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I picked up the phone to answer and they immediately hung up. Not sure who it was!
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I have received calls from this number in the last month or so, also today. The same guy seems to be calling here. Today he started his conversation out are you still the owner here, I said NO I am the Office Manager I said can I take a message for the Owner he said no I will call back. Weird huh!! Wasting my precious time with nonsense probably :)
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I got a Robo call from a Mrs. Wagner
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got a call did not answer, they did not leave vm
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Direct line to a personal cruise planner from Oceania Cruise Line. Must have called after I registered on their site.
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Baylor Student:

Grande Communications
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Mr Name not Needed:

Recorded Insurance spam call from Brunswick ME
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Malakia M. Sullivan:

I would lime to report there was a scam goin on , pertaining a debt or something like that . I looked up my credit report everythig is starting to improve on my part . If you have any questions regards to my mental state of mind . Please don't heistate to contact me at (864) 451-0085 at you're earliest conveience at this time .

Have a bless day ,

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Identified herself as Nancy Anderson calling from the US government grant dept. I gave up after 3 minutes.
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Staffing agency, Solomon Page.
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Bad Friend:

I got a message on my voicemail from 866-394-4503 saying I was used as a reference for a personal friend of mine who I know has used me as a reference on job applications in the past. They even left a reference # for when I called back. Thinking nothing of it, I called them back and was met with a prerecorded notification that "This call may be recorded for accuracy." The person who picked up then very quickly said the name "Pioneer Credit Agency" and asked for my reference number. I gave it and they identified my friend's name. They then said they were having trouble reaching him, and (still thinking this was about a job application) I proceeded to give them his current home and cell phone numbers, as well as where he was currently working. Then the person I was speaking to said that if they were unable to reach my friend if it would be okay if they called me back. It was at this point I thought it very odd for a job reference. After getting off the phone I looked up the phone number, to discover it was some credit agency/debt collection company. I feel incredibly stupid for giving them any information about my friend, and would really like to know how they got my information. These bottom feeders use deceptive tactics to further their own ends and should not be trusted.
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They claim to be soliciting for Fraternal Order of Police. We repeatedly ask them to stop calling, block the number, they change their number and continue to harass us.
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Just got a call from this guy. My iPhone stated that it was from Jamaica. He told me that he was with Publishers Clearing House, that I won a car and money. I said,"Oh Wow!" Then he asked if I wanted to claim my prize today, and where my location was. I said that I was home and yes, I'd love to claim it today. He said, "Do you know where Dollar General is? You will need to go there..." I said, "Ok, I'm getting into my car. I'm backing out of the driveway. Vroom vroom. I'm driving down the road on the way to Dollar General. Beep! Beep! I'm almost there..." He said, "You are an idiot" and hung up. LOL!
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It is Greystone Alliance. They called at 8:25 a.m. twice
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Jeudi de l'ascension 12.16h. Qui se fiche du monde?
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They've called me three times, TODAY
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Wish this number would stop calling!
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I keep getting calls from this number. Sometimes 3-4 times a day. Don't know who it is or why they keep calling. Just blocked it and hope that works.
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some idiots offer me a english class and then ask for money...
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I don't know who they are. I didn't answer it
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this agency is the worst scammers. they fabricate documents, threaten customers by illegal tactics and charge more in fees than allowed. If a oonsumer is indignant to their rights that is who they target.They also target the elderly. this is a 3rd party company and use to represent themselves as a law firm. If you need to have them stop contacting you then send them a cease and decist letter signature certified and make a copy for yourself bfr sending to them If they continue to contact you than contact the federal trade commission and let them know what is going on and the threats that are being made. Also realize they do not use thier real names. they have to use what is called "pole names" which is not illegal to do but if you ask them for their name you can rest assured you will be lied too. Good luck to you all.
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I got a voicemall from 727-302-1145a man with indian accent, caliming from the legal affair of Treasury Department. Threathening to send a detective to put me in a jail for 15 maonth. Big Scam.

May 28, 2014 9:15 PM
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Piece of crap Teleterrorist keeps calling and hanging up.
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who is call me ?
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this number has called 7 times in less than an hour. I say hello hear a beep then the line is dead.
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these guy keep saying they gonna sue me send processors to my job or my house.....just get on with it already ...they full of crap
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Same problem.:

Do you know who this is?
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I C:

028-209-0323 is a Scam Caller
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Telemarketing Ignored it.
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Lawn sign security PESTS
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José Antonio:

Nadie contestó, me llaman una vez a la semana, no pienso volver a contestar cuando vuelvan a llamar de este numero
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A lady called today saying that there was a state filing against me and that I needed to get with my attorney and make statements within 72hrs or a state locator would be sent to my state for to pick me up I asked what it was about and she proceeded to tell me that I needed to call another number to ask questions. When asked her did she know she was talking to a federal employ she hung up non of the numbers that she gave me work. Beware of Mrs. Brown with Indian accent from Texas.
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A woman called to offer me to immigrate Australia asking $526 us dollars and data of the debit card as payment for a lawyer.
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Smokey McPot:

Called my cell. Left no message. Called the number and hand my number taken off the list.
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JoAnn Brooks:

This is a. (Wellness) group which cost between $1500 to $2200 a year for membership . They will bill insurance. I do not know why they called me because I had not ask them to . I went online to order c-pap supplies from a new company. And theses people called