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They've been calling me 3-4 (sometimes more) times a day for almost 2 weeks. I haven't answered the call because I don't answer numbers I don't know
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Direct TV called, but hung up before I could answer it....screw em ! that's how they treat U ...
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debt collecter
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Called me at work, thankfully I was on my break. Guy said he was calling for LCN (i think that is what he said) and wanted to make sure I wasn't paying too much for car insurance. Then I hung up. Apparently the do not call list does not work. Spam and the number is a cell number and unlisted.
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No one on spoke when I answered then hung up. Called back and went to recording for Comcast Business Class. I also get junk mail from the same company.
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Anonymous II:

I just received the second of two calls from 202-506=9860. The first call said to call them back and do not ignore the call... When I called back, the phone rang repeatedly; after calling again in 15 min, it said the voicemail was filled up. That was two weeks ago... I just got the second call about 30 min ago saying the same thing. I called the number back and it took a couple of attempts to get someone over the phone... The first message left the name "HEATHER GRAY", so that's who I asked for. When the operator picked up the phone, she had a heavy foreign accent, stating that the IRS has been trying to serve me with a warrant for tax evasion and that I owe them $3999.86 for tax years 2011 and 2012. She said that there was no room for negotiation at this point and that I need to pay the tax deficiency or they would seize all my assets, bank accounts, passport, driver's license, etc. She said if I wanted to settle out of court I only had 30 minutes to comply. I told her I didn't understand what she was saying to me and she got nasty and said she was only an operator and she was doing her job. When I asked to speak to someone that I could actually understand she got nasty again and threatened me with sending an agent out to arrest me. She finally said what do you want to do and I said I don't have $4000 so she said how much do you have and I said $700. She said she could settle out of court for that amount and make arrangements for collecting the rest. I knew it was a scam but this is crazy! She actually thought she was going to get some money from me. When I asked for the IRS case number, she hung up on me... This is a mess! I hope nobody falls for this foolishness!!!
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requesting prepayment for loans sounds like a scam to me
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requesting money to make aloan
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miss call on 0798675496
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This number calls me 24 hours a day. hey call at 6am 2am 4 am 3pm anytime they feel like it. They will not talk to you just call and call and call.
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Annoyed in Denver:

This numbers call every night. It is a recording from an "Amber". The call does not complete. We are on the Do Not Call list and yet they call every night.
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Concerned Citizen:

The people from this number continue to harass and make attempts to scam us in regards to a "debt". They claim we have been "notified" but we are not sure what we are being notified for. They refuse to provide us with information yet they want an address and social....
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A A Justin Foster Called, Had A Thick Accent And Said US Government Selecting Random Citizens Who Pay Their Taxes, Have No Violatiins, Etc And Offering A Grant Of 10,200. Ask For Your Bank Account Or Debit (I Studidly Fell For It). At The End They ASk For $200 USD As A Charity Gift To Red Cross. Scam.
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Answered phone. It was a robocall pitching e-cigs
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Medical Collections
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This is decidedly a scam. I could hear another heavily Indian accented voice in the background reading from the same script as the con artist who was calling me. Apparently the " authorized service center" is receiving notifications that I am downloading files that are infecting my computer. I played along a bit to see where he would go with this and he wanted me to run a script. Heck no way! I hate the thought that these scumbags are out there and hope no one gets caught up in something that causes them harm or costs them money, time or worry.
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This is a scam... I've actually called the IRS office myself a couple of times and was informed that this is a scam that's been going on. Yes, the people do sound foreign and sounding like they were reading a script.
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a lady calls me she dont get a name of herself or name of the company tell me to call her back
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Call but no one on other end of call.
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This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They use an automated dialer and do not have an operator on the phone when the call is answered, in further violation of the TCPA. In addition, they play a recorded message without an operator on the line to interrupt or stop the recording further violating the TCPA. Their recording guarantees that you have been approved for a discount loan. Coupling this message with the additional violations of the TCPA listed above it is clear this this scam is a phishing attempt trying to get personal financial information in order to rip people off or commit identity theft. Do not provide this scammer with any personal information.
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credit card scam robo call
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4 Times this number has called me and even though I hit the # button to remove our number, they called back AGAIN. This time I stayed on the phone and a very rude man answered saying "WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME? DON'T CALL ME AGAIN!"
And yes, he yelled at me.
So glad the Do Not Call Registry works so well. smh
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This number keeps calling me and hangs up half a ring!
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G M:

yes call me started asking about info that was already been given to ministry of justice of the motor vehicle branch and claiming that she need information and she never herad of the person handling my claim oh a lot of dail tone going off in her ear
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Mrs W:

Bankers Life Recruiting. No idea how they got my number. Never contacted them. Blocked
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They want to give you a quote for health insurance. It only takes 5 minutes. I hung up.
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Bob Wiley:

Calls repeatedly all throughout the day and night and never leaves a message. Display only shows number and location as Clover, SC. Until this number started calling I had never heard of Clover, SC. Could be a spoof number.
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Called with no message
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It was an investigater calling me wanting to know if I knew where/how to locate and Ex Friend. I believe it to be true, I've heard he is always in trouble! The call seemed very legit. They lady left her name, case number and return number, I called her back and talked to her.
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I get several calls a day from this number. No message. Very irritating.
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they asked for a manager and owner was not in so they hung up
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This number called my place of employment had specifc info on me and claim to be from a "State County" Sheriffs department and had arrest papers that they wanted to mail me. Woman had a thick heavy accent and I assume it is a scammer.
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call says it is coming from Florida and I don't know anyone in Florida, no message.