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lottery scam... you have won 7 million, send $400 to release the check. Your name was selected from a list of responsible debt free homeowners.
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Aphiwe Candlovu:

I always find missed call from this number 0318122400
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I got cal frm this numbr7838567816. He is saying he is an inspector frm delhi. And said Thr is a no bailable warrent on me.

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They called an emergency number only line looking for information saying they were from the department of health of vermont.
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Received exactly the same kind of message. The caller had an unmistakably heavy south Asian accent but left her name as Michelle Brown. It also sounded as if someone was reading a written note. Sounds like a scam emanating from somewhere in South Asia. I won't bother calling back. It may only confirm to the scammers this is an active and live number.
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It's Domino's from Stony Brook, NY
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I receive a call from same company and they said that I won a package to learn English I pretended to be interested and ask them a lot of questions, the first guy that answer the phone told me his name was a lawyer named Victor Soto he told me that in order to receive the package i needed to give them my address and full name and i did then he transfer me to his supervisor Carlos Gonzales he ask me for a money order made to TVO for $149.00 dollars i ask him how come i needed to pay if it was free gift he was very rude and told me that if i wanted my password i needed to pay the money on Wednesday march 19th. he basically hang up on me, then i receive another phone call from the first guy Victor Soto he told me that i needed the password so i could receive my free package, i agree and he transfer me to a lady she didn't give me her name, she told me that i was being recorded and i said don't worry I'm recording you too she didn't comment on that, she told me that in order for me to receive my free gift I needed to agree to a verbal agreement and that after i had agreed to it I could not cancel it. this is the address I got from them 127 W. Ave. Miami Florida phone number 786-279-4897 the original call enter thru a local number 909-575-5531 of course all fake. the free gift included an English learning package and $2,500.00 dollars by a bonus coupon witch I needed to use thru catalogs. anyways be aware. I wanted to share this information I hope it helps. God bless.
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Received call from same number about half hour ago. DId not pick up and they did not leave a message. Reports above sound like similar calls others I know have received.
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John doe:

Nothing major
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who are you you are not in my cell phone
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name phone registered to
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they call a dozen times a day and say nothing. I looked it up and it comes from the Bronx and when I call it back I get a recording for a free walmart gift card
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They are calling my parents too. There is no way we are calling them back. If CRA wants something they can write us a letter.
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This number has called me today 17 times in the past 3 hours. They didn't leave a message just called every 10-11 minutes while I wasn't home.
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Bill O'ney:

Payday loan collectors.
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This number called me yesterday and today around the same time. Left no message and I did not call it back
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I answered and they said nothing. Hopefully it's no one important, because I block numbers that dot his.
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Received a call from this person asking to speak with a business owner. When I asked what it was in regard to he started asking questions about our business location. I again asked what it was in regard to and he asked for the owners name. I told him I could not provide him any additional information without knowing who or why he was calling. He got an attitude and asked who I was. I stated my name and again asked what I could help him with. He very rudely commented that I was playing game with him and he needed to know my position. I confirmed that I was the office manager and asked again what I could help him with at which time he stated that he was with some alarm company looking to speak to the business owner about service. Now knowing this was just a sales call I stated to him that we already had service and were not interested at which time he said "WELL F*** YOU" and my name before hanging up.
I called back to see if this was actually a business phone. He answered and immediately hung up.
I contacted ADT after finding this number here and provided them the information. They apologized and stated that they will submit a report but did not know which authorized representative this guy works for at this time.
I would be very curious what company this guy actually works for!
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Some bogus vehicle warranty outfit that until recently had been sending junk mail, but is now calling, twice in the past two days. No caller ID info, just "Prescott, AZ." The irony is that someone (I strongly suspect Sirius Radio) sold them bad information, indicating that we own a vehicle that we have never owned. I actually called the number on one of the junk mail pieces, but the person I spoke to could not have cared less. So from now on -- since they know this is a live number -- I'll pick up, leave the phone off the hook, and go about my business.
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Called the number and a message said to leave my name etc. to be removed from the calling list, but the mailbox was full. I'm not surprised.
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Bank of America... legit number, real person.
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James C:

After calls from this unidentified number it was blocked! Now they are calling people that may know me, asking for me as if I lived there..There should be a law that we could sue these people for unwanted calls
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Missed call from this number. No message left.
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Emmanuel Ben Ma according to caller ID. Cold calling stocks. Claimed not to be selling anything and thats why he didn't have to use the Do Not Call Registry. Hung up on me as I was asking to be removed from his calling list.
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I am a lawyer who called this number on behalf of a client. The person on the end of the line used a fairly non-descript name, similar to the non-descript name left by the person who originally contacted my client. When I identified myself by profession, they asked me for my bar association badge number, which is a sure sign that they are not from the CRA, but instead are people who watch a lot of "Law and Order". when I asked again to speak to the first guy, the second guy called me an a''hole. So, not the CRA.
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they keep calling
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This number call my phone asking for somebody that wasn't me. Obviously a call center. When I said it wasn't me he asked for my name I replied. My name is put me on your no not call list. HE STILL TRIED PUSHING. "Your mother named you that" So I told him put me on your do not call list or Im calling the cops. He said he would call me tomorrow. Todays date 3-14-15
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Side Splitters Comedy Club in Tampa
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Who is calling me
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The fools have a semi realistic robot ask you questions about insurance.I gave them a fake zip code! I gave them a fake name ! I gave them a fake Insurance company! The fool robot asks you to hang on for a fool agent.Then hang up.But if anyone calls asking for Leroy I know who the fool is! You cannot call them back.It is a non working number! So remeber kiddies! ALWAYS give robots FAKE information and screw up the databases!And if you have time go throught the hoops so you can tell the live person who thinks they have found a fool that talks to robots and wants to buy from spammers so you can talk to the fool! The cowards use robots,to make their fool humans efficient.Try and get a person and WASTE their time!!!!!! They wasted yours,and cost you minutes.Also demand a fee for yourtime and a fee for the time they wasted on your phone.You have a 100 dollar an hour fee for unsolicited calls with a one hour minimum! Hehehehe
Just for fun! They will keep doing this until you get to the people they are trying to make efficient.That's why they use the robots! Think people! Waste as much of their resources as you can for them wasting yours.I bet this kind of phone spam would stop if we wasted their time as they waste ours even if the hide behind robots! I am going to post this on many forums too! Enjoy!
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Beware of slut
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This number belong to a**hole. BEWARE. D