop.
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This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call list in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They place calls and do not have an operator on the line when the call is answered in violation of the TCPA. They also violate the TCPA by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to stop the recording and answer questions. They claim to be in partnership with the IRS and calling taxpayers with over 10,000 in back taxes (not true) and claim they will reduce your taxes by up to 90%. Then they want you to leave a message on their system with your name, amount you owe, and other information and they will 'get back to you quickly.' This is quite clearly a scam trying to rip off people who are scared because of tax problems. Do not provide this scammer any personal information.
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This scammer calls numbers on the do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They then further violate the TCPA both by failing to have an operator on the phone when the call is answered and by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to stop the message. When you do get to a live operator, they hang up on you if you do anything other than answer their questions and provide them with personal and financial information. They refuse to provide a phone number, company name, or physical address, all of which are required by the TCPA. Their recording claims that this is your last notification, but the calls keep coming, sometimes more than once per day. The recording is about lowering interest rates on credit cards and that you are pre-approved for the services. However, the operators clearly do not have you pre-approved, nor do they have sufficient information for you to have been pre-approved. This is quite clearly a phishing scam. Do not provide this scammer any information.
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Scammers pretending to give you a discount for computer services, but they get your bank info and then THEY get a refund from YOU.
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It's some rude ass attorney.
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This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by not having an operator on the line when the phone is answered. Also in violation of the TCPA, they play a recorded message without an operator on the line to stop the recording and answer questions. When you do get to an operator, the operator refuses to provide a phone number or physical address when asked as required by the TCPA. Their recording states that they are a partner with Google, Yahoo! and Bing (contrary to statements by Google) and that you desperately need to fix your listings. The recording further states that they will provide you a free web site and guarantee top placement at Google and Bing. This is clearly a scam, as even Google and Bing state that there is not a way to guarantee top placement. These people are just trying to rip people off with their illegal scam calls. Do not give this scammer any information.
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This is a scam. They pretend to be with the IRS and tell you there isa court case today and you ate going to be arrested tonight. Luckily you have the portion to pay much less before that to have it resolved lol.

The middle eastern accent throws it all off (plus the IRS will NEVER call you). I try to play along and keep them on the phone for as long as possible so they have less time to call other people.

He didn't like it at the ems of the call when I called him Muhammed and apologized for not sending him to see his virgins with the rest of his buddies during the war haha.
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Rob Duffy:

They called from a so-called vehicle department about my warranty. They knew make and model but not mileage. They obviously wanted to sell me a warranty so I hung up and blocked them.
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an automated voice said two words, not sure what, then said a phone number, also not sure for what, but it's not the number that called.
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give me name and address of mobile no. 8007626680