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tom sabatula:

Someone from this number called 704-220-1705 and wanted all my personal info for a bad debt. would not say anything more. Said if I didn't comply they would have a warrant issued to seize my property. Now is this a scam or what.
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called this morning. answer machine took call.
I heard something about "press one now".
Left no message.

I did a google search. found it associated with a person's home address. I called them. They said nobody called me from their location that morning and the person who's name I mentioned had passed away 3 years ago.

Sounds like phone number spoofing to me.
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called this morning. Answer machine took call. I heard something about pressing one. They did not leave a message.
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Guy said he was from "Pacific Rim" with an 'opportunity' for me. Opportunity sounded like that was his keyword as he kept using it. I finally pinned him down and he said the 'opportunity' was for me to work a couple hours a week doing internet marketing. I assumed they want more people like him to call more people like me.
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que bueno que nos dice eso , pero quisiera saber en realidad quienes son , porque yo adquiri un servicio de esa manera y en realidad me esta llendo muy bien , seguro como cualquier compañia o hispanos inescrupulosos quieren lucrar con promociones que si existen y yo doy fe de eso ya tengo casi 6 meses utilizando mi linea con el servicio de llamadas a mi pais. pero bueno en todas partes se cuecen habas solo hay que tener cuidado ,pero de que existe dicha promocion con ese servicio .......SI EXISTE, me obsequiaron un tlf que en realidad no me interesa ya que yo solo queria que fuera VERDAD lo que ofrecian en cuanto al servicio con llamadas ilimitadas,de verdad asi como hay cia que cometen FRAUDE tambien existe PERSONAS que lo hacen, no por eso dejemos de creer en las COMPAÑIAS SERIAS,recomiendo que tengan cuidado si para elegir BIEN.
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dont leave a message
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This number calls numerous times of the day for weeks in a row. It is automated, no answer if you pick up the phone. One day the message said how to unsubscribe. Did it out of desperation. Keep on receiving calls.
Filling my voice mail box. Extremely annoying.
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Bought a phone blocker per Panasonic blocks 100 numbers love it I don't even hear it ring. If its not on my phone directory it blocks automatically luv luv it. a**holes can't get to me....the crooked muslims, India or illegal mexicans can all go to hell and back!! Plus any other scum out there and thats obama insurance Co. in his a**hole name!!
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Very same experience as JL. Scam artist texting me. Saw my web site. Claimed to be deaf person. Wants to order product from me. No credit card. Must send cashiers check or money order. Then cashiers check is more than the amount and has specific instructions on how and where to send the extra money.
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they called this morning. i'm in georgia.. didn't answer. because.. bismark.
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just filed a complaint with the GOV. they will not take me off the do not call list. I get one of these about 2 times a month. big ole pain.
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Phishing scam call from someone with an accent supposedly calling about debt collection of some dental bill. It also gave a number to call back on in the message : 866-842-9675. I have no dental debts and the call is consistent with scam calls that would then offer to helo the duped person by settling for a smaller amount, etc, by providing their card information on the phone. But, of course, I didn't call them back.
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lady from college direct said I was interested in a college degree and then tried to sell me magazines from publishers clearing house
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Caller did not leave message. Research indicates this is a spam
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This number calls my work phone. Didnt answer it but did dial it back from another phone. the first thing it says is hit any number to be removed from our list. I hung up because that is how they know you have a real number. Scam!
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It is the Manitoba Passport Office
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My cell phone is given as the contact number for some of our business's accounts with vendors. Someone from this number called and asked for my boss by first name only, like he was a personal friend. He claimed to be Steve from ADT. He thanked me and politely hung up when I told him that my boss had no accounts with ADT.
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Someone texing me "I mis you..been thinking about you..call me.."
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dave jolly:

i just received a call from 312-572-6993
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It is fun to mess with them when a real person calls: I just tell them their call is important to me. Please hold while I finish my supper.
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Received a call from this #. No message.
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someon trying to sell security alarm or something.....I got security!!! Can u say 357 :)
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Jesse E. Ziegler:

The reason I didn't answer the phone is because it was laying beside me and I didn't hear it going off. I then googled the number, glad I didn't pick up.
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It's an automated call from Target Pharmacy to let you know your prescription is ready.
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m venter:

Who phoned me from 012-395 3000
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tanvir khan:

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I got a call from this number and he said there is a complaint filed on my name and i have to pay penalty for that in Delhi court. Is that fake call or what is happening around ?
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zanele pamba:

I recieve a missed call from this number i want to know the name of the company and would you please call me again
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hanna jackson:

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Stupid idiots. Their "Name" shows "Anonymous" but their number showed up on my screen. Morons and idiots. Wakes me up in the middle of the night about 12:45 AM and I hear the fax tone beeping. Real Idiots! I think their *67 feature isn't working properly. Bastards doing illegal stuff like this waking people up at midnight will always get caught. Only matter of time! I hope you tele-marketer-faxers can sleep knowing you guys are thugs morons and bird brains.
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Most numbers that have an unusual exchange like 204 or 602 etc. are either VOIP numbers or cell phones. These are the kinds of exchanges that scam artists and telemonsters like to use. Dont answer them.
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I put this number on another similar site. It has been reported on some other sites. An outgoing recorded message states that this is the third an final time that you have to respond to settle a hot check case against you. It has been reported that a man by the name of "Lou" answers when you call the number. I found this to be true when I called. He did not mention the name of the company or what the particulars of the "case" were, but, if I gave him my phone number he could look it up. I did not give him my ph. number. Also, they stated on their message that the case was tied to someone with your number and SSN, so they may be out to get more than just your phone number. I told "Lou" that I was going to contact my local county attorney's office to see if there were any hot check cases against me. It would be up to them to contact me about any problems. This guy/group may be from the Chicago area, so I don't see why they are calling people up around the country (notice the toll-free number) BEWARE. THIS IS A SCAM.